50 Things I've Done

I came across this tag on Hayley's blog, and i thought it was a really unique way for you to learn some things about me and i thought it looked quite fun to do so i decided to have ago myself.

1. Got trapped in a toilet cubicle whilst on a night out.
2. Trapped my little finger in the boot of my nan's car, after my cousin and sister shut it (not on purpose) - i screamed so loud my mum thought id been run over.
3. Jury Service (2 Months of it!).
4. Watched all The Lord of the Rings Films Extended Editions Back To Back (12 hours)

50 Things I've Done

5. Got a Tattoo (x3)
6. Passed out whilst watching Mcfly in Manchester (It was hot and crowded)
7. Watched Sister Act on the West End (AMAZING)
8. Been inside the Vogue House Offices in London.
9. Had my photo taken with a monkey (its an awful photo though so i ain't showing it)

50 Things I've Done

10. Dyed my hair bright red!
11. Sang on the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool - i was in year 6 and my school participated in some choir show there.
12. Had my photo taken with a dolphin (another awful photo i don't plan on showing)
13. Had a Fish Pedicure
14. Performed in two different shows on my local theatre when i was in Y5/6 (Bugsy Malone & A Christmas Carol)
15. Tripped my sister up with an Umbrella when i was 7, i genuinely thought she'd see it and jump over - she didn't, instead she fell flat on her face and broke her nose. She still hasn't quite forgiven me.
16. Had my tonsils taken out.
17. Watched the X-Factor Auditions live, three times.
18. Woke up thinking my eyesight had somehow been cured, to realise i had put my glasses on in my sleep (talk about disappointing)
19. Met Bill Nighy when i was in London, well he walked past and waved when we shouted so it still counts!

50 Things I've Done

20. Met Johnny Vegas on a night out, and had a good chat with him (He went the same college i went, and knows all my tutors)
21. Fell down the stairs in year 10, and grabbed the nearest thing to stop me - which happened to be my friends skirt. (Thankfully, she ran pretty quickly alongside me that it didn't come down)
22. Sang on my own on a stage in front of people.
23. Done Life Drawing. (It was part of my course, drawing a naked 60 year old man for a 2hours a week!)
24. Apparently, had a fight in my sleep and head butted the wall.
25. Had an operation to remove an extra tooth, that was growing the wrong way.
26. Kissed a stranger.
27. Rode a bike into a parked car and into a tree (i had issues with my ears when i was younger which resulted in my balance being off, i still had stabilisers on my bike til a late age)
28. Read all the Harry Potter Books
29. Went to a drama group, and left because my best friend did and i was scared to go without her (Biggest mistake i ever made)
30. Finished High School with 10 GCSE's (all C and above)

50 Things I've Done

31. Got my Monroe pierced.
32. Woken up to find a hammer in my bed. (Id left it there from the day before, i was putting something up on my wall and forgot about it)
33. Watched every single episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S - multiple times.
34. Had one of the worst years of my life in 2011.
35. Cried on stage during a performance at an high-school concert in Year 11 because i was leaving. (Which then resulted in the rest of the Year 11s on stage with me crying, and the entire choir behind us - oops)
36. Dyed my hair purple with a black layer underneath. The black somehow turned a green colour (It did not look pretty)
37. Woke my mum up in the middle of the night when i was younger to watch Disney Films with me  when i couldn't sleep - apparently this went on for a year.
38. Slept walked whilst staying at a friend's Nan's house and tried to steal her Nan's juice.
39. Had my belly button pierced when i was 13/14, needless to say it fell out a few months later and i lost the bar on the beach when i was on holiday.
40. Customised a summer dress and made it into a Halloween costume. (I really didn't fancy paying a stupid amount for something I'll only wear once)
41. Been egged.

50 Things I've Done

42. Met Matt Willis
43. Horse-riding, i loved it until the horse once went crazy because the rain hitting the arena roof sounded like thunder and it tried to run off, with me still on it. (I haven't been back on a horse since, I'm much older now though so id love to go horse-riding again)
44. Had guitar lessons in primary school.
45. Started a beauty blog.
46. Filmed videos for youtube channel but cringed at myself that much i deleted them instantly.
47. Was playing at my-then-best friends house when i was about 9/10 (?), and somehow managed to kick her tooth out (it was an accident of course) Luckily, it was a tooth she was having taken out at the dentist - saved him a job ;)
48. Watched a film at the Cinema and then sneaked into another screen straight after.
49. Got up and sang on Karaoke alone. (Silly impulsive decision)
50. Had a bomb scare whilst at college, it was on the news and everything!

I tag everyone to do this!
I had a lot of fun writing this up, although it did take me a while to think of 50 things - please leave the link below if you decide to do it as i would love to read your 50 things!
Natalie xx


  1. I love it! Number 18 is my favourite - I once woke up surrounded by chocolate wrappers - I'd eaten half a box in my sleep. Worrying!

    Charlotte x


    1. Haha, im always doing strange things in my sleep :| haha
      Natalie xx

  2. I've had a fish manicure too, it was so weird x

    1. I thought it was weird, but i liked it at the same time haha!
      Natalie xx

  3. What a wonderful and interesting post to read :) The Disney one with your mum is ever so cute!

    Elle xxx

    1. Haha, she didnt quite appreciate me waking her up to watch them haha!
      Thank you!
      Natalie xx

  4. haha some of these really made me giggle. Woke up to find a hammer in your bed!? how crazy :) & the bit about you thinking your eyesight was cured when you woke up - aww :) loved reading this -
    I too do life drawing in my course.. sounds a bit strange but i find it weirdly theraputic! xx

    1. Aw, thank you! I know - i didnt even realise it was there until i was making my bed the next morning? I'd love to know how?!
      I actually enjoying doing life drawing, i always had a laugh with my friends and i actually found it improved my drawing :)
      Natalie xx


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