Hello 2013...

It's 2013 - how crazy is that, i don't think it quite as the same ring to it as 2012 or other previous years (maybe that's just me though) so to bring in the new year i went out with friends and met some lovely new ones too, it was a really lovely night and a great way to see in the new year.

New year always makes me quite pensive; reflecting on the rollercoaster of a year that has just gone by and the intrigue and mystery of what the next year may have in store for us. Usually with New Year comes resolutions, changes and the most used one 'New Year, New Start', every year i set some resolutions determined to keep them and like most they are forgotten a few days later...
This year, however, I'm setting myself goals not resolutions. In the hope that changing the name might also change my perception of the task, I've also tried to make the goals more realistic.

So i thought I'd share them with you, I plan to...

- Start with an empty jar and fill it with the good memories of 2013 and then next new year read over all the happy times and the good memories I've had that year. We often focus so much on the bad that the good things are forgotten and i want to change that.

- Look after myself more. Try and eat better, exercise more and hopefully lose some weight. I know this a goal most people make in the new year but this time its something i feel i need to do, I'm really unfit and I'm not happy with myself so i need to makes changes. I don't want to look at it as a diet or as 'healthy eating' just more as looking after myself because as much as id loved to be stick thin, its not just about losing weight it's more about being more healthy and taking care of my body and myself.

- Say yes to things more often - I'm forever unable to go to things or having to cancel and i want that to stop. As soon as i see photos or i hear people talking about it or how great it was, i always find myself wishing I'd gone and i don't want that anymore. Of course sometimes things are inevitable but i aim to say yes to things as much as possible throughout the year 2013.

- Be a bit more spontaneous and worry less - similar to my last goal, i constantly spend my time worrying and over thinking how things are going to turn out that i end up missing out on things and opportunities and then i kick myself for it. I'm literally my own worst enemy, so I'm hoping to be a little more confident in myself, be more spontaneous and stop worrying over really stupid things.

Other Goals:
- Finish Uni and Graduate with a good grade
- Improve my writing style on my Blog
- Improve the quality of my photos on my blog
- Get more involved with the #bbloggers chat
- Sort out my Make-Up Storage

So yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing what this year brings - i have a few exciting things planned so I'm excited for those. The past few years have been pretty rough at times so i feel that its only fair i have a great one this year!

How did you bring in the New Year & what resolutions have you made?
Natalie xx


  1. I don't think that scheduling posts is cheating at all! Good luck, can't wait to see all these posts. Have a great 2013 :) x

  2. I like to schedule posts, makes me feel organised. For me this year I need to get more blogging orientainted, I need to get posts planned and written rather than everything last minute. Oh and use more beauty products :)
    Happ New Year! x

    1. Haha me too! I like to plan them advance, i dont plan all of them but a lot of them i do, it gives me chance to re-read them a few times, and edit bits.
      Happy New Year to you too! :)
      Natalie xx

  3. I am also writing down all my good memories to look back at next nye. I hope I keep it up as I really like the idea.
    Good luck with your goals and happy new year. x

    1. I hope i manage to keep it up too!
      It's such a lovely idea :)
      thank you :)
      Natalie xx

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment hun :). I enjoyed reading yours too! Here's my detox plan as you said you were interested :) http://www.mantrapixie.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/7-day-detox-plan.html

    e x


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