(Beauty) Blog Post Ideas A-Z - Part 2

Hello everyone,
I've got part 2 of my blogging post ideas A-Z!

Taken from Pinterest

O is for... OF THE DAY
Face of the day, Nails of the day, Outfit of the day... they all make good posts, whether you do them everyday or just every so often they are always popular posts.

As a beauty blogger, these posts are probably one of the most important ones. Reviews - tell us about products you love, or you hate we want to know, we also want to know why. Be honest, your review can influence people's decisions to try/buy something. Obviously, if you are going to be negative word it carefully.

Q is for... Q&A
Get people to ask you questions - and do a post of answering them. Or do a FAQ, answering questions you get asked a lot.

R is for... REJUVENATE 
Revisit an old series but freshen up the concept. Make it different and something new. It'll work with general posts as well as series, use your imagination and create some thing new and make it your own.

S is for... SERIES
Doing a series are always popular posts and the best thing is they can be anything at all. So use your imagination and go wild!

T is for... TUTORIALS
You can do tutorials for so many things; d-i-y, recipes, crafts or staying true to the beauty theme: nails, hair and make-up. I especially love seeing hair tutorials as I'm still looking for the perfect up-do for me, i always attempt them when i see easy looking tutorials.

Project 10 Pan, Spending Ban, 101 things in 1,001 days, 365 blogging challenge etc...- there are probably so many others challenges you can do as well - its always interesting to see how people get on and if they're successful.

V is for... VENT
 I mentioned this in my blogging tips as well, but it applies to post ideas too (well, i think it does) If something has annoyed you, post about it. Have a rant, tell us whats pissed you off - bad customer service, a bad product, an general life experience anything. Obviously be careful with wording when it comes to a brand/service but other than that - your blog doesn't always have to be rainbows and butterflies people like to see all sides of the spectrum (does that even make sense, or am i just making things up?)

W is for... WISHLISTS
Everybody is always lusting for something, make-up, clothes, shoes or other products. Create a collage and show us. These are great posts to do when you don't have much time or you've hit bloggers block. I also find wishlists useful when I'm planning a giveaway to see what people are wanting.

X is for... eXPERIENCES
This is pretty much the same as journeys, life, vents etc...  We want to know what you get up too, things you've done or been through. As much as we want to read your beauty related posts we also want to know you.

Show us how you do things: your haircare routine, your skin care routine, your everyday make-up look (that counts right?).

Yeah, i couldn't think of anything for Z.... but honestly, your blog is yours. So you can post what ever it is you want, literally anything goes.

See Part 1 here.
Hope you liked this post and you've found it helpful!
What are your favourite type of posts to write or read?
Natalie xx

Christmas/1st Birthday/200 Follower GIVEAWAY

Hello everyone,
I've got an exciting post for you today!


There are numerous reasons i wanted to throw this giveaway:-
I always promised that i would do a giveaway at every '100' follower milestone - a couple of weeks ago i hit 200 followers - i can not thank you enough for that!!

On the 15th December my little blog will be a year old - the time has flown by and i wanted to do a giveaway to mark this milestone, and to thank everyone who has followed my blog either from the beginning or those who have joined me along the way!

& of course, Christmas is drawing near and it only felt right i go a giveaway of somesort!

What can you win?
Soap & Glory Hand Food (Travel Size)
Soap & Glory Clean On Me (Travel Size)
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter (Travel Size)
Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner in Gold
Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Conquer
MUA Blush in Shade 2
MUA Lipstick in Shade 13
MUA Lipstick in Shade 15 - Juicy
MUA Professional 'Undressed' Eyeshadow Palette
MUA Professional 'Pretty Pastels' Eyeshadow Palette

& Glamour's Nails Inc Nail Polish in Elizabeth Street
(I own a lot of light pink nail polishes - so i thought i'd throw this in as an extra)

- UK ONLY (Sorry, but i have a lot of packages to send this xmas)
- You MUST be a follower of my blog, this giveaway is for the people who read and support my blog. I will be checking.
- If you are under 16, please get permission off your parents because you will need to give me your address.
- If i don't hear back from the winner within ONE week, i will select another.
- This giveaway starts 19th November and will ends 2nd December 2012

I've never used rafflecopter before and im a little worried - so hopefully ive done it right and it works.
Good Luck!
Natalie xx

101 Things in 1,001 Days | Update #2

 As I'm sure most of you know I'm taking part in the 101 things in 1,001 days - it's been quite a challenge but I'm slowly crossing things off the list, i did change some of the 'things' as i was reading over them, there was just somethings i didn't want to do anymore so i decided to change them to other goals i had - so i don't think that's cheating technically? I said i wanted to updates every time i had completed 10 things off the lists, and i have recently completed my next 10 so here goes!

11. Read a book in one day (6th July 2012)
Over summer i was getting the train a lot so i started to read a lot more over that period and one day i started Beastly by Alex Flinn (i may have the author wrong but I'm sure its that) and i finished it the same night, it was a such an easy read.

12. Don't eat fast food for a month (Started 28th May 2012//Finished 25th June 2012)
 By fast food, i meant places like KFC, Mcdonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, Burger King etc...
and for that entire month i didn't touch any of them which i was really proud of myself for!

13. Make an iTunes playlist of 101 of my favourite songs (June 2012) 
 This isn't an exciting one to be honest - but i did exactly as it says and compiled a playlist of my favourite songs.

14. Dye my hair a different colour (22nd July 2012)
I dyed my hair black/blue because my hair was a load of different colours. Since dying it my hair has returned to the weird variety of colours - by that i mean a mixture of browns, my natural colour, i don't really understand why its faded because years ago when i dyed my hair black it remained that colour until i chose to dye it a different colour.

15. Blog every single day for 1 month (July 2012)
This is one you will be aware of already if you followed my blog around July time. I really enjoyed this challenge and i have decided to blog everyday for 2013. So this was great practise.

16. Have fruit for everyday for a week (week c/ 16th July 2012) 
Similar to the fast food one, its pretty self explanatory. I don't eat fruit half as much as i would like to or i should so i wanted to try and eat it every day for a week, at least one piece which i did.

17. Do something completely out of my comfort zone (18th June 2012 to 8th August 2012) 
Some people probably wouldn't say this counts because i didn't have a choice but to do it but i personally think it does count. Over summer i got summoned to do Jury Service, i got put on a trial which lasted for two months (all the time i told you i was up to something i couldn't tell you - it was this) and it was definitely something the put me out of my comfort zone so it counts to me.

18. Learn to use Illustrator to a reasonable level (Sept 2012)
Illustrator is a software i was supposed to know pretty well for my course, but the way i got into graphic design meant i missed out on learning that. So i was determined to get to know the software a little bit better and i forced myself to use it throughout my last project and I'm definitely a lot more confident on it.

19. Go out in Fancy Dress (27th October 2012)
I added this to the list because no matter how many times I've made plans to do something fancy dress - its always fell through. However, this Halloween i went to a fancy dress party and it went ahead so i finally achieved this aim!

20. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years (22nd October 2012)
I really liked the idea of doing this - it may seem a bit bizarre but i like the idea of opening this letter in 10 years time and seeing how different my life could be then.

Is anyone else doing the 101 things in 1,001 days?
How many have you completed?
Natalie xx

(Beauty) Blog Post Ideas A-Z - Part 1

Hello everyone,
Ive got another A-Z for you, again split into two parts - this time round is blog posts ideas. All bloggers can get stuck for posts at one point or another so i thought i would do an A-Z of ideas to hopefully help get the cogs turning and inspire you with some post ideas.

Taken from Pinterest

A is for... ADVICE 
Advice posts whether it be serious topics like bullying, anxiety or stress to everyday beauty tips and tricks, they're are loved by everyone, because there will always be something that someone doesn't know or they will always relate to someone else.
B is for... BARGAINS
Whether it's an offer that's floating around, a magazine freebie or you got bloody lucky at a car boot sale -  show us, because let's face it everyone loves a bargain.

People like to know what is currently trending, whether it be in beauty products or fashion - its something a lot of people are interesting in know, create a collage or a mood board and post it.

D is for... D-I-Y
Everyone loves a good D-I-Y post, especially really simple things that are super cute and really easy to make. They can range from anything from crafty items to recipes. D-I-Y posts are always a winner!

E is for... EMPTIES

These are one of my personal favourites to both write and to read - i find it really interesting to see what products people have used up and what their verdict is on it, the idea of storing the empties until you get round to photographing can be a bit of a pain but i keep a gift bag hanging in my room and keep them in there so is not obvious its just empty products. I also find reading and writing these posts really encourage me to use up more products.

F is for... FASHION
Fashion posts appeal to everyone because they're are so many different posts that can fall under this catergory - things like how to wear various items, multiple ways to wear them, shoes, accessories, OOTD, challenges similar to the Boohoo fashion challenge, splurge or saves (everyone loves a cheaper alternative)

G is for... GUEST POSTS
Get other bloggers/writers to do a post for you. I love getting other people involved with my blog, its offering another insight to your readers and its helpful for when you're struggling to find the time to post!

H is for... HAULS
If you've been shopping recently, show people what you've bought. If I'm a little low on money i love to live vicariously through other bloggers and their shopping. I enjoy seeing what people are buying because people always find different things so i love it when someone finds something that id really like and id probably never would have found myself.

I is for... INSPIRE
Create mood boards, collages of anything and everything and inspire people. It could be anything at all - colours, interior, crafty things, scrap booking etc...

J is for... JOURNEYS
If you're going out somewhere for a day, a week etc... take us along with you. I'm not suggesting vlogging or anything but take photographs and post them. Show us what you get up too, what you eat, where you go etc... I love seeing what bloggers get up to and some of the amazing places they visit.

K is for... K-OLLECTIONS
Another one of my creative titles - show your nail polish collection, make-up collection, book collection, brush collection... anything like that, people enjoy reading.

L is for... LIFE
Just because you're blog may have a specific theme i.e. beauty, doesn't mean you can't post things about your life - serious posts, updates etc... it's always interesting to learn more about the person behind the blog, their experiences and adventures.

Show people what products you're loving. It doesn't necessarily have to be monthly it could be weekly, fortnightly etc... but people also like to see what products people are loving using - its a great way to discover different products and get a mini review of them at the same time.

N is for... NAILS
Every time you paint your nails, whether it be a simple block of colour or a fancy nail design - show us. Review the nail polish, do a tutorial on how you've done them.

I hope these help you in some way - part 2 will be post next week :)
Natalie xx

Review | Korres Gift Set

Before i get into this post, i was just wondering if you prefer posts either with all the images at the start and then the text underneath or whether you prefer text in between images? I'm trying to find what is the best way of laying out my posts and i guess the best way is to ask you guys!



 I've been wanting to get my hands on the Korres lip butter in Wild Rose for a while but i really didn't want to pay £7 for it, i know some people would argue that it's pretty reasonable but for something that is ultimately a lip balm type product i find it a little bit on the expensive side for what it is. When i saw this gift set on offer for £10 of the whats in my handbag website - i thought it was a pretty good deal, but even so i still didn't really want to spend that much on it. So when i got an email of WIMH offering £5 off your first purchase i just couldn't resist it. It meant the lip butter was £2 cheaper and i got an extra 3 products.

So whats in the gift set?


Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose
This was the main reason for buying this entire set. I'm super excited to use this as its a proper lovely colour. I'm going to do a full review on it in a couple weeks once Ive used it a lot more.


Korres Evening Primrose Eyecream
This is pretty good timing as I'm due to run out of the current eye cream I'm using so hopefully this will be as good as that one!


Korres 3 in 1 Cleansing, Toning and Eye Make-Up Removing Emulsion
I'm also close to running out of my make-up remover so I'm intrigued to see what this is like and if i prefer this or my Nivea one.


Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser
I've used this before, i got it in either a Glossybox or a Carmine and i loved using it, so I'm really glad to have another one to use!

Have you tried any Korres Products?
Natalie xx

(Beauty) Blogging Tips A-Z - Part 2

Hello everyone,
It's time for part two of the blogging tips A-Z, like i said last time these tips are from my point of view and others may tell you different; i just wanted to offer some tips for both old and new bloggers.

Taken from Pinterest

Being organised helps a lot when you're a blogger; i did a post a while ago on tips to keep you organised and although it mainly applies to general life organising they can be applied to blogging too! A notebook is a bloggers best friend! I use two - one to write down any post ideas i have because when a day comes that I'm struggling for an idea i check back what ever Ive written down and even if i don't want to do any of them they might inspire me to do for another post idea. My second one is a schedule; now i don't stick to this as much as id like to but it does help to stay organised in terms of posting and if I'm scheduling posts in advanced on blogger it helps me to keep a track of what dates I'm doing them for so i can keep an even space between. I know that not everyone is super organised but its doing the little things that can really help with blogging and keep you on a regular routine of blogging.

P is for... PROMOTION
It's okay to promote your blog, and tweet when you've done a new post or to tell everyone just how proud you are of it and want to share it with the world, but always remember that there is a fine line between promoting your blog and shoving it in peoples faces. I find it really annoying when someone posts the same tweet about 50 times with their blog post link in. (i actually unfollowed the person but it was a constant thing) So if you are going to promote your blog, don't over-do it.

Q is for... QUEUE
or schedule as its better well known in blogger - if you are struggling to find the time to post on a frequent basis - dedicate a spare couple of hours to writing a couple of posts and schedule them for the days you want them posting. This feature is a life saver for me, sometimes i have creative bursts and i want to write a bunch of posts and rather than spamming my blog with them one after the other i schedule them all for various dates, so even though i might be busy my blog still has frequent activity for my readers.

R is for... REFERENCE
If you use an image that isn't yours always reference it, or at least state that it is not yours - id recommend avoiding using other peoples images unless its absolutely necessary. Also, if you mention products - link to the sites or at least let people know where they can get it from. It can be quite frustrating reading something on someones blog, really wanting it and then not know where you can get it from.

S is for... SUPPORT
The blogging community is so supportive of each other, so always be supportive of fellow bloggers - comment on their posts, compliment them, help and offer constructive criticism etc... you'll find that they will return the favour to you. Its also a great way to build up a friendship with bloggers.

T is for... TAGS
Or labels as its called on blogger - Always tag your posts, those keywords that are attached to your posts are picked up by search engines and will increase the chances of your blog posts being found by people who are searching for those particular keywords. This is not a necessity but every little helps ;)

U is for... USERNAME
The username you pick is going to be something you'll be known by amongst other bloggers so make sure you choose it wisely or its something you like, because you are going to be stuck with it. Although blogger does allow you to change it, constantly changing it will confuse your readers and could result in losing them if they don't know you've changed it.

V is for... VENT
Your blog doesn't always have to be rainbows and butterflies, if you're angry or something has pissed you off - tell us. Obviously, if its about a brand word it in a respectful manner but not everything has to be positive on your blog. Readers want to know the good and the bad.

W is for... WORK
Work hard, and put the work into the blog - it really shows when you see how much effort and hard work someone has put into their blog and into their posts.

X is for... eXCITE 
Excite your readers - this tip isn't such a great one but i struggled for something beginning with x and by saying excite your readers i don't mean that what ever you post is going to be boring but i just mean give your posts that something extra, something to draw your readers in more.

Y is for... YOU
Always be yourself, your blog is you and that's what people want to read. 

Z is for... Zzz
If you're just not feeling it take a step back, have a break from it. Sometimes you need to step away from things and come back with a fresh mind, a new outlook and a new refreshed passion for it. Always, be careful not to go on a break for too long though as it'll be difficult to get yourself back into the routine.

See Part 1 here.
Hope you like it & you've found it helpful.
Natalie xx

Pen Pal Haul #2


I received my package off my pen pal this morning and thought id show you what lovely things i was sent, these posts usually receive a good and positive response. Of course, she sent me a letter but I'm not going to share that as its personal and i feel it would be unfair to Ale (my pen pal).



She sent me these socks; which was quite unexpected but i love the foxes design on these they are so cute.




She also sent me a Hello Kitty Lip Balm and Cosmetic Bag and some earrings. This has to be one of the cutest lip balms i have ever seen - the bow is so cute on it. It smells of bubblegum too, which is really good! The earrings are really pretty as well.


& of course some sweets/candy!

Lifesavers Mints Wint O Greens/Peanut Butter M&Ms/Simply Caramel Milky Way
I'm super excited to try all of these, i absolutely love the sweets Ale sends over - they feel so much more luxurious because there not so easier for me to get a hold of here in the UK. That, and they are always tasty!

Have you got a pen pal?
Natalie xx

Updated Skincare Routine

It's been a while since i last posted my skincare routine so i thought I'd share with you my updated routine! A quick warning, some of the information is going to be similar to my post on the Good Things Skincare but those products are also whats featured in my routine so i apologise if it sounds like I'm repeating myself.


Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser
I'm really liking using this cleanser, it makes my face feel really refreshed and cleansed and it smells amazing too!

Caudalie S.O.S Thirst Quenching SerumThis is a fairly recent addition to my routine - my sister got this in one of her glossy boxes and gave it to me. I really like it, every since I've started using it my skin feels so much more hydrated and this is exactly what i need for the colder months, I'm going to be gutted when i run out!

Good Things Face The Day Moisturiser
This is really moisturising, its nice and light too which is perfect for me in a morning because it sinks into the skin pretty quickly so I'm not waiting around to do my make-up. It makes my skin feel really soft and it smells good too!

Lush Eau Roma Water
I love this. I spritz it on my face after I've finished with my skincare products, it so refreshing on the face and dries in pretty quickly so I'm not waiting around for it either. I did a full post on it here, if you're interested in reading more.



Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover
I did a post on this recently - I wear a lot of eye make-up especially liner and mascara so i like to use make-up removers that are specifically for the eyes so its more gentle on them. I really like this remover, its really gentle and removes the make-up really easily.

Morrisons Fragrance Free Baby Wipes
I normally used the Johnsons baby wipes, but these are just what I'm using at the moment. They are stupidly cheap and work fine, i used these to remove the rest of my face make-up.

Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser

Similar to what i mentioned earlier in the post - a really great cleanser, makes the skin feel really soft and cleansed.

Caudalie S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum

Again, same as i mentioned before - brilliant product, my skins feels so hydrated since using this.

Natural High Night Cream
Usually, i used to use the same moisturiser day and night but this time around i decided to try a night cream and I'm really like this. Its very thick but its perfect for the night time and my skin always feels really nice and soft in the morning. It smells good too!

Lush Eau Roma Water
I use this in different ways on a night, i either spritz it like normal or if i want a more intense cleanse/ tone i spritz it onto a cotton pad and then apply it around the face it just depends on how I'm feeling but i really like using it both ways.



Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
I use this both day and night but i didn't include it in my actual routine because its not something i use everyday it just depends on whether i decide too or not. I do really like this though, i doesn't make my eyes feel a little brighter and perkier if i use it in a morning.


Good Things Stop That Spot
I use this when i get little friends on my chin (well anywhere on my face, but its usually the chin area) I apply this on a night and leave it to dry into the skin and it helps reduce redness and since using this i have noticed that my spots tend to clear away quicker.


Good Things Five Minute Facial Mask
I love using face masks, i try and use one at least once a week and this is the one that is in my current routine. It smells amazing, and always leaves my skin feeling really firm and refreshed.

So that is my currenty skincare routine!
What products are you using in your routine at the moment?
Natalie xx

(Beauty) Blogging Tips A-Z - Part 1

Hello everyone
I thought id share some blogging tips with you, these are catered more towards beauty blogger but they can apply to bloggers of any kind. Of course, I'm not expert in being a blogger, some of these tips may not apply to you, or you may disagree with that is completely fine. I just thought id share with you some of the tips and advice I've picked up a throughout my blogging journey so far...I've split this up into two post so its not too much to read in one go!

Taken from Pinterest
  A is for...AUDIENCE
Know your audience and know who it is that you are writing for. Sometimes, if you know a lot about a subject its easy to get carried away and use lots of fancy terms which not everyone is going to know, of course I'm not suggest dumb everything down but be aware that not everyone might be as advanced in your particular subject as you.
B is for... BELIEVE
Believe in yourself and believe in what you are writing - i came across a blog once that at the end of every single post apologised just in case the post was boring. If you don't believe in your own posts then why should anyone else? You will never be able to satisfy everyone with what you write, but if you don't believe in it, and your apologising 'just in case' you are not really giving much encouragement for anyone else to believe in it too.

C is for... CONSISTENT
Consistency is a big thing for me; if you love reading a blog, you tend to check it often to see if their are new posts and if you don't post for quite a long period of time you eventually get bored of checking it and therefore end up losing readers. I'm not suggesting posting everyday but just post on a regular basis and consistently - find a schedule that works for you or if you know you are going to be busy schedule posts - trust me, its a life saver sometimes!

Seeing really is believing. If you are doing a review on a product show people what its like on. Of course, swatches are fine but sometimes its better to see what it looks like on someone than it does swatched on someones hand.

E is for... ENJOY
Enjoy what you do because it really shows. I love it when you can sense someones passion through their writing, i enjoy reading that blog more because i can see that they enjoy doing it and that they are passionate about it.

F is for... FRIENDLY
Be friendly - this one is probably obviously but have a friendly tone, even in your writing - the good thing about blogs is that you don't need to be formal. Obviously, don't go all illiterate and 'tlk lyk dis' but when I'm writing a post i try and write it in a similar way as i would say it, or in product reviews i describe the products how i would say it if i was describing something to a friend.
G is for... GRAMMAR
I'll hold my hands up here and i say i struggle with grammar but i do my best to check it and correct it. I don't help myself because i get over excited when I'm typing a post and do it really quickly so make more mistakes that way, but my sister tends to read my posts a lot so always corrects me. Obviously some mistakes are going to happen, its inevitable but just check it over a couple of times because loads of grammar and spelling mistakes can put readers off.
H is for... HONESTY
Always be honest! If PR companies contact you, and send samples/products - don't say you liked the product just to please them, if you don't like it say so. Just always be respectful in how you word it. Never say something was crap, try wording it like 'it just wasn't to my liking' or something along those lines. People will respect you more if you give honest opinions and you reviews aren't influenced in anyway.

I is for... IMAGES 
 Images are another big factor in blogging - you do not need to go out and buy a big fancy camera, a normal digital camera will work just as well as long as it takes decent quality photos. I personally find it really off putting when a blog's photos are all blurry. It looks unprofessional and it makes it difficult to see what the product is that your being shown. A good thing with your images is that you'll find you improve over time, you'll learn things as you go along like what lighting works, what background works - the best settings for your camera or the best time of day to take your photos. I'm still learning what works best for me when taking photos and I'm always open to hear other peoples tips/advice on it too!
J is for... JOURNAL
Treat your blog like a diary, of course you don't need to blurt all your inner most secrets out to it but your blog is a personal thing so you should feel comfortable to write whatever you want to on it.

K is for... KREATIVE
Kreative/Creative - geddit? Okay, so K was a little harder to think of a tip for but i thought i was being clever ;) Be as creative as you can with your blog posts - of course, everyone loves the classic posts and those are still fine to do but  if you can do a post that someone else done with a twist or a difference to it, it'll be more enticing to read as its something different.

L is for... LAYOUT
The layout of your blog is another vital part of being a blogger, the design of the blog gives you the chance to show who you are. When a blog is really busy, images and graphics are flashing, music blaring out, things floating around and a it being a million and one different colours - it just doesn't work and it will really put people off following your blog. Find ways of representing yourself through your design without it being too over the top.

M is for... MOTIVE
I'm assuming this doesn't apply to any of you lovely lot but...Getting sent free stuff/products etc... is something that everyone wants - everyone would be lying if that isn't something they'd enjoy - but its not an attractive quality to see that its the only reason you blog
N is for... NETWORK
Networking is a great way of getting your blog out there - utilise sites like facebook/twitter etc... Especially twitter, there are many hashtags that various bloggers use to chat with each. #bbloggers #fbloggers #tblogis #livebloggers #northernbloggersunite (there are others too but these are the mains ones i know about) Interact with other bloggers its a great way to meet new people who love beauty/blogging just as much as you do!

Part 2 features tips O-Z will be posted shortly, so keep and eye out for it! 
I hope you find this useful and if you have tips leave them below in the comments :)

Natalie xx