Worldwide Wardrobe | Travel Supermarket

I was nominated by Charlotte from Coloursandcarousels to enter the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition that Travel Supermarket are currently holding. There are five set themes and all you have to do is create an outfit for each one for under £200.

The five themes are:
Full Moon Party in Thailand
Cocktails in New York
Sightseeing in Paris
Clubbing in Ibiza
Shopping in London

You can enter one, two or go crazy and enter all five. A winner will be selected for each theme and not only will they recieve £200 to buy their outfit, they also win a trip to that destination. I decided to enter all five of them and i had a lot of fun putting all these outfits together!

Worldwide Wardrobe | Travel Supermarket
Shopping In London
I decided to keep this outfit practical yet stylish. When shopping i like to be comfy especially if im going to be out all day, i love a simple shirt with jeans and adding the blazer to that makes it more smart and stylish.

Worldwide Wardrobe | Travel Supermarket
Sight-Seeing in Paris
For sight-seeing i like to be comfortable especially because im going to be walking around all day. I chose this really cute summer dress and then pair it with converse which are very practical and comfortable, the backpack means you can keep your handsfree and carry any souvenirs you pick up along the way without your hands being full. Paris has nicer weather (im assuming) so i added some sunglasses and a hat which are not only practical to wear in the sun but look really cute too!

Worldwide Wardrobe | Travel Supermarket
Full Moon Party in Thailand
I don't quite know what a full moon party is - but i went along with something summery and stylish that i would actually wear to a party but i kept it casual by adding strappy sandals. It's a comfortable wear but is really cute and trendy as well.

Worldwide Wardrobe | Travel Supermarket
Clubbing In Ibiza
For this outfit, i wanted something that could be really dressed up or down. So i choose this love white lace playsuit and dress it up with a gold cuff bracelet and gorgeous heeled shoes.

Worldwide Wardrobe | Travel Supermarket
Cocktails In New York
I decided to choose something that was really simple but really classy. I didnt want to go to over the top with the dress but i still wanted something that was more dressier than your usual night out. So i picked this gorgeous navy dress and pair it with black court shoes and accessorised with some simple silver jewellery - i chose simple pieces because i didnt want them to take any attention away from the dress.

and thats all my outfits!
Have you entered?
Natalie xx


  1. Love that last outfit xx

    1. Aw thank you :) My favourite one is the Sightseeing in Paris.
      Natalie xx


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