3rd Time Lucky?

Okay, so this is my third attempt at having a beauty blog - i love watching youtube beauty guru's and reading their blogs and everytime it makes me want to do the same thing - So here we are again...
I love make-up and i want to everyone else to know my love for it, my collections, my new finds and how i like to wear it.
Unfortunately, im a student which means im on a very tight budget - which means, unlike a lot of other amazing beauty bloggers out there..i'm unable to buy make-up constantly (heart-breaking i know) however, i'll do my best to help you create the best looks you can, using what you already have.

Before, i go any further i just want to make you aware that i am by no means a professional, i have not had any formal training with Make-up. Everything purchased or shown throughtout the blog will have been bought by myself unless stated otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own.

I hope you like my blog
Natalie xx