Monday, 28 July 2014

Review | Make Up Revolution Redemption Palette in Romantic Smoked

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 photo DSCF0595_zpsbb2762ef.jpg

 photo DSCF0598_zps927ccbe8.jpg

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Make Up Revolution are currently taking the beauty world by storm and with their wide range of good quality and affordable products it's no surprise why. Their palettes in particular are proving to be extremely popular and i can understand why, as I'm really enjoying using this Make Up Revolution Redemption Romantic Smoked Palette*

I don't think the packaging is anything too exciting but in this instance it works - the simple black casing with the brand name in gold lettering is simple yet sleek. The casing feels really sturdy and it's a decent size so if you wanted to take it travelling with you it wouldn't take up a great deal of space as it's quite thin too.

Romantic Smoked is a gorgeous array of 12 purple, plum and neutral shades - it has 6 shimmery and 6 matte shades. They do actually remind me a little bit of the MUA Palettes. They're pretty good quality, easy to blend and have good colour pay off. The matte shades require a bit more effort to work with bu i find that's that same with a lot of high street matte eyeshadows - don't get me wrong, you can still create some really lovely eye looks with them. The shimmery shades on the other hand are really smooth and easy to use.

I've really been enjoying using this palette and i just love the mix of shades - i don't have any palettes with this range of shades so it makes a great addition to my make up collection. One think i do dislike though is the lack of names, i prefer it when shades have names and it also makes blogging about the products easier too.

For £4 i really don't think you can go wrong; their really good quality and bank balance friendly too. Have you tried any of the Make Up Revolution Palettes?

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Pen Pal Haul #8

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I received a package from my pen pal this weekend; for those of you that don't know i write and exchange packages frequently with a girl in LA - we've been pen pals for almost 3 years and i absolutely love it. Its a great hearing about her life and what things are like in the US. I really enjoy putting packages together and i always love the things she sends me too. As always she sent me some lovely things so i thought you might like to see what she sent me.

Having a pen pal is really great way to try things from other places and one of those things we always include in our packages are sweets and chocolate. In this package she sent me:

- Skittles Dessert Flavoured
- Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Mini
- Snickers Unwrapped Bites
- Kit Kat Mini
- Milky Way Unwrapped Bites

I've tried most of these before and a lot of them are chocolates we have over here but these are ones i really like anyways so I'll definitely enjoy snacking my way through these.

The next things is one of the best things i have ever received - i think it is so pretty and it combines two of my favourite things; tea and Alice in Wonderland. She got me this from a Disney Park and its 'The Official Unbirthday Tea', it has 6 different flavoured teas and i just love it. I can't wait to try them all but at the same time i almost feel a little guilty at using it because it feels like one of those things that is too special to use.

I love getting this packages as she sends me some amazing things and i love trying all the new things. Not only that but it's so nice to have a friend on the other side of the world!

Would you ever consider getting a pen pal?

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Top 5 | Foundations

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 photo DSCF0759_zps431bb41d.jpg

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I feel like I've really spammed my blog with single product reviews recently so i thought I'd shake things up and re-introduce a series i did on my blog a few years ago. I also thought it'd be quite interesting to bring back the top 5 series and to see how different my products are especially as time as gone on and my collection has grown.

This list is in no particular order - first up in this series is foundations; over the past couple of years I've tried quite a few foundations, ranging from both high end to high street and light to high coverage.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation | Review Here
This is the latest addition to my collection and quite possible my 'holy grail' - it's a waterbased foundation with a very light coverage but its easy to build up and it doesn't leave you cakey looking. I love how flawless this makes my skin look and although, It is quite expensive at £33 but i personally think its worth every penny.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
This is the only foundation that I've actually repurchased (it's quite rare, i fully finish a foundation) It has a light yet buildable coverage and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. This foundation has an anti-fatigue effect which helps the skin look more awake - this is a great foundation to use on days when you're skin is looking a bit dull and you're feeling tired and want to give the illusion that you're more awake. This foundation is a little more purse friendly at £8.99

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation* | Review Here
This was my go-to foundation throughout last summer! It's very lightweight so it's not very heavy on the skin (hence the name, nearly naked) which is perfect for those days that are really warm but you need a bit of coverage. I'd actually say this is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation except the Revlon foundation actually applies much better. My only main issue with this is the lack of pump as a lot of the product gets wasted when you pour it out. Again, this is purse friendly at £8.99

YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation | Review Here
This is the most expensive foundation i own at £37 - which i know is a lot of money but this a seriously beautiful foundation. The packaging for this is absolutely gorgeous and looks beautiful displayed on a dressing table. It's a much higher coverage than what i would normally opt for but i actually really like this, it blends out beautifully and gives such a really nice flawless finish to the skin. I tend to save this more for special occasions or when i want a flawless finish rather than using it day to day. It might be very expensive but i personally think it's worth the money as i just adore the finish it gives to my skin.

Essence All-in-One CC Cream
As this is a CC Cream i don't know if this technically counts in the foundation category but I'm going to include it here anyways. It's a lightweight formula so it's not heavy on the skin - it evens out the complexion and it has a light yet buildable coverage. It actually surprised me at how much i liked this and at £4.00 its the cheapest out of the lot.

So these are my current top 5 foundations - it's quite a diverse range! Have you tried any of these foundations? Whats your favourite foundation?

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Friday, 25 July 2014

23-07-14 | The CΛVES at the Cavern

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A good friend of mine recently invited me to down the Cavern on Wednesday to check out 'Dave Monks Presents...' as his band CΛVES were headlining. I know music isn't the type of thing that I'd normally post about on here but I've been wanting to incorporate some lifestyle posts into my blog for a while now and i thought this would be a good place to start.

A little disclaimer - the photos were taken on my Iphone and i was a little anxious about taking them because there was quite a few of us and even though a lot of people know about my blog, it makes me feel quite anxious when I'm taking pictures for it - strange, i know. Also, I'm aware that these photos aren't the best quality - they look much better on my phone and I'm really annoyed because had i known they wouldn't be so great i would have made sure to get plenty more but hopefully these are okay.

 photo photo2_zps39a402fd.jpg

I'm sure you are all aware of the The Cavern but if not it's one of the most famous clubs in Liverpool (possibly UK?) due to it's association with The Beatles. Despite living close to Liverpool my entire life, Wednesday was the first time I'd ever been inside and it was pretty much how I'd imagined it to be - dimly lit, great atmosphere and really great music, it was also filled with a lot of different memorabilia and you see tourists swarm in and out to take photos. The only thing i wasn't too crazy about was the heat - as it was underground it was warm anyway but with Wednesday being a warm day it was absolutely roasting in there and because there was quite a few people inside too, it didn't help. 

 photo photo2-3_zps0bc92eb1.jpg
Delca Kara
 photo photo2-1_zps62020af0.jpg
The Baltic States
Three Bands played overall and i actually really enjoyed all three of them! First up was Delca Kara - an alternative pop band; i really liked these, they had a great stage presence and their songs/sound remind me of a lot like The 1975.

Next up was The Baltic States; think of a cross between Florence and the Machine and London Grammar - their sound was really unusual and not at all what i was expecting but they were really amazing to watch. I love the vocals from the lead singer; i thought she was really talented and her voice was quite mesmerising.

 photo photo4_zps3f51a985.jpg
 photo photo4-1_zps76e5c211.jpg
 photo photo5_zps1f586853.jpg
As i mentioned earlier the headlining act was The CΛVES - i have actually mentioned these on my blog before and although, i may be slightly bias as i know the bassist, i genuinely think they're a really talented band. This is only the second time I've seen them play and they didn't disappoint at all. Considering it was roasting and they were moving around the stage a lot they didn't let that stop them from putting on a really great show; they all had a really great energy and presence on stage and they play and sing live really well.

I'm not quite sure how to describe their sounds but they remind me a little bit of The Drums - which i think is one of the reasons i like their music so much because their first album is one of my personal favourites. All band members have different musical background which is what i think contributes to their sound and influences. My personal favourite song by them is 'Swim' - it's really catchy and i often find myself singing along to it as it gets stuck in my head but i also really like 'Low Winter Sun' as it's a bit more slow paced but it still has a good beat to it.

I really hope these guys do well and if they carry on the way they are, I'm sure they really will go far. All my bias-ness (is that a word?) aside they really are an incredibly talented band and i would honestly recommend checking out one of their gigs if you are local to St Helens, Warrington or Liverpool! (Heres hoping i get a free t-shirt for this post -hint, hint!)

CΛVES - Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Soundcloud

I believe these songs will all be played on Radio Merseyside in a few weeks as they were recorded at the Cavern last night so definitely keep a listen out for those!

Have you ever been to the Cavern?

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Review | Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

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 photo DSCF0234_zps61bc404f.jpg

 photo DSCF0235_zpsf3a13287.jpg

 photo DSCF0240_zps85a680ae.jpg

 photo DSCF0248_zps71996c09.jpg

 photo DSCF0246_zpsd89c96fa.jpg

This is actually a really hard review for me to write; I'm a massive fan of Benefit but I'm feeling very torn when it comes to this eyeliner.

I'm sure you've all heard about this but if not the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner is the first gel eye liner pen - it has a custom Accuflex tip that 'hugs your lashline' to get that perfect smooth application. I'm a huge eyeliner fan and I've worn it for years - so when i saw the hype around this eyeliner i just knew i had to get my mitts on it. Now, in theory the concept of this eyeliner is great but to me this product isn't as amazing as every review seems to be making it out to be.

I'm generally pretty good with eyeliner but when it comes to gel eyeliner it's a massive struggle and it always ends up messy so in pen form i thought it'd be much easier for me to use. In fairness, it was definitely a lot easier to use than the gel liner pots but i personally didn't find it all that smooth to apply. Especially when wearing eyeshadow underneath, i found it drags a little and you have to give over it a few times to cover any gaps.

I also found that when it does drag it sometimes crumbles and the product builds up a little (i hope that makes sense) Also, by dragging i don't mean that it tugs at the eye, it's actually very gentle but its just not as smooth nor does it glide the way i expected.

Once it's applied it does actually look really good - as it's a matte black it's so much bolder and it just looks much better too. I've also found that i seem to be able to do a wing my liner a lot easier with this product - i don't really know why. The lasting power on this is pretty incredible; it does not budge at all, so it's great for days/nights when you need your make up to last.

The packaging for this is awesome - Benefit always hit the nail on the head when it comes to packaging and this is no exception as this is really nice and sleek whilst it still keeps Benefits usual quirky vibe. I really like that it's a twist up product and it's a screw on lid - it's so annoying when the lid falls off your liner and it dries it out but there is no need to worry about that with this because the lid is nice and secure and i think that's something more liners should consider doing.

 photo DSCF0250_zpsc3e8cb38.jpg

In terms of removing it - it is very stubborn to get off. The lovely girl who served me also gave me a sample of the new Benefit They're Real Remover as she said i wouldn't get it off otherwise. That's technically not true - I've managed to get it off just as easy with cleansing oils and it does come off with other removers too it just takes a little bit more effort. Saying that though, the remover is really nice to use and it feels really gentle to use on the face.

I'm still really torn over this product because it does look amazing on the eyes but the application just isn't up to scratch nor is it as smooth or as good as I'd expected and I'm just not sure if i think it's worth £18.50.

Have you tried the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner?

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Fashion | Primark Cut Out Boots

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 photo DSCF0732_zps826d650b.jpg

 photo DSCF0737_zpsabae55ff.jpg

 photo DSCF0733_zps35029222.jpg

Okay, so I'm definitely not the most fashionable person but i do really want to start introducing fashion into my blog so i thought I'd start off easy and show you one of my latest buys.

I saw these in Primark and fell in love and at £18 there was no way i was leaving without them. They had these suede cut out boots and another pair which where patent leather?(not real leather of course)and i almost left with both pairs but the Suede ones just won me over.

Cut out shoes are really on trend at the moment and i love them. I think they're such girly yet edgy shoes and they really give outfits that really grungy look. These shoes are really comfortable and i just love how they look paired with my jeans or with a dress. I'm hoping to start doing some OOTDs so i sure you'll be seeing more of these.

What do you think of my first official fashion post?

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Love Me Beauty | July

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 photo DSCF0718_zps170ae88a.jpg

 photo DSCF0717_zpsb919cdaa.jpg

 photo DSCF0715_zpsf9fd7b15.jpg

 photo DSCF0729_zps367cc9d9.jpg

I unsubscribed from Love Me Beauty a little while ago as at the time it was an extra expense i didn't need and i was getting a little tired of constantly getting the same kind of stuff and my drawer(s) was starting to bulge so i decided to stop. However, when i saw the options for this months box there was no way i was missing out! I opted for Edition two.

Lashem | 2ml Sample
This is a lash enchancing serum that claims to nourish and condition the lashes whilst the formula works with your lashes to give you fuller, longer lashes within two weeks. This is a very bold claim and I'm not so sure if i trust lash serums as everyone I've tried has never worked so we shall see if this changes my mind.

Ofra Eyeshadow in Bliss | Full Size
I'm not normally a big fan of single eyeshadows mostly because i tend to reach more for my palettes rather than single eyeshadows but I'm looking forward to trying it out because it's a really beautiful colour and i think it would make a really lovely base colour - i think would look really nice both on it's own and also with another colour in the crease (I'm thinking Mac's Satin Taupe) so I'm looking forward to give this a try.

Ofra Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Hollywood | Full Size
This is actually the product that swayed me towards picking edition 2. I love liquid lipsticks and i thought that this was a really lovely pink shade. It says it's creamy and soft in texture, moisturising on the lips and contains Anti oxidants and Vitamin E with colour that lasts perfectly for up to 5 hours - I'm very intrigued to test this out and see how it applies and whether it really lasts for up to 5 hours.

So Susan Flutter Mascara | Full Size
I technically do not need another mascara as i have quite a selection waiting to be used/tested but i can't wait to try this out as it sounds really good - it's formulated with hyaluronic spheres to help you achieve the darkest, curviest lashes and the extra stiff bristles are designed to achieve voluminous, multi dimensional lashes in just one coat. Definitely some big claims, but i really hope that this product is as good as it sounds.

So Susan Dual Brow Powder | Full Size
I don't own many brow products so i always welcome new additions to my collection. I'm a little unsure as to whether the shade of this is going to suit my brows as it looks a little scary in the pan but I'm definitely going to give it a try and see how it goes - I've not used powder on my brows in a while so I'm looking forward to going back to it and trying it out.

The Teashed 4am Tea | Full Size
I always find it really strange to get things like teabags in a beauty box; because it technically it has nothing to do with beauty. However, i do really like that they've give a full pack and not just one odd one like they usually do. This is a white tea that is low in caffeine so you can drink it at a stupid time (such as 4am) and you can still sleep as normal. It actually helps you sleep and it also supposed to be good for your skin too.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion | Full Size
I don't actually know why this is in my beauty box - i don't know whether it's meant to be an extra gift or whether it's an error of some kind as it isn't mention on the little info sheet you get either. I did have a little google of the product and it sounds lovely so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

I'm really impressed with the range of products for this month's Love Me Beauty and i can not wait to get testing them - i will definitely be doing reviews on the products at some point so keep an eye out for those!

What do you think of this month's Love Me Beauty?

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Monday, 21 July 2014

The British Tag

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I've seen this tag floating around on youtube and i thought it was a really cute tag and of course I'm British so i felt i just had to do it.

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day and how many sugars?
Not actually as many as you'd think. On average, i have about 1 a day - usually more in the winter time though. I don't have sugar either.

2. Favourite part of your roast?
This is a tough one - i really like the meat whether its beef or chicken but i also really like the veg and yorkshire pudding. Can i have three?

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?
I don't think you can beat a good old Milk Chocolate Digestive tbh - all though i am quite partial to a hobnob.

4. Favourite quintessentially British pass time?
I don't know - i guess i love a good pub lunch? I go to pub quizzes a lot does that count as a British Pass Time?

5. Favourite word?
Err, i quite like codswallop but i don't really use it that much.

6. Cockney rhyming slang?
"Here, just don't jimmy-riddle in the back of me jam jar." If you have ever watching Winning London with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in, you will recognise this. Its what always comes in my head when i think of cockney haha

7. Favourite sweet?
Flying saucers - they are the best.

8. What would your pub be called?
Hmm, The Queen of Hearts? - i don't know, i just really like Alice in Wonderland :)

9. No.1 British person?
Hmm, i feel like i should say the Queen or something but i don't actually know who to day - the only person who is springing to my mind is Kate Middleton

10. Favourite shop/restaurant?
Shop would have to be Boots and Superdrug, i love them both and i love shopping in there as it usually means I'm buying make up. Restaurant I'd probably say Wetherspoon, i know it's nothing fancy but i eat/drink there a lot.

11. What British song pops into your head?
It has to be Wannabe by Spice Girls or pretty much any Spice Girls songs.

12. Marmite
I've actually never tried it - am i missing out?

I'm not going to tag anyone specific so feel free to do it, if you'd like to!
Will you be doing the British Tag?

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