30. Monthly Favourites | January

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This month has gone insanely fast and i can't believe that we are almost in February! It's crazy that I'm already on post 30 out of 365 - are you all enjoying my 365 challenge?

So, my favourites for the month of January are:

Urban Decay Naked Palette
I've reached for this palette a lot this month; both for daily wear and for nights out. Its has such a versatile range of shades and they are fantastic quality. I love it and i couldn't recommend it enough to people. If you'd like to read my review, see here.

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze
On the days I've not reached for my naked palette or the days when I've been in a rush, I've reached for this and worn it alone. It's stunning bronze taupe colour, its how i imagine Mac's Satin Taupe would look in cream form. They have good pigmentation and they blend really nicely on the eyes, they also work well as a base to your eyeshadows.

Benefit High Beam
I used to rarely reach for this, but since see i covet thee use it as a base before her foundation, on her cheeks and forehead - I've reached for it nearly everyday using it in the same way as her and i  really love the dewy glow it gives my face. I only use a small amount underneath because i don't want to look really shiny or shimmery. I love how glowy and healthy it makes my skin look.

The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter
I love this, it leaves my hair feeling so soft and although it doesn't completely get rid of split ends, it has left them feeling in much better condition. I'm not the biggest fan of the scent but i can cope with it - I'm so glad i decided to buy this because it was pretty much on a whim and it's become a staple in my hair care routine. I will be doing a full review on it in the next few weeks.

V05 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo
 I normally just stick to batiste when it comes to dry shampoo but this was on offer and I've been enjoying using a couple of V05 products so thought I'd try it. It's just as good as any other dry shampoo, helps prolong in between washes and adds texture to the hair when need. The things i love the most about this is the scent - it smells so nice, its got a fruity, floral kind of scent and i love it.

Mac Cremeblush in Ladyblush
Until recently, I actually fell out of love with this blush for a while, and i found myself avoiding using it. I don't know what made me try it again but I've really been loving it, it's such a nice colour and its almost been the perfect winter blush shade. It adds colour into my cheeks without it being over the top.

Raspberry Balmi
I really like this lip balm, i carry it in my bag with me so i have it on hand at all times. If I'm not wearing lipstick, this is my go to lip product and i always apply it before i go to be. It leaves me lip feeling nice, soft and moisturised and it smells really good too. If you'd like to see my full review, see here.

What products have you been loving lately?

Natalie xx

27. Tag | 50 Things I've Done

I came across this tag on Hayley's blog, and i thought it was a really unique way for you to learn some things about me and i thought it looked quite fun to do so i decided to have ago myself.

1. Got trapped in a toilet cubicle whilst on a night out.
2. Trapped my little finger in the boot of my nan's car, after my cousin and sister shut it (not on purpose) - i screamed so loud my mum thought id been run over.
3. Jury Service (2 Months of it!).
4. Watched all The Lord of the Rings Films Extended Editions Back To Back (12 hours)


5. Got a Tattoo (x3)
6. Passed out whilst watching Mcfly in Manchester (It was hot and crowded)
7. Watched Sister Act on the West End (AMAZING)
8. Been inside the Vogue House Offices in London.
9. Had my photo taken with a monkey (its an awful photo though so i ain't showing it)


10. Dyed my hair bright red!
11. Sang on the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool - i was in year 6 and my school participated in some choir show there.
12. Had my photo taken with a dolphin (another awful photo i don't plan on showing)
13. Had a Fish Pedicure
14. Performed in two different shows on my local theatre when i was in Y5/6 (Bugsy Malone & A Christmas Carol)
15. Tripped my sister up with an Umbrella when i was 7, i genuinely thought she'd see it and jump over - she didn't, instead she fell flat on her face and broke her nose. She still hasn't quite forgiven me.
16. Had my tonsils taken out.
17. Watched the X-Factor Auditions live, three times.
18. Woke up thinking my eyesight had somehow been cured, to realise i had put my glasses on in my sleep (talk about disappointing)
19. Met Bill Nighy when i was in London, well he walked past and waved when we shouted so it still counts!


20. Met Johnny Vegas on a night out, and had a good chat with him (He went the same college i went, and knows the tutors)
21. Fell down the stairs in year 10, and grabbed the nearest thing to stop me - which happened to be my friends skirt. (Thankfully, she ran pretty quickly alongside me that it didn't come down)
22. Sang on my own on a stage in front of people.
23. Done Life Drawing. (It was part of my course, drawing a naked 60 year old man for a 2hours a week!)
24. Apparently, had a fight in my sleep and head butted the wall.
25. Had an operation to remove an extra tooth, that was growing the wrong way.
26. Kissed a stranger.
27. Rode a bike into a parked car and into a tree (i had issues with my ears when i was younger which resulted in my balance being off, i still had stabilisers on my bike til a late age)
28. Read all the Harry Potter Books
29. Went to a drama group, and left because my best friend did and i was scared to go without her (Biggest mistake i ever made)
30. Finished High School with 10 GCSE's (all C and above)


31. Got my Monroe pierced.
32. Woken up to find a hammer in my bed. (Id left it there from the day before, i was putting something up on my wall and forgot about it)
33. Watched every single episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S - multiple times.
34. Had one of the worst years of my life in 2011.
35. Cried on stage during a performance at an high-school concert in Year 11 because i was leaving. (Which then resulted in the rest of the Year 11s on stage with me crying, and the entire choir behind us - oops)
36. Dyed my hair purple with a black layer underneath. The black somehow turned a green colour (It did not look pretty)
37. Woke my mum up in the middle of the night when i was younger to watch Disney Films with me  when i couldn't sleep - apparently this went on for a year.
38. Slept walked whilst staying at a friend's Nan's house and tried to steal her Nan's juice.
39. Had my belly button pierced when i was 13/14, needless to say it fell out a few months later and i lost the bar on the beach when i was on holiday.
40. Customised a summer dress and made it into a Halloween costume. (I really didn't fancy paying a stupid amount for something I'll only wear once)
41. Been egged.


42. Met Matt Willis
43. Horse-riding, i loved it until the horse once went crazy because the rain hitting the arena roof sounded like thunder and it tried to run off, with me still on it. (I haven't been back on a horse since, I'm much older now though so id love to go horse-riding again)
44. Had guitar lessons in primary school.
45. Started a beauty blog.
46. Filmed videos for youtube channel but cringed at myself that much i deleted them instantly.
47. Was playing at my-then-best friends house when i was about 9/10 (?), and somehow managed to kick her tooth out (it was an accident of course) Luckily, it was a tooth she was having taken out at the dentist - saved him a job ;)
48. Watched a film at the Cinema and then sneaked into another screen straight after.
49. Got up and sang on Karaoke alone. (Silly impulsive decision)
50. Had a bomb scare whilst at college, it was on the news and everything!

I tag everyone to do this!
I had a lot of fun writing this up, although it did take me a while to think of 50 things - please leave the link below if you decide to do it as i would love to read your 50 things!
Natalie xx

26. Review | Mac Lipstick in Rebel

 photo DSCF1664_zpsc8f1e4f4.jpg
**It doesn't look this dark in person but this is how it kept coming out on camera and i didnt want to use the flash!

 photo DSCF1545_zpsebc6f6f0.jpg

 photo DSCF1674_zps86f7326f.jpg

Mac's Rebel Lipstick was on my wishlist for quite some time - after seeing my friend Charlie wear it so much, and seeing how amazing it looked on her - i was literally pining over the lipstick. Beth very kindly sent me this lipstick as a part of my secret santa present and i was literally squealing with excitement when i saw it.

Rebel isn't like any shade i have in my collection; it's a gorgeous deep plum-purple colour and although it looks really dark in the bullet it's actually lighter when swatched or applied to the lips. This lipstick is a very bold colour to wear, I'm usually one to avoid bold lips but i have actually worn this out a few times and i just love it. It just gives that edgy vampy look to your make up, although i would recommend wearing a more natural eye with it to balance it out.

Like all Mac lipstick; it has brilliant pigmentation and that lovely vanillery scent. Rebel is a satin finish; it's not a glossy lipstick but it does have a shine to it. It feels really great on the lips and it's feels quite moisturising too, it glides on the lips quite smoothly but id definitely recommend taking your time with the application, with it being such a bold colour it's easy to highlight any mistakes and its not the easiest to remove. Id probably recommend using a lip liner for a much neater application - i don't currently have one to suit it but I'm on the look out for one so maybe when i find one I'll do a separate post on that?

 photo DSCF2058_zpsc8fdb2b9.jpg
I am actually wearing a lip balm underneath in this photo which is why it looks really glossy!
I've found that the lasting power of this lipstick is really good, I've worn it out for a meal and come home with it still visible, less bold than when first applied but still clear to see the shade and that i was wearing lipstick. I adore this lipstick and i can not thank Beth enough getting it me, and for bringing it into my life. I love Mac lipsticks in general and this is just such a stunning colour.

Whats your favourite bold purple shade?
Natalie xx

MUA Haul

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 photo DSCF2199_zps37618b04.jpg

 photo DSCF2207_zps3c203e4b.jpg

 photo DSCF2202_zpsa6a15377.jpg

 photo DSCF2201_zpsef7e2454.jpg

 photo DSCF2200_zpsa563832a.jpg

I'm sure all of you have been made aware of the massive offer that MUA have had on their website this week - 50% off (excluding Vanity Case) and free delivery, this offer is on til today (24th) but I'm unsure til what time. Despite my spending ban, this was an offer i just couldn't let pass me buy!

Due to the massive demand there's been a couple of hiccups but i was lucky and my transaction went through pretty swiftly and my lovely order arrived yesterday morning!

Pro Base Fixing Mist (RRP £5.00)
Matte Perfect Primer (RRP £4.00)
Matte Perfect Foundation in Fair (RRP £4.00)
E3 Blending Eyeshadow Brush (RRP £1.95)
Intense Colour Lip Liner in Brooding Plum (RRP £1.00)
Intense Colour Lip Liner in Red Drama (RRP £1.00)
Intense Colour Lip Liner in Pink Me Up (RRP £1.00)
Intense Colour Lip Liner in Softly Lined (RRP £1.00)
Extreme Felt Tip Liner in Black (RRP £2.00)
Everylash Volume & Lengthening Mascara in Black (RRP £3.00)
Intense Kisses High Intensity Gloss in Stolen Kisses (RRP £2.00)
Intense Kisses High Intensity Gloss in Sealed With a Kiss (RRP £2.00)
Glamour Days Palette (RRP £4.00)
Glamour Nights Palette (RRP £4.00)
Dusk Til Dawn Palette (RRP £4.00)
Poptastic Palette (RRP £4.00)

All in all i spent a grand total of £20.97, which i think is pretty impressive for the amount of stuff i got - a part of me kind of wishes i bought more but then i think I'd have just been buying things for the sake of it. I'm really excited to try out all these products and once i feel I've used them enough i will definitely be doing reviews on a lot of the items!

Did you make an order?
Have you tried any of these products?
Natalie xx

Review | Montagne Jeunesse Anti-Stress Face Mask

 photo DSCF2014_zps6e0bcfd8.jpg

A couple of days ago i was feeling a little lousy and decided to treat myself to a face mask, after rifling through my little collection i came across this Montagne Jeunesse Anti-Stress Peeling Mask that I'd picked up sometime before Christmas. Its been years since i last used a Montagne Jeunesse face mask, not quite sure why i just never found myself picking them up anymore.

The mask was a green gel that came out clear on the face, the cucumber in it made it feel really refreshing. I wasn't the biggest fan of the scent, but it is bearable and it really did leave my skin feeling really nice and fresh so the scent isn't enough to put me off.The thing i loved the most about this mask is that you can peel it off, i don't know why but i find it really satisfying to peeling it off.

I really enjoy using face masks, and although this mask doesn't really do anything to 'anti-stress' it did feel really refreshing and it was enjoyable to wear and to peel off!

Have you tried it?
Whats your favourite face mask?
Natalie xx

Reading Challenge

 photo DSCF2027_zpsa12b237f.jpg

This post is going to be a quick one today - if you follow me on twitter you'll know that I'm in the middle of doing my dissertation, so I'm having to dedicate my time to that as my draft is due in tomorrow and I'm still needing another thousand words or so.

You may have noticed on my blog that I've been including more book reviews (i also have few more to come) i set myself the challenge to read 50 books this year on goodreads. I'm always buying books but i don't always get round to reading them, hopefully with setting myself this challenge that will change.

So for today's post i thought id share with you a couple of the books I'm hoping to read:

Northanger Abby by Jane Austen
Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby
The Host by Stephenie Meyer
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Pretty Things by Sarra Manning
Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning

I'm really proud of myself because I've read 4 books so far this year, and I'm halfway through my next one. Reading was always a bit part of my life and in the past few years its something that has become something i do less and less so hopefully I'm going to maintain the routine that Ive gotten myself into and i will complete my challenge. 

I'm going to be doing reviews for each book i read - let me know if you like reading those? 
Have you read any of the books i mentioned or do you have any recommendations of your own?
Natalie xx

How To | Nutella Hot Chocolate

 photo DSCF2043_zps570234ef.jpg

These past couple of days have been really cold and there is nothing i like more than to come home and make a lovely hot drink to keep me warm. One drink in particular that i like to treat myself to every now and again is Nutella Hot Chocolate - it's isn't the most healthy of treats which is why i only make it occasionally.

I first saw this recipe a few years ago when Missglamorazzi shared it on her vlog channel and I've loved it ever since. Its really simple to make and really tasty to drink.

You Will Need:
Cinnamon (Optional)

 photo DSCF2037_zps836b144e.jpg

Firstly, you want to heat the milk up in a pan - to get the right measurement i like to pour the milk into my mug first so i know that its enough for me, that way i don't waste any milk. You don't want the milk to boil so make sure to keep it on a low-medium heat.

 photo DSCF2039_zpsdaccc5bb.jpg

 photo DSCF2042_zps622417a3.jpg

Once the milk has started to heat up i like to add the Nutella - i usually go for about two spoonfuls but this is more dependant on your taste and how much chocolate you want, i find two is enough for me its enough flavour without being sickly. Once the Nutella is in there, keep stirring it as the milk is heating and once it's melted it will look like it does in the image above.

Pour it into your favourite mug and you're done. You can also add Cinnamon for a bit of extra flavouring and also whip cream to it make a more luxurious - I didn't have any whip cream on hand but i did add a pinch of cinnamon.

 photo DSCF2048_zpsbf1b4cb0.jpg
I look like such a dope on this photo!
This is a really simple recipe to make and its a really tasty hot treat to have on these really cold days we've been having. Missglamorazzi also has other hot drink recipes on her vlog channel so check them out if you've interested in trying other flavours.

Have you tried this?
Hope you're having a lovely weekend!
Natalie xx

Pen Pal Haul #3





I originally planned to do something different for this post but i received a package off one of my pen pals and it's been ages since i last did a pen pal haul. Mainly because my last package for delayed for ages with the Christmas post so Ale only ended up received my package after the New Year, which is really annoying when i sent it at the end of November.

Anyways, I got this yesterday and its arrived insanely quick. It was quite a heavy package and when i opened it i was literally gobsmacked at how much she sent, i can not thank her enough!

Along with a letter and postcard i got:

Mechanical Pencil & Canimals (Refills)
The pencil has a really cute bow design on it :) i actually thought the refills where sweets, until i opened it and i realised they were refills - good job because i don't think eating those would have been pleasant, do you?

Tuesdays With Morrie By Mitch Albom
She told me this was one of her favourite books that she had recently read. I've been reading a lot lately (hence the many book reviews) so I'm looking forward to reading this! There was also a bookmark inside the book which i thought was really sweet.

A5 Sketchbook
I've been meaning to get a sketchbook, because i was to start scrapbook and journalling so this was sent at the perfect time. Its really nice quality too.

She also sent me an insane amount of Sweets or 'Candy' - so much for healthy eating ey?!...

Swissmiss Hot Cocoa Mix in French
I love the packaging that this comes in it so cute, and I'm super excited to try this - it sounds heavenly.

Starburst Jellybeans
I don't know if we have these here in the UK i know I've never tried them so I'm looking forward too, these are mainly like the 'red' flavours too which are my favourite :D

Starburst Fruit Chews in Original
I really like Starburst so i know these will go down a treat - these also have a cherry flavour, which i don't think we have?

Lip Pops Lollipop in Blue Raspberry
This is funny, its almost like a dummy but the outside is a pair of lips. So I'm probably going to look a bit stupid when i have this but i can't wait to try it as the flavour sounds really good.

Jolly Ranchers Hard Candy
Jolly Ranchers are something we don't have here in the UK so I'm looking forward to trying these.

Holiday Twist Tic Tacs
I know we have Tic Tacs but i don't know if we had these particular ones, either way Ive not tried them so I'm intrigued as to what the 'Holiday Twist' is.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Peppermint Bark & Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Peppermint Bark with Dark Chocolate
These to me sounds like they're going to be like After Eights, I'm not the biggest fan of Dark Chocolate but i will definitely try these and see how it differs with Peppermint.

I don't know what these are officially called, this was all that was on the wrapper. These are like giant soft mints and they're tasty.

& that's everything that she sent me - she's really spoiled me in this package and I'm really looking forward to trying all the candy and using all the things she sent.
Thank you Ale!

Do you have a pen pal?
Natalie xx

Review | Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kajal Kohl in Nude



Today has mostly been spent doing dissertation, i say doing but Ive in fact spent more time on twitter, browsing blogs and playing game on facebook, naughty i know but I'm finding it hard to concentrate. So whilst I'm till procrastinating i thought id get today's post up :)

I bought the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kajal Kohl in Nude back in November/December, I'd been on the hunt for a good cheap nude eyeliner to help widen my eyes more and since buying it, this eyeliner has become a staple item in my make-up routine and collection.

Rimmel have really upped their game with these eyeliners - their old eyeliners were decent but the formulation of these are fantastic. They are soft and creamy,  have really good pigmentation and they glide on effortlessly - so there is no tugging at the eyes or skin. The only negative i have is that I wouldn't say this eyeliner is long lasting; i find it wears off me after a couple of hours, i don't know if this is the same for everyone or if all the eyeliners are like that but i really like this product so that doesn't put me off too much.

This retails for £3.99 and is available at Boots & Superdrug, I'm really impressed with this product and i would recommend it to anyone who is searching for a cheap nude eyeliner. It really brightens up the eyes and gives the illusion that I'm much more wide awake than i usually am.

Whats your favourite nude eyeliner?

Natalie xx

Review | Urban Decay Naked Palette



I'm sure many of you bloggers are sick to death of posts about Urban Decays Naked Palette, this is an item that i think everyone either has or is wanting it for their collection. I know i was pining over it for the longest time and i was so exciting to finally receive it from my sister for Christmas (Thank you!)

Virgin | Sin | Naked | Sidecar

Buck | Half Baked | Smog | Dark Horse

Toasted | Hustle | Creep | Gun Metal

Bloggers always manage to make their swatches look really good, id love to know how because i don't think mine look that great (tips, please?!) I honestly can't praise this palette enough - Ive literally used it every single day since i got it. It just the most amazing combination of neutral shades and with the choice of 12 shades you can get such a wide variety of make-up looks from it for all types of occasions - daytime, evening, night outs and special occasions.

Urban Decay's eyeshadows are brilliant quality and really good pigmentation. The majority of the shadows in this palette are shimmery but it does also contain two matte shades - Naked & Buck. The eyeshadows are really to blend and I'm really enjoying trying different combinations and coming up with different eye looks with it.

This palette is a bit steep at £36 but it is definitely a worthwhile investment,  you are getting 12 really good quality and really versatile shades (which individually would cost a fortune) - its a perfect size for travelling too, if you are on the go a lot. You also get a mini Urban Decay Primer Potion and an eyeshadow brush with it - so you really do get you monies worth. I'm a big fan of UBPP so I'm happy to have it back in my collection again - its really great for keeping the shadows in places and preventing creasing. It also made a really nice change to get a brush that i actually like in a palette, usually when i get eyeshadow brushes in palette they remain unused or end up in the bin but this one is actually decent.

I'm so happy to finally have this palette in my collection and i already know its going to be well loved! Now to pine over the Naked 2 Palette.
Natalie xx

DIY | Notice Board

I felt that my room was looking a little bare and i wanted to add a few homely touches to the wall, things like photos etc... and i wanted a noticeboard of some kind but i didn't really want one of those typical corkscrew looking ones and i didn't want to pay a fortune for one either so i decided to make my own! Also, apologies for the lighting on some on these photos i did this on an evening so the lighting wasn't so great.


You Will Need:
A3 Board (it can be any size you wish, any type of board)
Wrapping Paper (in a design of your choosing)
Ribbon (Optional)


1. Cut a large amount of the wrapping paper, enough to cover the front of the boards and the back. Once that is cut out glue the board down the that back of the wrapping paper - I'm using my red and white polka dot paper that i used to wrap my Christmas presents, you don't have to glue it down but i think it makes it easier when it comes to doing the next steps.



2. Once the board is glued to the paper fold over the sides almost like your wrapping a present. You can literally just fold it over if you wish, but i just think doing it this way makes it a lot neater but its entirely your choice. Once folded taped securely into place.



3. I then added ribbon into the corners and taped securely at the back, so i could slot things in place to hold them if i did want to pin it the board and that's pretty much it, stick it to the wall and boom you have a pretty noticeboard.


This is super easy to do, and I've filled mine with photos and other little things and i love it. Of course this isn't the most amazing noticeboard but its great if you're on a budget and just want something as simple as this to brighten up your walls a little bit!

Im still looking for a couple more ideas to make my room a little more homely so comment below with any ideas/tips you have?
Hope you're having a nice day!
Natalie xx

Project 10 Pan






I was originally going to bring back my 'Make Up Mix Up' series but I'm feeling rather uninspired by them at the moment and although I'm using a wider variety of my products i don't feel like I'm using any of them up fully. So after reading Louise's blog and seeing that she was going to take on Project 10 Pan i decided to have a go myself.

This is the perfect timing to do this because of my spending ban, so i can't really buy any products anyway, of course I'll making the exception of any of the products i pick up on Liverpool when i go this week which i also mentioned in my spending ban post!

I have tried this a couple of times in the past and failed miserable but this time I'm more determined to do it, it also helps that Ive not just included all the crap products i want rid of - I've included products that are close to being finished and just need that extra bit of attention.

The 10 products:

Gosh Natural Touch Foundation in Vanilla
I've used this quite a lot and can't imagine their being a great deal left - It's a great foundation so i know I'll have no trouble using this up.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in True Ivory
You all know i love this foundation, I'll definitely be gutted when Ive used it up but i think that just shows how great a foundation it is because Ive very rarely use up a full foundation.

Barry M Lip Gloss in Toffee
This is one of the best lip glosses i own and Ive already used up so much of it. Its probably one of the only lip gloss that doesn't feel like a lip gloss on because its just not sticky in the slightest, it actually feels nice on.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Moray
This was a glossybox goody i got a while ago, and for some reason after a couple of days my liner seems to have instantly gone down because i was left with the little stub their is now but i barely used it - so it either broke or i was sent a dodgy one - who knows? Anyway this is a lovely green/taupe-y kind of colour and it applies nicely.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl
I got this in my Benefit Finding Mr Bright kit and i just find myself rarely reaching for it but its actually a really pretty illuminator, and although i don't think ill be applying it all over the face i definitely think i can use it on the cheek bones as as highlighter.

NYC Smooth Mineral Loose Finishing Powder in Natural Veil
I've actually not used this at all since i got it - not a great sign, but I'm literally scraping the edges of my previous powder so i will use this as soon as that's finished and hopefully its a good product.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Nude Pink
This lipstick is one of my ole' faithfuls, it's such an pretty colour and its wearable for both day and night. I've already used so much of this.

Avon Magix Face Perfector
I do like this but i find myself reaching for it less and less. I've gotten a new face primer in my 17 kit which i posted about the other day but id rather use this up before i start on that one. I'm doing my best to prevent wasting products as much.

Benefit It Stick
This is probably gonna be one of the items that will take me the longest as its quite a full pencil - can a pencil even be full? I'll wear this alongside my everyday concealer though to help with dark circles.

NYC Liquid Eyeliner
Possible another challenge because Ive grown more accustomed to using felt eye liners rather than these but I'll definitely try and used this up before i replace my pen liner or maybe ill mix it up between the two?

I've tried to pick a wise spectrum of products more so that when i use them i can use other products too then it doesn't feel like I'm forcing myself to use them as much. I'm not going to do weekly updates as i feel that would be rather boring for you to read so I'll just update you when I've finished it, unless you would like to read updates then maybe I'll add them into chatty/personal posts then its not an entire posts dedicated to it - let me know what you think?
& wish me luck!

Have you ever done project 10 pan?
Natalie xx