Perfectly Pampered Spa Hair Mask Strawberry Oil

Perfectly Pampered Spa Hair Mask Strawberry Oil

Hello everyone,
So i was lucky enough to be on of the 50 people that Beauty Bloggers Unite choose to send a hair mask sample for review too! My hair is in terrible condition at the moment, it is badly in need of a cut and colour but until i get my deposit back from my student house its going to have to wait, so im pretty open to trying products to see if it helps just liven it up a little bit.

Perfectly Pampered Spa Hair Mask Strawberry Oil

It came in this blue envelope along with a lovely postcard which i've actually stuck on my noticeboard in my room because i really love the design on it, its so cute (what can i say, im a design student) and of course the sample. This particular hair mask is Strawberry Oil and it claims to Volumize your hair!

I decided to use this after i'd been swimming yesterday, i go once a week (well try to) with my mum, nan & sister and it doesnt really do wonders for my hair so because i leave with wet hair i figured id apply the mask to it as soon as i get home, i did wash my hair at the swimming baths so i didnt just apply it to wet hair. I'm not going to lie when i first put a bit into my hand i was a bit worried because it looked a bit glittery! I only ended up using half of the sachet because i was worried id up with glittery hair, it smells good though. The scent is obviously strawberries but its not too strong, its just a nice subtle hint of it

Applying it was nice, i did as the sachet instructed applying it evenly to the hair focusing more so on the roots and leaving for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. It was only after i blow dried my hair that i was able to see if the sachest has made any difference. In terms of it volumising hair its a waste of time it doesn't add any volume at all, so if thats what you're after i wouldn't bother with this. However, after using it my hair does feel exceptionally soft  - now it's not completely erased the fact that my hair is starting to resemble that of a scarecrows due to its need of a cut and obviously no product can work miracles to that extent, but it does feel a bit healthier and like it mentioned it feels really soft.

So overall, i did like using this and i really like how my hair is feeling right now.
A bit disappointing that is didnt add any volume or volumize my hair like it claims but i did only used half of the sachet so maybe if i had used the full thing it would have made more of a difference. I can also happily report that my hair doesnt resemble a disco ball either so don't fear the glittery appearance like i did.

Thank you to Beauty Bloggers Unite for selecting my blog and for sending me this sample :)
Are there any hair masks that you'd recommend?
Natalie xx


  1. Hmmm I am in desperate need of some hair TLC might have to try it! Great post Alice, thanks for sharing! Xo Erin

    1. My name is Natalie not Alice, but thank you :)
      Natalie xx


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