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Exciting Trends in Beauty Products
By Scott Humphrey
Beauty products are a billion dollar a year industry that keeps finding new ways to innovate and expand product lines to provide the most exceptional results you can find in skin care.  Much of what trends entail for beauty deals with style, but every year there are also new products to go along with them. For now let’s focus on the products.

Mineral foundation powders are the new trend in makeup, as well as products that do not contain any chemicals. Organic and natural aren’t just for foods anymore; all sorts of products are going “Green” and using organic ingredients that are free of chemicals.  It makes sense, right?  Chemicals can have adverse effects that include cancer and hormone disruption.

If you are using makeup that you are unsure of, make sure you read the product labels and do some research on what is in the product.  At the very least fragrance and dyes can cause allergic reactions, and people are looking for natural products to help keep their skin healthy and pretty. Since pretty much any ingredient can be put into these products it is up to us to do the research.

Organics do not contain ingredients that can cause rashes, close pores, dry out, or irritate skin.  The natural ingredients help skin to retain its natural glow and actually nourish it because it contains nutrients and no chemicals that undercut them.  For example, many moisturizers contain alcohol or petroleum which dries out your skin, but I use an organic Shea butter lotion that keeps my skin super moist for days at a time.  A great benefit to organic and natural cosmetic products is that they work so well you don’t have to use them as much.

Another great example of the great results from a natural product is Aloe Vera.  Aloe Vera is a great skin rejuvenator, and it is especially great for remediating sunburn.  It also heals scrapes, cuts, and burns very effectively.  All you have to do is cut off one of the leaves, split it open, and rub a generous amount on the affected area.  

Without naming specific brands it is quite obvious that cosmetics companies have jumped on the organic and natural bandwagon.  The all natural products are seeing exceptional sales, as well as exceptional results on the people that are using them.  As I said, be careful to examine the product labels and make sure that all of the ingredients are in fact organic.  The guidelines for organic product labeling only require that one ingredient be organic.  

Many products are 100% organic, and many are not, so ultimately it is up to you to find out.  Organic cosmetic products will not clog your pores, which is major reason for skin trouble.  Organic ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin and balance it out.  Things put onto your skin are absorbed into the bloodstream and it makes good sense that whatever is going into your bloodstream should probably be natural and a benefit to your body.

BIO: Scott is a freelance writer on a variety of topics including custom digital printing.  When he is not writing he is hiking in the mountains of upstate New York.

 *A big thanks to Scott for being my very first guest blogger! If you're interested in writing a guest post for my blog - check out my Guest Bloggers page more details.*

Car Boot Sale Haul #1

Hello everyone,
Every Sunday me and my sister get up at the ungodly hour of 6, and go to our local Car Boot Sale, im sure you all know what that is but if not it's basically people set up stalls filled with things they no longer want and sell them cheaply. We had to stop going whilst i was in Manchester but we started going again a couple of weeks ago & i thought id share with you some of the things i've got from there. People do sell a lot of clothes there but its always so busy that i get too agitated with people trying to make their way in too look through properly, so for now the main things i've been buying are books, dvds and some make-up items.

*These are items i have bought over the past few weeks, not all we're from the same Car Boot Sale*

All my dvds are currently in my sister's room because im waiting for Argos to get their bums in gear and send my gift vouchers back from a refund so i can get a bigger shelf (i ordered one that was too small) so the dvds are in with all my others, so i don't have an image of those but i thought i'd tell you what i got anyways :)

- The Inbetweeners Movie
- Inception
- Life As We Know It
- The Accidental Husband
- The Time Travellers Wife

I got them all from the same stall as they we're selling there dvds at 5 for £4, i buy a lot of my dvds from there as they are genuine dvds, some people do sell pirated ones (tut!) but they are easy to spot, i very rarely have issues with the dvds i buy from there but I do always check that the right disc is inside because i did learn my lesson from that, as i once bought a dvd and only got the disc with the bonus features so i now check them before i pay.

These books we're 3 for £1:
- A Million Little Pieces by James Frey
- You Don't Have To Say You Love Me by Sarra Manning
- Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby

Beastly by Alex Flinn
This was 20p, i've had this book on my 'to-read' list for ages so i had to pick it up when i saw it. I really enjoyed the film too and i usually find that books are better so definately excited to read this!

Marilyn Monroe The Unseen Archives
This was £1, I've found a real fondness for Marilyn Monroe lately, ive always admired her but it's only of late that i've really learned more about her and as soon as i saw this i had to buy it!

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James
This was £5, not quite a bargain but if you follow me on twitter you will know that i have been dying to get my hands on this book and everywhere i have been for it have sold out - so the minute i saw it on someone stall i grabbed it with both hands.

Benefit Hoola
This was 20p, although a lot of it has been used this is perfect amount for me to try it out and determine whether or not i like it. I don't wear bronzer all that much, so i didnt want to spend the full £23.50 and then never use it, this way i can test it out and it'll probably take me ages to use even the amount thats left up!

Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow Trip
I payed 50p for this, and from what i can tell it's barely been touched. I don't have many Clinique items, if any so im very excited to try this. I also look the colours - you all know how much of a sucker i am for neutral/brown shades so this is the perfect little palette for me!

Bare Escentuals BareMinerals I.D Blush in Dusk
I actually don't think this has been used because the sticker that covers those 'holes' was still firmly on, i paid 20p for this. I almost screamed when i noticed it was Bare Minerals as i know how expensive their products are, and when the lady behind the stall said she was only asking for 20p i couldnt believe it, but who am i to complain? Im really excited about trying this product out!

Please let me know what you think of these Car Boot Haul/posts and if you'd like me to do them more often, i really want to better my blog and of course to do that i need to know what it is you guys what to see!
What are you recent bargain finds?
Natalie xx
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The Classic Red Lip

Hello everyone,
I thought i'd share with you how i like to create my perfect red lip, i am by no means a make up artist and this is just how i personally like to do this.

You will need:
- Lip balm (I'm using Vaseline Rosy Lips)
- Red Lip Liner (I'm using Barry M Lip Liner in II3 Red)
- Red Lipstick (I'm using Mac Retro Matte Finish Lipstick in Ruby Woo)
- Concealer (I'm using Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer)
- Tissue/Cotton Pad (For blotting)

First, before i apply any of my make-up i like to apply a lip balm. The last thing i want is dry lips because lipstick will just highlight the dry-ness and the cracks within your lip and it will not look good. So lip balm for me is must, especially when i wear bright colours. Applying it before my make-up gives it chance to soak into my lips, meaning the lipstick won't just glide straight off. I then continue with the rest of my make-up until i'm ready to do my lips.

Secondly, i line my lips with a lip liner.  For me, it's vital that the lip liner is close to the colour of the lipstick because i personally don't like the look of obviously outlined lips. Lining the lips just adds a bit of extra security to the application of the lipstick, it almost provides a safety net so your lipstick will not bleed out. A lip liner is also a great way to define the shape of your lips.

 The next thing i do is using that same red lip liner i fill in the entire lips to create a red base. This fills in all those little cracks in your lips to help with an even smoother application when it comes to applying the red lipstick.
The next step is to apply the lipstick - you can either use a brush to do this or just the lipstick itself. I personally don't like using a brush i just don't feel it makes much difference to the application. I then blot the lips using a cotton pad or tissue and then reapply the lipstick. If a little bit as smudged or i just want to neat up the edges i like to take a bit of my concealer and just apply it around the lips to neaten it up.

Et viola! That is how i like to do my 'classic red lip' look - i hope you like this tutorial/how to style post, i love wearing a red lip i think its such a classic look. I tend to wear it more on special occasions or nights out, as im not yet brave enough to venture out with a red lip for everyday wear.

What tips/tricks do you have for the perfect red lip or for wearing other bright lip colours?
Natalie xx

101 Things in 1,001 Days | Update #1

Hey everyone,
so if you've been following my blog for a while you'll know that im currently doing the 101 things in 1,001 days project, i didn't want to bombard you with posts about it so i decided i'd do an update post everytime i've completed 10 things off my lists.
I don't have any photographic evidence which im kind of pinching myself about right now but you'll just have to take my word for it :)

So here it is:

1. Cook a Meal From Scratch:
I'm a big love of Taco Bell, in paricular their Crunchwraps so i attempted to make my own versions and i have to say they were pretty damn awesome (excuse me, whilst i blow my own trumpet) I'm actually making these again tomorrow so if i remember i'll take a photo and either add it into here or maybe my week in photos. My sister actually. told me that this doesnt technically count but considering im someone who used to be hopeless in the kitchen i'm counting this because im proud of it!

2. Try Sushi:
Sushi is something that i have always wanted to try but the fear of not liking it always scared me out of going to the likes of Sushi Restaurants. However, a few weeks ago me and two of my housemates went to the Red Hot Buffet which if you aren't aware of it's basically an all you can eat restaurant that features all the different types of food including sushi. I actually enjoyed it, the texture was unusual but i did like it.

3. Visit an Old Teacher:
Back in Easter, i went back to college to visit some of my teachers which was really nice - it was great to see them again and get some imput about the project i was doing at the time.

4. Hold a blog giveaway:
As alot of you will know i recently held a giveaway after i reached 100 followers on my blog, it went really well and the prize has been sent out and recieved by the winner! I look forward to holding future ones.

5. Learn Indesign to a Reasonable level:
Adobe Indesign is a software that i avoided for ages, and it was during my last project at uni that i decided to be brave and use it. I literally spent a couple of days just playing around on it, pressing buttons and just seeing what happens. I found myself being much more comfortable with it and used it entirely for my last project.

6. Wear a Bright Coloured Lipstick on a Regular Day for No Reason At All:
I've always cowered away from wearing really bright colours on my lips but since i set myself this aim/goal i have actually done this multiple times, not quite braved a red yet but i have found myself wearing a Fuschia shade multiple times on just regular days.

7. Send a Handwritten letter:
Technically a cheat, because i do actually have a pen pal. So i knew i was going to send a handwritten letter, but this was more of an 'in-fill' goal, basically i was running out of ideas.

8. Add my name to the Organ Donor List:
The first thing i did off the list, i've always stood by the fact that when i do die im not going to need all my organs so they may as well be used elsewhere and save someones life.

9. Eliminate all Clothing that Doesn't Fit:
Since moving back home from the student house i've had to unpack everything so whilst i was doing that i had a major clearout and got rid of all clothing that no longer fits or im just not wearing any more. There are only two items i have kept which is because im currently on a health kick/diet and i am hoping to fit into them.

10. Decorate my room:
In other words a quick DIY paint job - i've mentioned this a couple of times in my past few posts. It is all finished and dry and my stuff has returned - happy days! Im just waiting for a new bookshelf to arrive tomorrow to home all my dvds and then it will be done!

Anyone else taking part in 101 things in 1,001 days?
Natalie xx