211. Monthly Favourites | July

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Hello all,
Insert typical another where has this month gone at all comment here. No but really, how is it almost August already? It doesn't feel like two minutes since we was bringing in the new year and before we know it, Christmas season will be back. I actually don't have too many favourites this month and the vast majority of them are make-up items too!

Urban Decay Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette
I absolutely love this palette and it's no stranger to being in a favourites post either. I've been reaching for this palette alot this month because I've just wanted a simple matte neutral colour to sweep over the lids to give me a bit of colour but without piling on the make-up - I've most been using the shade Naked 2 and on some days Walk of Shame, the eyeshadows are brilliant quality and pigmented and i honest couldn't rave about this palette enough.

Shaka Full Colour Gloss in Angel Rose
I absolutely love this lip gloss; it's has a really nice formula and it's so nice and comfortable to wear on the lips too. The colour of this is a really pretty baby pink colour, so it's nice and subtle but it adds a lovely pop of colour.

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in NaturalThis has been my go to blush for the entire month of July, its not the most pigmented blush but it adds such a pretty flush of colour to the cheeks and the finish leaves the most prettiest glow on your cheeks and its the perfect blush for summer because it literally leaves your skin glowing. It's supposed to boost your mood and make you feel happier and it does make me feel good wearing it because i love how it looks on my skin so i guess it does work!

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
This has been the perfect foundation for this humid heat we've had lately, as its really light on the skin but it offers enough coverage if you need it and it's buildable too. This is a great match for my skin, it blends out really nice and it leaves the skin with a really nice and natural finish.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Yummy Plummy
This is a limited edition one that i got in my beauty swap back in April, this doesn't have a pigment so you could just say its a lip balm but I've been loving using it. I've been applying this quite a lot recently because i don't want my lips to burn or dry out so its important to keep it hydrated and this does exactly that, its so creamy and moisturising and it smells of coconut - amazing. I can't wait to try others!

Above the Knuckle Rings
I love above the knuckles rings; they are so simple and just look really nice. I was having a hard time finding some because i refused to pay £4.99 for one, I'm sorry but that's a bit ridiculous, so i turned to good ole' Ebay and i found a set of 9 for £0.99 and a set of 4 for £1.29 and i bought both so now i have a lot of them floating around - in gold, silver and a rose gold/copper kind of shade. I love these, they are so simple and they're comfortable to wear too, i often forget I've got them on.

What's been some of your favourite products this month?
Natalie xx

210. Review | Kiko Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner

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Hello all,
After almost 3 months of service my beloved Topshop Magic Liner has started to fade - it still has some life in it but as i wanted to wear my usual wing eye liner look for graduation the other week i decided to pull another one out of my collection (i seem to gravitate towards felt liners when buying make-up so i always have multiple) because i really didn't want to be wearing faded liner on the day!

So I've been using Kiko Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner for the past week or so and I'm quite impressed. It has simple sleek black packaging with silver writing, nothing out of the ordinary but the simplicity of it really works. I also really like that it has an nice rubber grip on it so it won't go slipping out your fingers, and the better your grip on the liner the more control you have on the application.

The liner is very pigmented; one thing i always judge an eyeliner on is it's pigmentation as it really irks me when you get a grey application from whats meant to be a black eyeliner - thankfully, this is most definitely black. I find this is very long lasting on me; after applying first thing in the morning it's still in place and perfectly visible by the evening - even when my face has been a little sweaty with these hot days we've been having, it's stayed put so it's a great product for people who work long days and don't have much time for touch up. It's also pretty easy to remove too, whether this varies depending on the product you use to remove it i don't know, but i find it comes off really easy so i don't have to spend ages rubbing at my eyes to get it off!

I don't have an issue with applying liner as its something I've done for years so it's pretty much second nature to me now but i think this liner would be great for people who are just learning or less confident with applying liner as the felt tip applicator makes it so much easier to apply, it just glides on so there is not tugging on your eye and the thin tip means you can give more precise application to the eye and with the extra support from the rubber grip you can control it easily.

Sadly, Kiko cosmetics isn't available to buy here in the UK (I miss the store in Rome so much) but they do have a UK website so it's definitely worth checking out - the Kiko Ultimate Pen Long Wear Liner retails for £6.90!

This is such a great eyeliner; its brilliant quality, easy to use and a nice affordable price too!
Whats your favourite liner to use?
Natalie xx

208. Money Supermarket | Budget Bucket List

Hello all,
I'm sure you've seen many of these posts flying around the blogger world, i was tagged by Laura to take part (thank you) I love the idea of this competition, i keep a bucket list myself and their is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off the list!

How to Enter:
To enter this wonderful competition is really simple - write a blog post telling us two items from your bucket list, a BUDGET one and a more EXTRAVAGANT item and make sure you include what is preventing you from completing the items too. Don't forget to tag three fellow bloggers too!

It's important to let Money Supermarket you have entered either on Facebook or via Twitter (#budgetbucketlist) You can also email them at competitions@moneysupermarket.com with the subject "Budget Bucket List"
For Full Details, see here.

The competition ends on 2nd August 2013 and the winners will be chosen by Money Supermarket's Social Media Executive, Salome.

So What Can You Win?
If your lucky enough to be chosen as the winner you win a whopping £1,000 and four lucky runners up get £50 BUT if the competition gets more than 50 entries they'll double the first prize money to £2,000!!

On my bucket list...

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Watch Les Misérables on London's West End

Since seeing the movie version of Les Mis earlier this year it's safe to say I've become obsessed with it and i would love to be able to experience it live on the West End. I absolutely love going to the theatre and the West End take that experience to a whole new level. The reason why I've not ticked this item off my list so far is money, i don't live very local to London so as well as paying for tickets to the show, i need to buy train fare and preferably a nights stay in a hotel so it does add up.

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Go to New York

New York, New York - so good they named you twice. New York as always been one of those places that I've wanted to visit, it's such an amazing place and lets face it who doesn't want to go to New York and play Carrie Bradshaw for the day? Going to New York would be an epic experience and not only would i cross this off my bucket list id be able to cross others off too - like Breakfast at Tiffany's, Go to Times Square, Shopping Spree in New York and Walk around Central Park and see the Alice In Wonderland Statue! So I'd cross off not one but five things in one! The reason I've not fulfilled this one yet is the same reason as above money. It's too expensive and out of my budget to go, but hey a girl can dream ;)

And those are my entries!

I Tag:

What things are on your bucket list?
Natalie xx

206. Products I've Used Up

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Hello all,
So i have used up an insane amount of products these past two months so I'm just gonna jump straight into this post because it's already gonna be a super long one!

Philosophy 'Amazing Grace' Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel
This was a little sample size. It was nice to use, lathered up really well but i wasn't blown away with the scent. The Philosophy shower gels are quite expensive, so although it's a nice product i don't ever see my buying any of them in the future. Id rather spend my money on other things and use a cheaper shower gel that does the same job and smells better.

Lush 'The Comforter' Bubble Bar
I love this bubble bar, it is one of my favourite things to get from Lush and its one of those products i love to use when i want a nice relaxing bath and want to chill out. It lasts so long and i get so many uses out of it too. It smells amazing, leaves the skin feeling really good and creates a really nice amount of bubbles in the bath too. One thing i really like about this is that the bubbles go quite easily, i hate it when bubbles linger in the bath for ages and you have to spend a while rinsing out the bath and getting rid of them all, i find this is so easy to clean out.

Bodycare 4-in-1 Sensitive Cleansing Wipes
I don't really use wipes anymore, i bought these for a shoot i was doing for uni back in Apr/May in case anyone wanted to switch their make-up up but they didn't get used so i used them. They're just generic wipes, removed the make-up easily and weren't harsh on the skin. I probably wont repurchase this because i don't really use wipes so much anymore.

Beauty Iseree Soft Cotton Pads
Ive gone through so many packs of these, they are so soft to use and so cheap too. These cost something silly like 59p and you get over 100 pads in the pack too and the fact that they are nice to use and don't feel like sandpaper is just amazing. Love these, they're from Lidl if anyone is wondering.

Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Effect Mascara
I used to love this mascara when it was first released, it really does give your lashes a false lash effect. So when i saw this in one of the local pound shop i couldn't really say no, however this one is kind of dried out which makes it horrible to apply.

N07 Mini Mascara
I got this in a little set i got a while ago, it was a nice little mascara to use and did lengthen the lashes. I didn't get much use out of it because i always opted for others and it's been lying around for a while so it was time to chuck out.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
I've mentioned this so many times on my blog, it's an incredible moisturiser, really hydrating and it smells amazing.

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Intensive Conditioner
I used this in between shampooing and conditioning my hair, i would apply it to the ends of my hair whilst i was in the shower and just leave it whilst i use my shower gel etc... and then wash it off. It's a nice conditioner to use but i don't think it made a great deal of difference to my hair.

Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser
I love this and really want the full size, but it's a bit out of my budget at the moment. Ive used two samples of this and its such a nice moisturiser. It always leaves my skin feeling so hydrated, moisturised and soft and it has a really nice rose scent to it as well.
Elemis Fresh Skin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash
This is such a brilliant product and one that i really want to get the full size of. My skin broke out when i got back from Rome and this exfoliator worked amazingly, it's such a gentle exfoliator and it cleared my skin up within days. It has a nice scent to it too.

Eye Prep Eyelash Primer
I loved the idea of using an eyelash primer to see if it made any difference to my lashes. However, it's like using one of those white mascaras underneath and i really didn't like those so I've avoided using this and its just been sitting around in my collection.

Pretty:Perfect Eye Roll On Concealer
This is a roll-on concealer which is really refreshing under the eyes but as a concealer this is to be quite blunt -crap- barely any product comes out of it at all, thankfully i think i only paid £1 or less so I've not wasted to much but still.

Aapri Skin Renewing Micro Dermabrasion Exfoliator
My sister gave me this, and told me she had it for quite a while. So instead of using it for the face like its meant to be. i used this as an exfoliator on my body and it worked well for that, but i can comment on how it works as a micro dermabrasion but i didn't want to risk using it on my face with it being a little old.

Avon Naturals Daily Hair Refresher in Cherry Blossam
This is kind of like a dry shampoo, except its more of a liquid spray than the usual dry shampoos. Ive had this for ages, and it was really nice to use to just make your hair feel a little fresher and it smells really nice to so it was also a great way to perfume your hair.

Soft & Gentle Deodorant in Passion Flower & Black Orchid
I mention this nearly every empties post, i really like this deodorant, its nice and cheap and it does the job.
V05 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo
This is just a typical dry shampoo, it works just as good as any other one that I've tried. The only thing id say that makes this better is that it smells incredible, really nice and fruity smells.

Inecto Pure Coconut Dry Shampoo
This has been working wonders on my fringe, with these nights being really warm I've been waking up with my fringe all over the show and it a little sweaty (how attractive) so I've been using this after I've straightened it and its really made a difference and stopped it from looking greasy so I've been able to get away without having to constantly wash my hair. It smells of coconuts too, yum.

M. Savers Hairspray
Ive mentioned this hairspray a million and one times before. Its super cheap but works really well, it holds my hair and doesn't make it sticky or crunchy feeling. It doesn't smell to bad either.

So..? Kiss Me Perfume (10ml)
This is the scent of my youth, i used to always wear this in high school so the scent makes me feel very nostalgic, its a really nice sweet floral scent and i loved wearing it again.

The Body Shop Rainbow Moisture Hair Butter
I really liked using this, i bought this when i ombre'd my hair so that i could help prevent it from going all dry and horrible. I didn't use this the way that they tub recommends i used it as a hair masque before i washed my hair and i found that worked really well for me.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Powder'Ful Volumising Styling Powder
I really didn't enjoy using this product all that much, it did nothing that i was expecting it to do. I tried and tried countless times to make it work for me but it just did not give me any volume or texture like its meant to, instead it just left me with really horrid icky hair.

Tango Invigorating Shower Gel in Cherry
This was a lovely shower gel, it smells amazing and it lathered up really nicely and left you feeling clean. The only thing that i didn't like was that a lot of product comes out so you do end up wasting a little bit.

Purity Facial Wash*
This was a great facial wash to use; its ingredients are all natural and good for you, it lathered up really nicely and worked really well with my skin. The one thing i didn't like was the scent, its a very natural smell but not a pleasant one.

Purity Conditioning Cleansing Lotion Make Up Remover*
This was a really nice make up remover, it removed every last bit of make-up whilst being very gentle on the eyes, again this is made with all natural ingredients so its very good for the skin. I loved using this and would definitely consider buying it again.

Nivea Daily Essentials Extra Gentle Eye Make-up Remover
This is a great product for removing make-up it, it removes every last bit but it wasn't so pleasant on the eyes. Hours later, id find my eyes were stinging and watering and it just wasn't pleasant. As soon as i stopped using this my eyes stopped stinging and watering so i used this to clean the make-up off my wrist when swatching.

TRESemme Protect Heat Defence With UV Filter Styling Spray
This is a great heat protectant to use especially with the built in UV filter, i already have another one in use. It smells so much nicer than the previous heat protectant that I've been using and I've been loving spraying it on my hair.

Fearne Cotton Body Lotion
I actually used this up pretty quickly and normally body lotions last me forever but this was really nice to use. It was really moisturising on the skin and sunk in pretty quickly so there was no waiting around for it to dry. It also had a lovely vanilla scent to it, which i really liked.

Sanex Zero% Shower Gel
This was a nice shower gel to use, it didn't blow me away compared to others once I've tried but it was nice, it's also has none of the bad ingredients in hence the Zero% which is always an advantage. I would buy the full size but its not necessarily something ill be chasing to get a hold of.

H&M Coconut Water Moisture Face Mask
This was so lovely to use, my sister gave it to me because she didn't like it on her skin and i got a further two uses out of it despite my sister using it as well so you definitely get your worth out of the sachet. It smells really nice, felt really on and it left the skin feeling really nice after wards too. Definitely want to get more of these.

Garnier Mineral Moisture Match Dull Skin
I already own the full size of this Garnier Moisture Match, i love the gel formula and find it really refreshing and cooling on the skin and really makes me feel more awake. It's really nice to use and although it doesn't completely replace my daily moisturiser i definitely love using this as well.

Garnier Mineral Moisture Match Normal to Dry Skin
Again, this was nice to use on the skin - the formula is really refreshing to use on the skin and i enjoy using it. I didn't feel this made much difference to my skin maybe id need to try it more times on my skin than just the one sample use, but its not a bad moisturiser.

Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream
I really like nivea, i find them really hydrating on the skin and this was no exception it was really nice and moisturising on the skin and it left my skin feel really soft too. Definitely considering getting a full size.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit
Ive already had a look on ebay to see if i can get a full size of this, because i really liked wearing this. It was really nice and comfortable to wear in the skin, in blended out really nicely and offered a decent amount of coverage too.

and that is all my empties, I'm sorry if my description get a little lazy as the post goes on - i feel like I've been sat here writing it for hours. I'm really happy I've used up so many products and things aren't just getting wasted and if you've made it all the way to the bottom of this post then thank you so much, you are the best!
What products have you used up this month?
Natalie xx

205. Review | Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Natural

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 photo DSCF6367_zps1d6c1448.jpg

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Hello all, before i get started into this review i just wanted to say a big thank you to the people who left me lovely comments and tweets wishing me luck about the job I've been waiting to hear back from. I received a phone call this morning inviting me to a trial shift next week to see if i like it, so i think that could mean i might have the job? Obviously nothing is set in stone but I'm gonna take this as positive, as i really need something good to come along as yesterday i was really close to just giving up, so fingers crossed!

Now let me introduce you to my current favourite blush; the Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Natural, this was one of the blushes i asked to try when i did my beauty swap way back in April and I'm so glad i did.

This is a bronzer and blush combined; whilst the bronzer adds warmth and depth to the face for natural glow, the blushes enhance the cheeks for a radiant glow. It's called a Happy Booster because the product is infused with natural plant extracts supposedly mimic the effects of endorphins therefore creating a happy feeling when it's worn.

Does it work? I absolutely love this blush, i love how it looks on the skin (the photo really doesn't do it any justice) it gives my cheeks such a gorgeous glow and although I'm not one for tanning, i imagine this would look incredible on tanned skin - it would give a proper sun kissed glow to the cheeks. I don't know if i can agree with the claim that it's a happy booster because it's a blush at the end of the day, but i do feel great when i wear it so i guess it must be true to some extent?

The pigmentation of this blush isn't that strong but it does give a natural hint of colour to the cheek, and the glowy finish it leaves on my skin more than makes up for it. It's so pretty and so subtle. There is some shimmer in some of the hearts but this just adds to the highlight, its not disco-ball looking it's just a really nice glow.

If the blush doesn't make you happy enough, just look at the packaging - it's beautiful. I love the detailing and the embossed hearts in the blush, it almost made me feel quite guilty about using it but i love how their are so many different shades in it and the over all look they give when swirled together and applied on the cheeks. The casing is fairly simple, it's a round red-pink toned metallic and it has a compartment underneath with a mirror and brush so it's handy to take around with in your make-up bag when you are on the go too!

I adore this blush and I've reached for it non stop this past month. I just love how it just makes my skin look so glowy and radiant. I'm gutted that we can't get a hold of Physicians Formula here in the UK, as i would love to try some more of their products.

Have you tried the Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush?
Natalie xx

204. Favourite Summer Nail Polishes

 photo DSCF6017_zps0456822d.jpg

 photo DSCF6009_zps7017ec83.jpg

Hello all,
As it's summer, I've seen lots of summer related posts popping up all over the place in the blogosphere so i thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and share some of my favourite nail polishes that i love to wear in the summertime! I used to always wear really bold fuchsia-type pink colours on my nails in the summer but these past few years I've been all about the pastel shades, they are such gorgeous colours and really suit the spring/summer season.

Barry M 'Mint Green'
This is probably one of my all time favourite nail polishes ever. I've worn it every summer (sometimes, even in autumn/winter) for the past 3/4 years since i bought it. It's such a gorgeous mint green colour and it just looks so pretty on. I own a lot of Barry M Nail paints and they apply really nicely and are usually opaque in two coats, the only downside is that it can take a while to dry - an unfortunate trait of the Barry M Nail Paints but i love this colour so much so its a trait I'm willing to live with.

Essie 'Bikini So Teeny'
This is a recent favourite of mine, I wasn't too impressed with Essie when i first tried them but this has definitely changed my mind. This is such a gorgeous lavender blue shade and it applies a bit streaky on the first coat but by the second it's nice and opaque.

Topshop 'Flamingo Coral'
I love a nice coral colour as it feel its such a summery shade and this is the perfect coral to me. 'Flamingo Coral' is just beautiful, again it's opaque in about two coats and it applies nice and smoothly too. I also love the packaging for these, Topshop really do stand out in terms of their packaging for products!

Sally Hansen 'The Sky's the Limit'
This is a sky blue shade (as the name suggests) i normally avoid blues as i feel they look a bit alien on my fingers (except Bikini So Teeny) but this is a gorgeous colour in the summertime. The Sally Hansen Nail Polishes are one of my favourite formulations, they have a really nice brush and they apply so smoothly. You can get away with wearing this after just one coat if your in a hurry as the colour is really pigmented and strong but i always like to do two coats.

Model's Own 'Golden Peach'
This shade is exactly as the name suggests it's a gorgeous peach shade with a golden shimmer in it. I feel that even though this one has shimmer this is a more subtle colour to wear than the others as they are quite bold pastel colours but this looks lovely on, especially against tanned skin. Again, this wears and applies really nicely, and is opaque in about two coats. I really like that even though their is shimmer into it, it's easy to remove.

and those are some of my favourite nail polishes to wear during the spring/summer season!
What are some of your favourite nail polish shades to wear during summer?

Natalie xx

202. FOTD | Job Interview

 photo DSCF6263_zpsb9bdede6.jpg

 photo DSCF6267_zpsa6a2cdaa.jpg

 photo DSCF6269_zps60bd96ba.jpg

Hello all,
I had a job interview back on the 16th July 2013 (Tuesday) and I'm still waiting to hear back from them as to whether i got it, I'm so anxious because i really want this job and will be devastated if i don't get it but I'm trying not to get my hopes up to much. I know I'm probably a little late to posting this but i wasn't sure if i was going to as i have a bit of a shiny face on the photos - thanks to my oven of a room - so please forgive the shine. Anyways, i thought it might be useful to share with you how i like to wear my make-up for job interviews - it's nice and simple.

After I've moisturised i start my make-up using the Tarte-To-Go kit; prepping the skin with the primer and using the BB cream to give me a little bit of coverage and even out my skin tone. These are only small sample sizes in the set but I'm really liking them so far, i will be doing a review on the kit soon so keep a lookout for that.

I then move onto my eyebrows, combing them and setting in place with the MUA Clear Mascara using it as a brow gel, whilst that dries it's time to do the eyes. Using Benefit Creaseless Cream in Bikini Tini as a base and taking 'Walk of Shame' from the Urban Decay Naked Basics and sweep it across the lids to create a nice subtle colour but nothing that's to over the top. I then lined my eyes with Kiko Ultimate Liner, i tried to keep the line quite thin just to add a little definition to the eyes, i also lined my water line with Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kajal Kohl in Nude to open up my eyes and give the illusion I'm more awake. Curl the lashes and coat with Model Co Fibre LashXtend Extreme Lengthening Mascara and the return back to the brows, with my HD Brow Kit in Foxy, i take the shade Ash Brown and lightly fill them in. I'm not very good at filling in my brows so i only like to do it lightly to give them a bit of shape and fill in any sparse areas, to finish off the eyes i went back to my lashes and used Kiko Volume Top Coat Mascara to add some extra volume to my lashes.

I then went back to my base and highlighted the top of the cheek bones, under the eye and down my nose with my YSL Touche Eclat, as i decided to make the look very simple and neutral i decided to add a little contour using my H&M Bronzer. I set my base in place using my Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Cover Up Powder in Gee, I'm Swell Ivory*, i use powder after contouring rather than before so that i can make sure it's definitely blended in and there is not harsh lines. I then add a flush of colour to the cheeks using Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Natural - my current favourite and go-to blush.

To finish the look i apply ELF Mineral Lipstick in Runaway Pink, it's a recent rediscovery of mine and it's a great pinky nude to wear for during the day.

 photo DSCF6274_zps1ff318e8.jpg

I like to keep my make-up as simple as possible for job interviews as i want to come across as appropriate and well dressed, each company has different rules and regulations and i personally like to avoid coming across as someone who might challenge this. Plus with the heat that we've been having i felt it was important to keep it very neutral.

How do you like to wear your make-up for interviews?
Natalie xx

201. Top 10 | Make Up Products Under £10

 photo DSCF6793_zpsfd5832ed.jpg

Hello all,
I really enjoyed writing up my 5 Make Up Products Under £5, so thought i would do another one this time my top 10 products that are under £10. There are so many brilliant affordable cosmetics out there so i thought id share some of my personal favourites.

 photo DSCF6796_zpsadcee04e.jpg

 photo DSCF6794_zps60ba3d6c.jpg

1. Sleek Palettes - £7.99
These are brilliant palettes; they have great pigmentation and are excellent quality. The packaging is really nice and sturdy and they have so many different palettes available with a wide range of shades so there is something to suit everyones style. My palette in the photo is the 'Oh So Special' palette.

 photo DSCF6799_zps96a87283.jpg

2.Topshop Magic Liner - £6.50
Liner is a big step in my routine; it's one product that I'm very rarely without. I've tried a lot of eyeliners and this has definitely been one of my favourites. It's very pigmented and applies black, it's very long lasting and the long pointed nib makes it really easy to apply and glide across.

 photo DSCF6807_zps73f3da04.jpg

3. Korres Lip Butter - £7.00
I wanted this for so long, it's such a nice lip product to use and the butter formulation means it's nice and creamy to wear on the lips and it's really moisturising too, this particular one 'Wild Rose' leaves a nice subtle hint of colour on the lips which i really like. Usually i would not dream of paying £7 for a lip butter but i really do like this.

 photo DSCF6808_zps24d0c154.jpg

4. Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter - £7.99
I really like the formula of these lip butters, they are really soft, creamy and hydrating but they have the pigmentation of a lipstick. I particular love this shade 'Candy Apple', I'm sure most of you know I'm a sucker for a red lip but sometimes feel a little intimidated to wear it during the day but because the lip butter is more sheer than your regular lipstick this makes it much more wearable.

 photo DSCF6800_zpsb683c4e1.jpg

 photo DSCF6802_zpsaca16478.jpg

5. Topshop Cream Blush - £6.00
Cream blush is product that i find myself not loving as much as i want to, however i really like the Topshop cream blush, it applies like a cream and blends out really easily but it dries into a powder finish so it's like having the best of both worlds. I have two of these blushes and really want to try more, this particular one is 'Head Over Heels', it's such a gorgeous blush and i love the packaging too.

 photo DSCF6836_zpsbf3ce4f2.jpg

6. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation - £7.99
This foundation has a gel formulation and offers medium coverage it applies so nicely to my skin and i find that this shade is a perfect match for my skin tone. It blends out to give a nice natural and flawless finish to my skin. I also really like that the foundation shades are built to suit your skins undertones, so they really help with evening out your skintone.

 photo DSCF6819_zps576dd798.jpg

 photo DSCF6820_zps13090e1e.jpg

7. Sleek Face Contour Kit - £6.49
I don't know one person/blogger/vlogger who has a bad word to say about this kit. I bought this after hearing a youtube talking about contouring and decided to pick it up and it's such a great product to have, it comes with both a contour and a highlight so it's essential to products in one. The contour is a little darker than what id personally go for but it's still a really good products and its one that i love to use for a night out!

 photo DSCF6815_zpsfcc5f404.jpg

8. L'Oreal Caresse Lipstick - £7.99
These are actually very similar to the Revlon Lip Butters in terms of their moisturising formulation and their sheer application, the only main difference between the two id say is their packaging but i think these are fantastic lipsticks and i don't think they get mentioned or get as much attention on blogs as they deserve. This shade is 'Rose Mademoiselle'.

 photo DSCF6832_zpsb87f536a.jpg

9. Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Laquer - £5.99
I was late to the bandwagon with the Rimmel Apocalips, they are essentially a lip stain, lip stick and lip gloss all in one - so great if you don't like to layer up products or prefer the ease of just sweeping on one. They are very pigmented and really comfortable to wear on the lips. This one is 'Apocaliptic' and i also own 'Celestial', they are such great products.

 photo DSCF6825_zps1d9f7239.jpg

10. ELF Mineral Lipsticks - £5.00
This one is bit of a cheat because it technically should be in the products under £5 post, but i really wanted to include it. The mineral lipsticks by ELF are really good quality, they creamy and moisturising, have great pigmentation and the packaging is really good and sturdy. I definitely think the quality of these match the quality of some expensive lipsticks. The shade i have is 'Runaway Pink' it's a lovely nude pink.

And that is my personal picks for my top 10 make up products under £10, what are some of yours?
Natalie xx

200. If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives | Graduation 2013

Hello all,
I mentioned in yesterdays post that it was my Graduation so i thought I'd share with you some photos with you. I've included a very small selection because it was a very hot day and wearing a gown on top if it meant it was very warm and my face was rather shiny and it just wasn't attractive, also my sister is very funny about photos and being on them so i don't want to post loads with her on if its not something she's comfortable with.

My graduation was held at the Lowry Theatre which was a nice venue, although it was quite stuffy with all the people in there! If I'm being honest, i wasn't all that bothered about graduating i would have been just as happy not doing it, but my mum was all "No, i want you to..i want a photo..blah blah" so i didn't really have choice, having done it now I'm kind of glad i did it as i think i would have regretted it in the long run. I was actually pretty nervous about it all because I'm really clumsy and i just had visions of me falling flat on my face on stage, especially because i was wearing heels too - thankfully, i didn't but my legs were a little jelly like as i walked on!

 photo P1160303_zps8f837058.jpg
Dress - Carboot Sale | Shoes - New Look

 photo P1160304_zpsfb04bdec.jpg
Sweaty fringe/face - How attractive?! Also, you may have notice i no longer have ombre hair, it's now purple!
 photo P1160318_zpsf9a1ce9e.jpg
My Nan, Me, My Sister & My Mum! I love this picture of us as we rarely get photos together in my family.

If anyone is curious to know, i graduated from University of Salford! It was a lovely day overall, minus the heat and sweaty-ness! If anyone else's has had their graduation recently or is about to graduate - congratulations! I hope it goes well or that it went really well too! :)

Natalie xx

198. 1 Bow, 4 Styles

 photo DSCF6782_zps41d1dc96.jpg

 photo DSCF6783_zps170ac8e9.jpg

 photo DSCF6785_zps719ca24b.jpg

 photo DSCF6784_zps558b0aec.jpg

 photo DSCF6786_zpsfb61d6e0.jpg

Hello all,
I've never done a hairstyle post before so please excuse the photos, it's quite a difficult task getting photos of the back of your head properly so I've done what i can - hopefully, you won't mind them too much and I'll get better over time. I was very kindly sent the 'Laura Lemon' Hair Bow* from Birdcage Bows. This is a such a pretty hair bow - I'm a bit of a sucker for bows anyway, but i just love this - the lemon fabric and the white floral detailing really work well together, the motif almost has a vintage feel to it. It's the perfect hair accessory for summer!

Rather than just doing a review on the bow, i thought id show some ways i like to wear it and share a few summery hairstyles too.

 photo DSCF6032_zps3e128f46.jpg

Top Knot Bun
This bow is the perfect accessory to any bow, whether it's a top knot or wore lower down it's really dresses it up. It doesn't need to worn the same way either, you can wear the bow at the front, at the back or even on a sideways angle. Such a simple way to dress up an easy hairstyle.

 photo DSCF6216_zpsfb842078.jpg

Upside Down Braided Bun
I kind of made up that name. For this hair style you braid your hair from the back rather than the top, gather your hair at the top and put into a top knot/bun and then add your pretty bow to the back. It's a great way to wear a regular bun but make it a little different!

 photo DSCF6162_zps5df4de57.jpg

Side Braid
 A nice simple way to dress up your hair, it goes nicely with straight or wavy hair. This style is a great way to take the hair off the front of your face especially when its a little warmer (i prefer to leave my fringe down) i tie the braid with a clear elastic and then clip in place with the bow, its a nice casual summery hairstyle

 photo DSCF6052_zpsd4b17e8e.jpg

Fishtail Braid with a twist.
This is my personal favourite and the one i wear the most. It's pretty much a simple fishtail braid but to get the twist at the top i put my hair into a side ponytail (make sure you use a clear elastic) make a little hole in the hair and feed the pony through and then do your fishtail braid and tie it. Take some scissors and snip the clear elastic at the top and it will leave this nice twist-y effect leading into the braid.

I hope you liked this post, if you'd like a more in depth post about any of the hair styles featured let me know and ill do my best to get one up!

Definitely go and check out Birdcage Bows! These accessories are so pretty and such a good price too, i know I'll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this over the summer.

What's your favourite hair accessory?
Natalie xx
*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.