Review | Eldora Handmade Lashes B162

Hey everyone,
I got these eyelashes in my January Carmine box, but it was only recently that i used them in tutorials that i actually got to try them out! So i thought id share my thoughts with you guys!

When i first say these in Carmine, i was actually really excited to try them out. Id seen on some spoiler posts that these had been in the box, but the ones id seen has diamontes all across the lash - which i personally dont like. So when i recieved this style i was over the moon as they are full and natural looking lashes which is the style i always go for.

I actually found it easy to apply these, and they fitted nicely and felt really comfortable. The only thing i didnt like about them too much was the glue, only because it was actually too sticky. I know that sounds really stupid but even after removing the lashes and wiping all my make-up away i could still feel the glue on my lashes, and i didnt like that - but that isnt really that big a deal because you can always buy eyelash glue seperate and thats something im willing to live with for these lashes.

They retail for around £3.90 which for these lashes i was actually really surprised at, because id expected them to be around the £7 mark. Im normally one of those people who hates paying a lot of money for eyelashes, but i think i would actually purchase these ones.

I'm in love with these eyelashes, they felt really nice and natural on and t hey didnt feel heavy on my own lashes. One thing i also really like about them is that because i wear glasses, more often then not when i wear false lashes, the lashes tend to hit the frames but these didnt so that's a major plus in my books.

If you're a fan of false lashes, i would definately recommend looking into Eldora Lashes, obviously ive not tried any of the other styles but i can only assume that they are as good as this one.
If you are interested i link the website for you here

Have you tried Eldora Lashes? Love or Hate them? Or is there another brand you recommend trying - please comment and let me know! :)
Natalie xx

Inspired Make-Up Look | Pan Am

Hey everyone,
so today i discovered the wonders of Pan Am, my housemate had been going on about it for a while and that i should watch it but i never really paid much attention up until now. Oh my, i love it! Im gutted that its apparently being cancelled after just one season.

taken from tumblr, i didnt take note of whice specific one - but it is not my image

Please note that this is inspired by their make-up looks, it is not an exact replica. The Pan Am girls have a very sleek and flawless look, very mininal make-up with a light pink toned lip.

- Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in True Ivory
- Benefit Boiing Concealer in Shade 1
- Rimmel London Match Perfection Ultra Creamy Compact Powder in Ivory
- Benefit Posie Tint
- Nars Illumintor in Orgasm


- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Estee Lauder Compact Disc Eyeshadow Duo (Shade - Blush, all over lid)
- Elf Quad in Silver Lining (Brown Crease Colour - along the crease)
- Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black
- Eldora False Lashes in B162
- Elf Mineral Infused Mascara

- Benefit Posie Tint

Hope you like it :)
Natalie xx

Review | Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

Hey everyone,
I tried a sample of this from a magazine and i really liked it. So i decided to buy the full sized item and try it out properly. I believe its avaible in 6 shades, i got it in True Ivory.

So far im really liking this, it gives me plenty of coverage, applies really nicely and i really like the scent of it too! You really get your monies worth out of this foundation as well i feel, because i barely need to use a full pump of it.



This shade is perfect for me, as you can see from the photos it blends out really well. Please excuse the state of my hair in the photo below - in the photo i havent applied concealer or powder so you can see the amount of coverage it provides, i have terrible dark circles under my eyes and it helps tone them down alot!

I was intending to buy a more high-end foundation but im happy to settle with this foundation until ive made a decision on which one i want to buy. I love this foundation and im so happy i decided to try it out properly after testing the sample. The only downside to it, is that its not very long lasting - id say it lasts roughly 5-6 hours, but that for me is plenty of time so i can live with that.

I personally would recommend this foundation - it has great coverage, applies really well and i love the scent of it too.
Have you tried it?
Natalie xx

Review | Benefit Cha Cha Tint

Hey everyone,
so i thought id share my thoughts on Benefit Cha Cha Tint

I first tried this last summer, i was out shopping with my sister when a lady from the benefit counter stopped me and asked if i wanted to try out some new products, and she tried the Cha Cha tint out on me and i loved how looked that much that i went back a few weeks later and bought it.

Since then, ive used it in dribs and drabs but it has mainly just been hanging around my make-up drawes, up until i included it in one of my make-up mix up and my love for it was re-kindled.

It's a really nice coral, mango-esque colour and it suits most face shades - i think this tint would be perfect for summer because it such a beautiful coral-y colour and would look gorgeous with a slight tan.

This image doesnt show it as clear as i wish it did, but i did put a very small layer on my hand - the good thing about tints it that you can add more and build up the colour.
The downside to these tints is that as soon as you apply it to your face - blend it straight away or it will leave a stain where you placed it, to tackle this i normally put it on my hand first then use my fingers to blend it into my cheeks.
Im actually starting to prefer to use these over powder blush just because i feel the way it blends into your cheek it looks more natural - but of course, nothing will deter my love from Benefits Bella Bamba!

I really do love this product, and i already know that this is going to my most used product over the summery months. An added bonus is that these can also be use as lip tints, i personally havent done that with this particular tint, but its really handy if you want a really simple make-up look and don't want to be using a million and one products.

Have you tried Benefit Cha Cha Tint? Love it or Hate it?
Natalie xx

Student Survival | It's All Money, Money, Money

One of the hardest aspects of being a student is the financial situation - ive experienced this first hand and it's so much harder than you realise.
I don't go out drinking half as much as the majority of students do, so how they manage to survive is beyond me - because i find it difficult to cope and they are obviously spending more than i am...

-The best advice i could give you is keep a track of your spending!
- If you have two bank accounts split your money up - one account with your money for bills and rent etc... and the other account with the money for groceries and that is just generally for you to spend.
- When sorting out bills and setting up accounts with companies go with the cheapest one you can find.
- Find a good way to pay the bills, a way that suits everyone - i.e open a bank account so it all goes out of that and you wont have to take responsibility for everyone else.
- Student houses are cold, thats a fact. Only use the heating when you are losing feeling in your fingers other than that stock up on hoodies, blankets and my personal favourite - the hot water bottle! Whatever you do, do not keep a heater in your room - they cost a fortune in electricity and unless all your housemates/roommates are getting the benefit, it's just going to piss them off.
- Before you go food shopping - make a list of what you need and stick to it! - this is one piece of advice i need to listen to the most, whenever i go food shopping i end up buying everything but the things on my list. Stick to the list and you won't be wasting any extra money!
- If you are going to need to get a bus frequently to your uni or to the nearby town or whatever - workout if it'll be cheaper to invest in a long term bus pass. Myself and my housemates invested in a annual bus pass because we need to use them a lot, it cost £185 and although that seems a lot to hand over at once, it actually saves over £500 than if you were to pay on the bus every time you used it.
- Don't buy yourself treats unless you are 100% certain you can afford too and you won't be leaving yourself short.

I don't know if this post will be of use to anyone, but these are just a few tips that ive learned or wish id took notice of earlier to help with finance. So i thought id pass them on and hopefully they will help other students.
I know first hand, how scary it can be to think that you won't have enough money to live on because its going on bills, rent and food. Its terrifying but if you're careful with your money there is no reason as to why you can't live comfortably.

Hope this is helpful
Natalie xx

Student Survival | Choosing the Right Student House

Hey everyone,
So this post is a little bit different to what i normally do but i just wanted to offer some advice about student life, living out and choosing the right places to live - in particular if you are finding your student house yourself.

Personally, im currently in my 2nd year of uni and it's my first year of living out. I've not had the greatest experience, in fact the amount of problems ive encountered has put me off living out next year too. Now, please bear in mind, that more often than not people have very good experiences when living out so don't let me put you off.

If you are living in/planning to live Uni Halls, then this post probably won't be as relevant to you, however, the next few that i'll be posting over the next few weeks/days will be. This is more for the people who are getting a student house and are sorting it out themselves through an agency or whatever.

Apologies for the rambly intro!...

- Start early: leaving things to last minute is where you'll end up getting the crap end of the deal, you'll only get the options of what is left. Starting early means you'll get a wider choice and you an pick somewhere that is more suited to you.

- Landlord/Agency: Make sure you read up on who the agency/landlord is, what they are like - reviews people have given them and just generally the type of reputation that they have. More often than not during the viewing, signing of contracts and moving-in day they'll seem really good, but once you've moved in and any problems arise that's when the problems can start. So research as much as you can about them before you get involved with a contract with them.

- View Houses: View as many of them as you possibly can, and avoid letting the excitement take over. Trust me, i know how i exciting it is to be viewing a house first time round, the excitement of it all can take over causing you to make rash decisions. View multiple house, you don't know what you could be missing out one!

Make sure you pay attention to everything, those little things that you think will probably be harmless could end up being the problems that will arise once you've moved in.

That's main advice i can offer for choosing the right house, i will doing more posts about different aspects of student life so i hope this offers some kind of help to those of you who are in search of a student house. I am by no means trying to scare anyone of put them off living out, i just want to make sure people don't make the same mistakes we do.

I hope you like this
& stay tuned for future posts on student survival!
Natalie xx

Free Soap & Glory Mascara with Elle Magazine

Hey everyone :)
So i was browsing some beauty blogs today and i read a post about this months Elle Magazine and its free gift of the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara (RRP £10) - this was just an offer i could not resist.

I've never read Elle magazine before so im looking forward to having a read and Ive been dying to try this mascara after my friend recommended it to me - but seeing as im currently juggling using about 8 mascaras buying a new one seemed a bit silly. However, paying only £3.90 for a magazine and getting it free was an offer i could not refuse.

But yeah, i just thought id share this lovely snippet of information with you guys because it is an absolute bargain & i can not wait to try out this lovely mascara!

Also, in the magazine you get a Dior invite - which you take to your local Dior counter and can get a free eye make-up along with a free beauty sample!

Hope you like it :)
Natalie xx