Mac Lipstick Haul

If you've been reading my posts, then you'll know that i was planning on treating myself to a couple of Mac Lipsticks because i want to expand my collection a bit and plus Mac Lipsticks are definately one of my favourites, so i popped down to House of Fraser on Monday after Uni and picked up two.

I got Chatterbox & Ruby Woo! :)

Chatterbox is a Amplified Creme Lipstick, it's a gorgeous warm-toned pink shade - i wanted one that i know i could get alot of wear out of, especially for during the day.
Ruby Woo is a Retro Matte Lipstick, it's a vivid red - although, i won't get a day to day use out of, but i do love wearing red lipstick in particularly on nights out - and even though i own a couple of red lipstick already, i've been after this particular shade of red for quite some time, like a proper red-red shade.

Top - Chatterbox, Bottam - Ruby Woo

I will do more indepth reviews once i've gotten alot more wear out of them both!
Let me know what you're favourite Mac Lipstick shade is? or if you don't own any, is there a shade you'd love to try out?
Natalie xx

Mac Lipstick Recommendations??

So this week, im going to be treating myself to two lovely new Mac lipsticks as i have some vouchers for House of Fraser, and the one near me in Manchester stocks Mac, and im after some more of their lipsticks, as i currently only own one of them, which is Snob and i really want to expand my collection!

Photo taken from

So i wondering would you mind recommending me some shades you think i should check out, i have an idea of one of them that i want but i have no clue for the 2nd one, because i have vouchers im even willing to look at very bright and vibrant shades as well as ones ill get use out of on a daily basis because i wont be wasting my own money.

So yeah, please recommend me some shades to check out or tell me what your favourites are?
Natalie xx

Review | H&M Bronzer

Bronzer is one of those make-up items that scares me, because i always think that if i don't apply it right or i apply too much i'll end up looking like an idiot with a dirty face, or another horrific scenario having very obvious bronzing lines.

However, quite sometime ago i saw CosmeticsCharlotte72 rave about this bronzer and on a whim i decided to try it out - H&M Bronzing Powder, £4.99 - H&M

I adore this bronzer, its not insanely pigmented but it offers enough colour to add contour to the face - but for phobics like me it doesnt look like dirt. You'll notice from alot of the make-up looks ive done i don't like my make-up on my face to be very full on and obvious i like very natural and subtle looks that way i can be more extravagant with my eye make up or my choice of lip colour.

For the prize you pay, this compact is huge so you definately get your moneys worth - i bought this about a year ago maybe? and it still looks like ive barely touched it.
It's very light on the skin, and i love this because i can achieve that contoured bronzed look without the added worry of looking over-done, or like ive got a dirty face.

I'd definately recommend this product, bronzers aren't something that i use constantly so i don't ever plan on buying an expensive high-end bronzer just because id rather spend the money on something i will get more use out of - so this item is perfect for me.
I love this, and im really glad i bought it on the whim!

What's your favourite bronzer?
Natalie xx

Monthly Favourites | February

Hey everyone,
so i thought id share with my favourites for the month of March!

Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser
I love this moisturiser, and im gutted it was only a sample size - i really want to buy this but £20 is a lot of money for a moisturiser, but this makes my skin feel amazing, soft and i really love the scent of it too.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation
One of the best drugstore foundations i have ever used, i love this and im so glad i decided to buy it! My full review of it is here

Benefit Cha Cha Tint
This was a rediscovery for me this month, and im in love with this product. Its such a gorgeous coral shade and applies really nice and natural looking. My full review of it is here

Nars Orgasm Illuminator
This is an item ive owned for a while and i hadnt used it all that much, until i added it to my make-up mix up and ive been loving it. Ive been using it as a part of my everyday make-up routine to highlight my cheekbones.

Elf Mineral Infused Mascara
This mascara is so much better than i thought it would be, its only recently that i actually started to use it properly and i love how it makes my eyelashes look, it makes my lashes look full and lengthens them. For such a cheap mascara, i wouldnt never have thought it would be so good.

Wilkinsons Fruity Citrus Shower Cream
This is amazing and smells like heaven. Its such a strong orange smell, but its not too overpowering and in your face. I love having showers when i use this because the smell just fills the bathroom. I got this on offer in Wilkinsons 2 for £1.50 - i got this and a lemon one, which also smells amazing but this one is my favourite.

I love this, it makes it so much easier for me to carry my perfume around with me without taking up too much space. Read my post about it here

Loreal Hip Jelly Balm in Plush
Ive been wearing this lip colour almost everyday since i got it from a blog sale. Its not super pigmented but it applies in a gorgeous light pink shade and it looks like a gloss on, it feels nice on and ive been keeping it in my bag to top up and use on the go. I love it, id love to know if there is anywhere i can purchase these from because id love more shades but i dont know if they have been discontinued or whether they we're only available from the states because i got mine from a blog sale - so if you know anything, please leave me a comment :)

Estee Lauder Eyeshadow Compact Duo
My mum gave me this compact duo ages ago, and its one of those items that i come back to time and time again. The two shades in this are Blush - a very light nude/pink shade and Chestnut - which is a brown shade. Blush is the one i use the post, i've literally got to scrape around the edges when i want to wear this. Stunning colour, and im going to be very sad when im unable to use it anymore because i dont know if its still sold.

Vitamin E Gentle Eye & Make-Up Remover
Before this, i used to rely on just wipees to remove my make-up and this has made such a difference. It removes all traces of make-up from my eyes so easy which is perfect for me because im always wearing eyeliner and mascara!

Natalie xx