#6 L.O.V.E

For today's post i thought i would share with you a couple of my favourite blogs that i tend to find myself checking often. These are a couple of my personal favourites - i hope you like them too!

 Myself and Rebecca started our blogs at a similar time, and we've both supported each other through it, her blog is incredible and definately one of my firm favourites. She is such a lovely girl and one thee nicest people have met online thanks to the beauty blogging community.

Sam and I actually met at uni, and it was through our blogs and our fondness for make-up that we actually became really good friends. If you love bold make-up looks then this blog is definately the one for you!

I always find myself really excited when i realise that Nicola has posted on her blog. Her blog isnt focused on being a beauty blog but i really enjoy reading her latest book reviews and what she's up too, her posts are always really well written too!

 Another really great blog, her posts are great and really informative. She someone that i recognise commenting on my blog too which i really appreciate and i love that she's doing the Make-Up Mix Up like me aswell :)  and she's also a really lovely girl!

Hello Terri Lowe
I find myself checking Terri's blog constantly, because im always curious as to what she's blogged about next because hers posts are so different from each other. It also makes me smile just how much she loves Home Bargains.

There are many other blogs that i love reading but listing everyone would have taken me an insanely long time and probably bored everyone to read so i thought id just pick out 5 favourites!
Let me know some of your favourite blogs, as id love to check them out :)
Natalie xx
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  1. Hi I've jsut checked these blogs out their awesome thanks for sharing them - gave me new blgos to follow...

    1. No problem :) Glad i could recommend some to you!
      Natalie xx

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, Natalie! It means a lot. Keep up with your blog, you know I'm a fan and thanks for being my makeup go-to girl!!

    Much love, Sam xxxxxx

    1. No problem, your blog deserves a mention - i enjoy reading your posts and i think other people deserve to know about it too! :)

      & Same to you! I can't wait for our adventure to London for IMATS :D its going to be immense :D
      Natalie xx

  3. Thanks so much Natalie, I was sat with my daughter when I read this last night and she was so proud that I'd got a mention hehe xx

    1. Aw, what a cutie!
      & no problem, i love reading your blog :)
      Natalie xx


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