Monthly Favourites | January

1. Skin79 Super+ BB Cream
I've worn this prety much everyday this month - This works like a tinted moisturised - but like foundation it provides enough coverage and doesnt feel heavy on the skin either.

2. Blink&Go Mascara
My sister gave me this out of her December Glossybox, as she doesnt wear Mascara half as much as i do. I really like this mascara, it makes my lashes long & really thickens them up. The only downside is that if you apply too much it can start to look clumpy so you do have to wary of how much you apply but other than that - i love it.

3. Benefit Bella Bamba
I adore this blusher, i always find myself reaching for it. I can't really describle just how much i love this blusher it was definately worth the pricetag and an item i would recommend, especially to make-up lovers.

4. Mac Lipstick in Snob
This was an item i rediscovered this month, i love this lipstick and the colours is really complimentary to alot of skintones. Its the perfect pink and its so easy to wear both day & night!

5. Elf Mineral Lipstick in Runaway Pink
This is my go-to lipstick on a daily basis, it provide the perfect nude lip with a pink tone to it, so it doesnt wash you out. This is probably one of my favourite lipsticks out of my collection and it's so reasonably priced too!

6. Elf Eyeshadow Quad in Silver Lining

I got this in a nude gift set off ELF, this is another item i rediscovered this month and ive been using this in my everyday make-up usually, because i don't like to over-do my eye make-up for uni, so this is ideal for me.

7. GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner Pencil in Black Ink
This item replaced my liquid eyeliner for the past couple of months because it dried up and i just didnt get round to repurchasing it. This eyeliner is probably one of the most pigmented ones i own, its applies really smoothly and stays in place all day and it does get smudgy but not half as bad as a lot of other eyeliners ive tried.

8. Two Faced Naked Eye Palette
Like the ELF quad this is another palette id find myself going to if i wanted a nude look, but unlike the ELF one this has a wider selection of nudes, so this was great for varying up my everyday eye make-up. Well pigmented and a lovely selection of natural colours.

9. Carmex Original Forumla Lip Balm
This is my life-saver in the colder months, i often get sore chapped lips during the winter time - so as soon as i feel them getting tingly or sore i use this and it keeps them nice and moisturised and stops them from getting really chapped and horrible looking.

10. HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette
Everyone beauty blogger/youtuber has mentioned this since it was released in the October/November Glossybox (i can't remember which) and i understand why because ive used it everyday since i got it in my box. I don't like filling in my eyebrows to the point it looks obvious that ive done something to them - i just like to define them a little more.

11. Suddenly Madame Glamour Eau De Parfum
This perfume was actually used in a blind test against Chanel CoCo Madamoiselle and people thought this was the Chanel one - it supposed to be an exact dupe for it. Now i havent actually smelled what the Chanel one is like - but i really do like this one & its sold exclusively to Lidl and is only £4 - so im not complaining. I used this mainly as my daytime perfume because im running out of my more expensive brands so i like to save them for more special occasions.

If you'd like a more in-depth review on any of these products - then please let me know
Natalie xx

Alternative Lip Combinations - Make-Up Look #1

*Edit* I've contemplated deleting this post quite a lot - it's so badly written and the photos are terrible (Way to much contrast, i look like a goth) but this is in fact one of my most viewed posts, i'm spending time going through old posts, fixing them and sprucing them up but it almost seems a shame to change this. So i'm not going to.