Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pretty:Perfect Eye Roll On Concealer - Medium Tint with Citrus

Hello everyone,
I mentioned buying this in a haul sometime back in August and someone left a comment asking if i would do a review on it and if it works well. I picked this up mainly out of curiosity, it cost me 79p and roll on concealers have always intrigued me so i figured for 79p it was worth a risk.


In terms of coverage i found it was pointless, i ended up wearing another concealer on top because my dark circles we're just as visible as they are without concealer. The formulation wasn't that great either, as i found it just kind of sat on my skin and it didn't blend in well at all.


I often found it difficult to get the product out too, so id be rolling it around and getting very little out; the only positive thing i have to say is that i really like the roll on application; it feels really nice under the eyes, its really cooling and refreshing. I don't know what the citrus is referring too in the 'Medium Tint with Citrus' because there is not hint of it in the scent or that's an irrelevant description for it.
I personally don't think this concealer is anything special, it just doesn't work for me at all. Of course, this might not be the case for you - if you are lucky enough to not have dark circles and need very little coverage then this would probably be fine for you.

I'm not blown away by this and i highly doubt I'd ever repurchase it but for 79p I've not lost out on much!

Have you tried this?

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