Car Boot Sale Haul #3

Hello everyone,
I went to my local car boot sale this morning and thought id show you what id bought. I did originally plan to do something else for todays post but im going to save that for tomorrow instead. I didn't buy an awful lot, it was literally these 3 things, it was so busy today that it was difficult to get a look in. Despite it being one of those kind of places where its every man for himself, first come first served etc... I'm not one to push and shove people out of the way, i just can't do it so i always end up getting really frustrated at the people who are willing to do that and who don't think twice about shoving me out of the way. So rude. Anyways before i start ranting and raving, im going to show you what i bought.


Benefit Creaseless Cream/Shadow Liner in Flatter Me
I paid 50p for this - i already own a couple of these and i love them, they are just perfect for those days you just want an effortless sweep of colour over the lid. This is a lovely light taupe brown type colour, it reminds me of Mac's Satin Taupe but a little lighter and obviously in a cream formulation.

Conair French Twist The Perfect Updo Clip
I don't know how well this is going to work especially since ive had my haircut (still havent taken the photos to show, im such a bad blogger) but for 50p it's worth trying! This is such an effortless look and it'd be ideal for days when i cant be bothered doing much to my hair but still want it to look half decent.

N07 Mini Beautifier Kit
My sister actually found this first but very kindly offered it to me, and im so glad she did. It only cost me £1 and as you can see it's brand new and hasnt even been swatched. Im really excited to try this out, the eyeshadow shades are just perfect for me.

What bargains have you picked up lately?
Natalie xx

Review | Perfectly Pampered Spa Hair Mask Strawberry Oil

Hello everyone,
So i was lucky enough to be on of the 50 people that Beauty Bloggers Unite choose to send a hair mask sample for review too! My hair is in terrible condition at the moment, it is badly in need of a cut and colour but until i get my deposit back from my student house its going to have to wait, so im pretty open to trying products to see if it helps just liven it up a little bit.

It came in this blue envelope along with a lovely postcard which i've actually stuck on my noticeboard in my room because i really love the design on it, its so cute (what can i say, im a design student) and of course the sample. This particular hair mask is Strawberry Oil and it claims to Volumize your hair!

I decided to use this after i'd been swimming yesterday, i go once a week (well try to) with my mum, nan & sister and it doesnt really do wonders for my hair so because i leave with wet hair i figured id apply the mask to it as soon as i get home, i did wash my hair at the swimming baths so i didnt just apply it to wet hair.

Im not going to lie when i first put a bit into my hand i was a bit worried because it looked a bit glittery! I only ended up using half of the sachet because i was worried id up with glittery hair, it smells good though. The scent is obviously strawberries but its not too strong, its just a nice subtle hint of it.

Applying it was nice, i did as the sachet instructed applying it evenly to the hair focusing more so on the roots and leaving for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. It was only after i blow dried my hair that i was able to see if the sachest has made any difference. In terms of it volumising hair its a waste of time it doesn't add any volume at all, so if thats what you're after i wouldn't bother with this. 
However, after using it my hair does feel exceptionally soft  - now it's not completely erased the fact that my hair is starting to resemble that of a scarecrows due to its need of a cut and obviously no product can work miracles to that extent, but it does feel a bit healthier and like it mentioned it feels really soft.

So overall, i did like using this and i really like how my hair is feeling right now.
A bit disappointing that is didnt add any volume or volumize my hair like it claims but i did only used half of the sachet so maybe if i had used the full thing it would have made more of a difference. I can also happily report that my hair doesnt resemble a disco ball either so don't fear the glittery appearance like i did.

Thank you to Beauty Bloggers Unite for selecting my blog and for sending me this sample :)
Are there any hair masks that you'd recommend?
Natalie xx

Car Boot Sale Haul #2

Hello everyone,
So last time i shared with you some of my purchases from my visit to the Car Boot Sale, it seemed to go down well so i thought i'd share with you what i picked up today. I've not been the past couple of weeks because i've just been too tired to get up half 6. I didnt get that many things but im pretty happy with the few bits i did get!

The Aristocats Dvd - £1
I'm trying to collect Disney films on dvd in particular the classic films so to find this for £1 was an absolute bargain as Disney films are hard to find for a cheap price. 

N07 Shine Free Primer - £1
This was brand new, and still had the seal on. It's originally £11 so i've definately got a bargain here, i can't wait to try this out.

Barry M Nail Paint in Mushroom - 50p
It was only the other day i was telling you i had quite a ridiculous amount of nail polishes and here i am buying more. I love this nude/brown shade and for the price i couldnt not get it!

Soap and Glory Hair Supply - 50p
Another item that i can not wait to try out, it's only the travel size but from what i can tell its barely been used. I've read a couple of positive reviews about this and considering the current state of my hair im looking forward to trialling it out and seeing how it works.

What bargains have you found lately?
Natalie xx

Pen Pal Haul #1

Hello everyone, 
For todays i thought i'd tell you a little about something i really love - which is handwritten letters! Of course emails are more efficient but i just think there is something really nice and personal about recieving hand written letters!

I'd really missed writing letters so last September/October i decided i wanted a Pen Pal and with the help of tumblr i managed to find two both from the US, one from LA & the other New York.
Now, i know what you're thinking - tumblr, really?! If you write a post saying you want a pen pal, and tag it with 'pen pal' 'letter' 'mail' those type of things, you'll find a lot of people will reply, or you just search through the 'pen pal' tag and you'll find a lot of people who are wanting pen pals too! Anyways, i was messaged by both of mine saying they'd like to be pen pals, decided who was going to send the first letter and we then swapped addresses'. So don't worry, there is NO posting your address directly on tumblr because that would attract trouble. I've really loved writing to them both, and if you're interested in getting a pen pal i really would recommend!

This is the most recent package i got from one my Pen Pal - this is from Ale in LA; her packages are brilliant, she's sent me so many different things and always includes 'American Candy' which i love recieving and trying out! In this particular package i got a Rice Krispy Treats bar aswell, which ive eaten (it's similar the the squares we have), Flamin' Hot Cheetos (I've tried these since i took this photo, and my god HOT is an understatement, my mouth was actually on fire - they we're so good though!), she sent me some photos then of course the letter! Today's actually her birthday - so Happy Birthday Ale! :D

I really enjoy getting to know about their life and how things in America differ to here in England. I've loved every minute of having a pen pal, and i hope we continue to write for many years to come! Next on my list is to find a pen pal from Italy as id love to learn more about the Italian Culture!

Do you have a pen pal or want one?
Natalie xx

Review | Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

I can just imagine everyone screaming at the screens 'Not another one', i know that practically every blogger out there as featured this item on the their blog in a post of somekind, but hey! now it's my turn!

So i was so excited for their release in the UK i was practically counting down the days, and i was seriously disappointed when i saw the price tag. I was planning on buying loads but refused to fork out £7.99 for an items which is almost 50% cheaper in the US. I felt a little robbed, so decided that i wasnt going to buy any until they either went cheaper or an offer was on.

On Wednesday 20th June 2012, i caved in and became the owner of a Revlon Lip Butter - in my defence i needed a little retail therapy! After spending some time trying to pick a shade out, i decided on Sweet Tart.

I got this from Superdrug, for £5.99, better than its other price but still a bit extortionate for something that is ultimately a pigmented lip balm. Saying that though, i can understand why this is so hyped up and why everyone loves this. I've used it everyday since ive bought it - it's such a nice burst of colour, easy to apply and really moisturing on the lips.

Sweet Tart is a gorgeous pink shade, it's relactively sheer but very buildable - you can apply a light layer for a warm pink tone or really build up the colour for a more bold pink shade. The only negative thing i have to say about this product other than it's price tag is that it's not very long lasting, i found that i need to reapply within a couple of hours, but saying that i reapply my lip products regularly anyways so i can live with that!

A very light layer of the Revlon Lip button, as you can see applying it lightly offers a really pretty warm pink tone.

As you can see, the more you apply the bolder the pink shade gets. It can go even more bolder than this, but i was wearing this on the day i took the photo and i wanted to wear a warmer tone of the pink so that is why i've not done it as bold as it can go but i wanted to give you an idea of how you can build it up to a shade that is suited to you.

These are really fantastic lip products and i can understand why everyone raves about them so much! I definately want to try some of the other shades out!

What shades do you have or you'd like to try?
Natalie xx

How I Clean My Make-Up Brushes?

Hello everyone,
Cleaning your brushes has to be one of the most mundane tasks and definately a downside to wearing make-up. Im not going to sit here 'preaching' because i can be lazy with cleaning my brushes, i try to do it as often as possibly but lets face it sometime i just can not be bothered. However, as mundane as it may be it is vital to give your brushes a thorough clean as often as possible, why? Dirty brushes gather bacteria and that bacteria will then end up on your face - need i say more?
My brush cleaning routine is pretty similar to all the other 'brush-cleaning videos/post' but i thought i'd post it and share with people who may have not seen those or for people who may do theirs differently.

Firstly, i take my brush and wet it. Avoid leaving it under the water for too long especially near the metal part as it can loosen the glue and ruin the brush! To clean your brushes i'd recommend using  Johnson's Baby Shampoo as it will leave your brushes incredibly soft, however any shower gel/shampoo type of product will work just as well!

Use the palm of my hand to rub the brush into the shampoo/shower gel, straight away you will notice the dirt coming away from the brush.

I then Rinse the shampoo/shower gel out and you will see all the left over make-up products on your brush wash away - continue doing so til the water runs clear that way you'll be certain there is nothing left and the brush is thoroughly clean.

Once i have finished cleaning my brush i try to shape it as best as i can to the original shape it was - as it will be more likely to dry in that shape.

I then place them on a towel to dry. I tend to leave my brushes overnight because they do take a while, the bigger the brush the longer it takes so always make sure you have enough time to let them dry or you have alternative brushes you can use if you need them.

& that is it!
Hope this was helpful and id love to hear any tips you have on cleaning make-up brushes!
Natalie xx

Review | Oasap

Hello everyone, 
So im really excited to do this post because i was share with you the goodies that i recieved off Oasap - Im a part of the fashion hunter scheme, so Oasap very kindly give you a certain amount of credits to spend on their site in exchange for a post on your blog. Check out their website if you want more information on the scheme they do. Before i get started i just want to emphasise that despite me recieving these products for free - i promise this review will be my honest opinion 100%

The items i chose were:

I really like the design of this ring, its a really cute and unusual style ring and i really like that about it. It was a bit of a tight fit for me but that is more my fault than the rings because i do have quite chubby fingers (no, seriously) If i want real gold rings, with the proper measurements i'd have to have them made especially to fit. It still wearable on my little pinky finger though so i don't mind that too much.

This is probably my favourite item out of the two. I don't wear bracelets all that much but this is one that i think i could definately get a lot of use out of - it so cute and elegant i think it would be great to wear day-to-day, as well as to dress up an outfit for the night or a more formal occasion.
 I have a real soft spot for bows, and i love the way the metal has been crafted - to me it gives it more handmade type of look to it and i really like that. I was a little worried at first because it looks really small, so i thought there was not a chance it was going to fit around my wrists but i was wrong it actually fit really nicely. Its not really tight to the skin, or stupidly loose its actually just the perfect size for me. So i am ridiculously happy with this product.

I only discovered Oasap (link at the top) quite recently, and i have to say its fast becoming one of my favourite websites, i find my self spending hours just browsing through items and adding them to my wishlist (unfortunately, im on a bit of a spending ban so im not treating myself just yet but oh boy i can not wait until i can) I was really impressed with the speed of the delivery - i ordered it on the 27th June, the next day i recieved an email telling me it had been shipped and the package came today so super efficient. Another thing that is fantastic is that the delivery is free and its worldwide.

Like ive mentioned, im really impressed with this site so far. Ive got my eye on a few bags of theirs too which im hoping to get. Im really looking forward to wearing the two items i was very kindly sent - thank you Oasap.

Have you tried Oasap? Opinions?
Natalie xx
*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.