Cybercandy: Deo Perfume Candy

Cybercandy: Deo Perfume Candy

Anyone who knows me really well, will know that i have quite a sweet tooth. I'm that friend that always has some kind of sweets in their bag so when i was contacted by Cybercandy to try out their Deo Perfume Candy* i was very intriqued.

Cybercandy: Deo Perfume Candy

Cybercandy: Deo Perfume Candy

The Deo Perfume Candy have a rose extract in them that breaks down, so after you've eaten them it actually releases the scent of roses in your sweat - it sounds so bizarre but their could be worse things that rose smelling sweat. I'm not sure exactly which country these are originally from but the concept of them really fascinated me and i was really curious as to whether it was just a gimmicky selling point or if they actually worked.

Everytime i've tried these i didn't really notice the rose scent, i even tried using them whenever i was that gym because if there was ever a perfect time to make yourself sweat, it'd be there. I personally didn't notice a rose scent in my sweat, i don't know if it was noticeable to anyone else because i wasn't about to ask someone to smell my sweat,

Cybercandy: Deo Perfume Candy

As for the taste; I'm not gonna lie at first i was really unsure about what they would be like, i put the idea into my head that they would have a really sickly floral kind of taste - i hope that makes sense but i was actually pleasantly surprised because they didn't taste anything like i expected. They aren't my favourite sweet i've ever tried but they were nice enough.

These only cost £1.85, which for international sweets is reasonably priced and the website Cybercandy sell a wide range of international sweets from a wide variety of countries including American sweets, which makes me really excited. These arrived really quickly, which i was impressed with and the lady I've been in contact with has been really pleasant and lovely to speak to which for me i think is really important, i like to know that the brands I'm ordering from care about their customers.

I'm really impressed with Cybercandy at the moment and i definitely plan to make an order some time in the future!
Have you tried Cybercandy?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. Theses sound so cool! I love rose in ice cream, so it must be lovely in sweets :) xx


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