Monday, 31 December 2012

Little Things: December

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Sophie's Birthday Night Out
My friend had a night out to celebrate her birthday at the beginning of the month and it was like a mini reunion because there was some people who i hadn't seen in a while and it was really nice us all being together again. It was a really great night too!

Seeing Robyn
Robyn is my 3 year old cousin, i may have her age wrong but she's only little and i hadn't seen her for ages so i was so happy when i got to see her for a bit.

Handing in Project & Finishing for Christmas
The relief i felt for finally handing my project in and finishing uni for Christmas was amazing. It was such a horrid couple of weeks so it was amazing to not have that weight on my shoulders and to know i had some time off uni to just relax.

Receiving My Secret Santa Gift
I couldn't believe it when i opened my present off Beth i was so happy and grateful for what she got me - I can't believe she got me the Mac Lipstick I've been pining over for ages, it really meant alot!

Christmas, of course
I'd be a bit of an idiot not to include this. I got so many wonderful things and I'm truly grateful to everyone. It was a nice chilled day with the family, watching TV and eating!

My nan is forever buying teabags like she's obsessed as soon as there is an offer on the big boxes of them she stocks up like there is no tomorrow, so for Christmas as a joke i bought her a big box and wrapped them up all fancy and when we went round on Christmas day i made out that I'd forgotten to give it her with the others (because i wanted to see what she did when she opened it) and her reaction was priceless :')

& the not so happy...

Lost My USB Pen
As a part of my uni course, i have module in which i have to design a website and hand code it all using HTML/CSS and Javascript, we've been working on it for weeks and i kept it all on my USB pen so it was easy for me to work on it both at uni and at home and as you can guess from the heading - i lost it!! and because I'm an idiot i didn't back it up so I've had to start it all again. Lesson Learned.

Final Project was a Nightmare
The final project that i was so happy to hand in was hell - everything that went wrong pretty much did. I got really stuck in a rut and i found it difficult to improve the things i needed to and it was awful, it literally got to the point where i just gave up AND when i was almost close to finishing, literally the last thing i needed to do was submit a paragraph online and guess what happened?! You got it, my Internet died and wouldn't work.

Connecticut Shootings
Now, this makes my bad things seem totally irrelevant. I'm sure you all heard what happened and it so sad and heartbreaking. So many lives lost and for what reason? I don't understand and I'm sure no-one does understand what could possess someone to do what he did that day. I truly admire the teachers who gave their life in order to save their students, it must have taken so much courage and i have so much admiration for them. I can only begin to imagine how hard this Christmas must have been for those families.

I've added more than my usual 5 happy things this month and I've also added a couple of the bad things because its been a really up and down month - so many good things alongside so many bad. I'm also trialling a new name for the post - what do you think?
What things made you happy this month?

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