303. Monthly Favourites | October

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It creeps me out how quick these posts come around, where the heck did October go at all? Ive tried a bunch of new products this month; surprisingly most of the products I'm showing you this month are skincare and haircare, usually it's lots of beauty products but this month I've been working a lot so I've been sticking to a lot of the same products minus a few exceptions.

Collection Little Mix Full On Mascara in Jesy's Voluminous Black
I've mentioned this a couple of times on my blog already, it impressed me that much that i even included it in 'My Top 5 Mascaras' post' - i didn't even expect it to be that good, i don't even know what made me buy it but its a fab little mascara and i love how it makes my lashes look, it adds length, it volumises them and makes them appear much fuller and i just think for £2.99 this is brilliant.

Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Hot Chocolate
I've already professed my love for the shade 'vintage blush' in these products and i was so impressed that i went and got this shade 'hot chocolate' and i love it, it's a gorgeous brown shade and i love blending it out and wearing it alone with a bit of eyeliner as it quick make up look. It applies really nicely and lasts all day, you do have to be quick to blend because one this dries there ain't no moving it but i apply it bit by bit and blend as I'm going. I really like these, they are so cheap and really great quality products.

Nip+Fab Pistachio Sundae Dry Skin Fix Body Butter
I reviewed this product on my blog a couple of days ago so i won't go on about them too much but i just love this body butter, so much so that i pretty much ran out and bought back ups before they were discontinued. Its a really nice consistency and it absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling really moisturised and really soft. My favourite thing about this product is the scent - i was unaware as to what pistachio would smell like but this is incredible, i just love it and i love that i can still smell it on my skin hours later. I love this body butter so much and I'm so gutted that I've discovered as it's being discontinued.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner*
I'd never tried John Frieda before i was sent these and I'm honestly kicking myself for not trying them before as my hair feels incredible, since using these the condition of my hair really has improved, its softer, smoother and just much healthier. I'm honestly so impressed with these even a few days after washing my hair, it stills feels really nice and soft and i actually find myself enjoying washing my hair with them. If its possible to be in love with a shampoo and condition, then boy am i smitten.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque*
As well as the John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner I've also really enjoyed using this hair masque too, i only use it every couple of washes or when i feel like my hair needs and extra boost and it makes my hair feel incredible and really hydrated. One thing i really love about this is that you only have to leave it on for 3-5 minutes most others usually say 10-15mins so i like that this is much quicker but still really effective!

Monu Calming Cream Specialist
This is actually an unexpected favourite as I've tried it a couple of times before and i didn't quite grasp the concept of it, id applied it all over and it gave my face a bit of a green tint so i wasn't that crazy but lately I've had a bunch of spots take resident on my chin and are refusing to budge and they are quite red so i decided to try this an see if it could help reduce the redness and make them easier for me to cover up and it worked like a dream. The green counteracts the redness and really makes a difference, although it hasn't got rid of the spots (they're proving to be very stubborn) it's really helped to tone down the redness and make them much easier to cover up with concealer - so I'm really impressed/grateful for this product.

and that is my monthly favourites; not a lot of favourites this month but these products have really stood out and impressed me!

What are some of your favourite products this month?
Natalie xx
*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

302. Pen Pal Haul #6 // I'm an ASOS Insider

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 photo DSCF9013_zps3448e77c.jpg

 photo DSCF9020_zps044f997b.jpg

I received a package off my pen pal a couple of days ago and i realised it had been ages since i last did a post where i showed you what i got! I need to remember to do these posts more! Myself and Ale (my pen pal) have actually been writing to each other for 2 years now, which has gone insanely fast! I love having a pen pal; i love learning about her life and what she likes and how things differ in the US to over here! Ale also sends brilliant packages and i love seeing what she's sent (especially the candy!) not only that though, i really enjoy putting the packages together, its a lot of fun shopping for sweets she may have not tried before or cute little bits and bobs i can send along as well - compared to usual pen pals we actually send quite big packages to each other but its a lot of fun an its like having a mini Christmas each time a new one comes in the post! Anyways onto the package - here's what she sent:
A Bracelet
This is like a leather bracelet (not real, I'm sure) but it has cross detailing on it in black and in blue, i feel like I've seen this bracelet before but I'm not entirely sure!

She sent me two pairs of sock in Halloween designs - some with pumpkins (which I'm wearing right now) and some with spiders, these are super cute socks and I'm excited to wear them on Halloween (and probably throughout the rest of the year too) I don't wear socks too often as I'm usually wearing tights or i wear ballet pumps which don't really look good paired with socks but these will be great for layering over tights to wear boots or just to add an extra layer of warmth to my tootsies.

Green Tea Kit Kat
I've eaten this already because i was really curious as to how this would taste. I'm actually not the biggest fan of kit kats but this was really tasty. It doesn't taste anything like a normal kit kat, the taste of wafer is much more prominent and i enjoyed it much more than i thought i would - i just wish we had them in the UK!

Reeses Fast Break
I'm super excited to try this but I'm hanging on for a little bit; i love Reeses Cups/Reeses Nutrageous Bars and Reeses pieces so I'm really intrigued to see what this one is like, it has nougat in so i imagine it's going to be kind of similar to a Snicker bar - which i love! So I'm looking forward to trying this out.

Ive had these before and they're nice and tasty, quite similar to Maoam (is that how you spell it?) but i think Airheads are much tastier.

Meiji Hello Panda Chocolate Creme Filled Cookies
These are little biscuits that have a chocolate centre and they are so cute and they have little pandas on them! They're nice and tasty, its just the right amount of chocolate in the biscuit or cookie to stop if from being sickly, so that's really good.

and of course she sent me a letter but I'm not going to share the contents of that with you! I love my package and I'm enjoying tasting all the candy and wearing those socks - just look at them so cute!

Have you got a pen pal?

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A bit of an extra add on to this post - i got sent this lovely package from the people of ASOS informing me that i had been selected to be an ASOS insider, I'm super excited and this package was so lovely. I really like the personal message and how they have almost personalised to package to each person; i received a Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve which I'm already enjoying using, it's one of those products you can use for anything and i love that!

They also sent me a pair of sunglasses which seems kind of random considering the season but if you've read my about me page on my blog it says "dreaming of the day i will finally set foot in Italy" and in the little note they sent along with the package they put that the sunglasses are for when i finally go to Italy. Technically, i need to update my about me because i got to go to Italy back in April but i just thought it was really lovely that they actually took the time to read my blog and make that gift personal to me!

They also included a fortune cookie which was a nice little touch - i really like fortune cookies, i think they are so tasty so it was a nice touch to the box. I can't remember what the fortune said but it was definitely fashion related!

I'm excited to get more involved with the ASOS insider and I'm so impressed with the package; you'll instantly win me over if you've took the time to make it more personal rather than if they sent the exact same thing to everyone!

So a massive thanks to #AccessAllASOS
Natalie xx

301. Review | Nip+Fab Pistachio Sundae Dry Skin Fix Body Butter

 photo DSCF9199_zps0a2c8109.jpg

 photo DSCF9202_zps6a8928cf.jpg

Unfortunately this post is bittersweet; whilst I'm going to rave away about how much the Nip+Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter is now my favourite absolute body butter, literally days after using it i discovered it's being discontinued (i almost cried)  - i guess the fact it was being sold in Savers for £2.99 should have rang some alarms bells. Thankfully, i ran back to Savers the next day and bought two more tubs so i have it in my life for a little while longer before i have to accept that it's over - that should also give a good indication at how much i like this product.

Ive heard a few bloggers/vloggers mention this but never really paid that much attention to it, until i noticed it in Savers and decided to try it out - £2.99 for a Nip+Fab body butter is a bargain, and i was not disappointed. To start i love the consistency of it, it's just perfect as it's not too thick nor is it too runny its the perfect in between. It's really easy to blend into the skin and it absorbs quite quickly too so you don't have to sit around waiting for it dry and i find it moisturises my skin well and it leaves it feeling nice and soft too. My skin isn't that dry at the moment so i can't comment on the 'dry skin fix' aspect but in general it's really moisturising so i can only assume it would work - but as i said i can't comment on that for definite.

My favourite this about this body butter is the scent; i had no idea what to expect scent wise with it being 'pistachio' but i can honestly say i did not expect to love it as much as i do. It just smells incredible, and i love the i can still smell it on me hours after I've applied it. I'm going to be a really informative blogger now and say i can't really describe the scent but trust me when i say it is amazing.

Sadly, as i mentioned this is or has been discontinued (cries) but if you hurry down to your local Savers then they might still have some in, i also got a Mango one which smells incredible too and if its half as good as this then ill be gutted because that's being discontinued too (why?! Nip+Fab, Why?!)

Have you tried any of the Nip+Fab Body Butters?
Natalie xx

300. Nail Art | Halloween Inspired

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There is only 65 days left in this year, i can not believe that i have so far managed to do a post everyday this year - it's insane at how quickly it has gone! Anyways seeing as Halloween is approaching i thought id do a little halloween nail art, its not perfect by any means but the messy-ness adds to it, at least that's what I'm telling myself. These are very mismatched designs so you an arrange them or do any design that you like but these are really easy to do and a perfect little addition to Halloween.

 photo DSCF9062_zps678299bb.jpg

To start i applied a base coat and then applied all the base colours - these will vary depending on which designs you do on the nail but for me i did one green for a green, two black, a white and an orange nail.

 photo DSCF9064_zpsdd57c783.jpg

 photo DSCF9065_zps9ed08a99.jpg

Starting with the green nail, take a black nail polish and create a jagged hair line - i used nail art brushes to make it easier but it is possible to do with the nail polish brush as well, with the same black nail polish make two dots for eyes and also do the creepy kind of stitch looking lip, i put it at a slant as i felt it looked better but either way will work. I then took a white nail polish and put dots on top the black eye dots, to just add a bit extra to it.

 photo DSCF9068_zps51bd9f37.jpg

 photo DSCF9071_zps02168bbc.jpg

Spooky Eyes.
This is my favourite design which is why i put two of them in - I'm actually considering doing all of my nails just this one design because i just think it's so cute and halloween-y and the best part is it's ridiculously easy.  On the black nails; take a white polish and apply two dots, as long as they are together like eyes it literally doesnt matter where you place them - i then add two dots of the black nail polish onto the white to make them look like eyes floating in the dark!

 photo DSCF9072_zpsfd9b0efc.jpg

Blood Spatter
Again, this is super easy and it doesn't really matter how you do it - on the white nail just sporadically apply the a red shade, i used different shades of red just to make it a little more realistically. I used a fanned out nail art brush as well to try and give it a more scratchy kind of look but it's so easy to achieve this look.

 photo DSCF9074_zps0b89abc4.jpg

On the orange nail, i took a black nail polish and created two triangles for eyes and a ragged lip line to create a typical pumpkin face. To make it a little more like a pumpkin i added a little bit of the green polish to the top of the nail.

 photo endresults_zps25f4828a.jpg

and that it's done! It's insanely easy to do and i think it's so great and easy for halloween.

How will you be wearing your nails for Halloween?
Natalie xx

299. 100 Things That Make Me Happy (#9)

Not My Images

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81. Spending Money
It's just so bad, it's good.

 photo 82_zps0cd83e71.jpeg

82. Mary-Kate & Ashley
I grew up with their movies, i love them, their style and mostly their hair.

 photo 83_zpsefe6ce8a.jpeg

83. Rollercoasters
Certain ones are a no-no but i just love the rush you get after going on one.

 photo 84_zps4d3e7e5a.jpg

84. Coltsfoot Rock
Tasty old fashioned sweets, that no-one seems to know exist.

 photo 85_zpsacf2c61e.jpg

85. Finding 'That' Outfit
Because, who doesn't love feel good in what they wear.

 photo 86_zps9ca4bb69.jpg

86. The Carrie Diaries
Its cheesy, okay but i can hold on to Sex & the City just a little bit longer.

 photo 87_zps17cb762b.jpg

87. Nuts
This sounds dodgy i know, but i love em' especially Brazil Nuts & Hazelnuts

 photo 88_zpsfb354bea.jpg

88. Gingerbread Lattes at Christmas
They're just so good.

 photo 89_zpsd9f78167.jpg

89. Bows
I just love em' - i even have a tattoo of one.

 photo 90_zpse0fe8a7d.jpg

90. The Big Bang Theory
It's just hilarious; i love Sheldon so much, he always has me giggling.

What things have made you happy lately?
Natalie xx

298. Review | One Direction Our Moment

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 photo DSCF9310_zps07d353cb.jpg

 photo DSCF9312_zps698f70ce.jpg

Okay, so before any of you sit there and think 'really? you got the 1D perfume?' please just trust me and read on! I'm personally a One Direction fan, i wouldn't brand myself a 'directioner' but i do love them that however, isn't the reason i bought this perfume.

I'm not even going to attempt to describe it, so I've borrowed the words from here.

"The sparkling, juicy and feminine fragrance is made up of splashes of fresh fruit and seasonal flowers infused with undertones of warm musk. The pink grapefruit, wild berries and redcurrants, combined with the delicacy of jasmine petals, and frangipani with the dry woody tones of musk and patchouli leave an enticing and playful scent on the skin."

When i heard about this being released; being the little 1D fan i am, I was curious to test what this smells like so i decided to test it out when i was out shopping a little while ago and i was quite shocked at how nice it is; i really like the fruity/floral type scents and this is exactly that. I didn't actually intend on buying it, i was considering it but the price of it was just a bit too steep for my liking, it's affordable but i just think for a 'celebrity' perfume it's a bit over priced so i just decided not to bother but then Savers were selling the 50ml for £24.99 and i just couldn't pass it up so here it is. I really love the scent of this, it's exactly my kind of scent - really light, sweet, fruity and florally but it's not too much or sickly sweet it's just right.

I'm actually quite impressed with the way they've designed and packaged it as i think they could have made it way more tacky like some celebrities do but the perfume is just nice and simple and other than the small writing on the front it's not obvious that it's by One Direction - except the box, obviously. The lid however I'm not crazy about it because it's just like the crown frame and then the material, it's not like a proper lid which i don't know why i just find weird but all together i don't think its that bad.

A directioner or not, I'd seriously recommend at least going to your local Boots/Superdrug/Perfume Shop and smell it, as you might be surprised - i know i was.

Have you tried this perfume?
Natalie xx

295. How to Get Smooth Hair | John Frieda

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 photo DSCF9041_zps35eecbfb.jpg

 photo DSCF9047_zps24dc3535.jpg

I'm always on a mission to find new hair products that can sort out my hair and make my locks a little more luscious, so if you're interested in learning how to get smooth hair, be sure to stay tuned!

I have never tried anything from John Frieda before so when i was kindly offered a couple of products to try and i pretty much jumped at the chance, if they were as good as i often hear then maybe they could sort my unruly hair out. Also, before i jump into this review John Frieda are running some incredible competitions on Facebook where you can win so many of their incredible products so be sure to enter fast, as its too good to miss out on!

I've been using the John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo* and the John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Conditioner* for almost two weeks now and so far I'm so impressed, they lather up perfectly - one thing i love in a shampoo is one that really lathers up, it may sound silly but it just makes me feel like its really cleaning my hair when it does and this just lathers like a dream, all the products have a really nice scent too. As well as the shampoo and conditioner i received the John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Intense Masque* and John Frieda Original Formula Hair Serum* and my hair has honestly never felt better and i actually look forward to washing my hair when i used these products whereas normally id find it a bit of a chore.

I love using a good hair masque and as well as working wonders on my hair, the one thing i really love about the John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Intense masque* is that you only need to leave it on for 3-5 minutes with a lot of other hair masques they expect you to leave it for 15-20mins and whilst i love having a shower, who can be bothered lingering in for an extra 20 minutes. This masque is so quick, easy and does an amazing job.

The John Frieda Original Formula Hair Serum* is probably my least favourite product mostly because i don't feel like it does anything specific but i will continue to using it because my hair is already so soft after I've washed it then when i apply this to my soaking wet hair, it's hard to feel the benefits but it's not doing any harm using it on my hair so it must be doing something right? Also, its a heat protectant too so that already makes it a winner in my books.

After washing my hair, i find my hair is normally really knotty and difficult to brush through and since using these I've found it's so manageable and so easy to brush though, i honestly can't tell you just how amazing my hair feels since I've started using these, even when i was washing my hair i could feel how soft it was making my hair. They have made such a difference in my hair; it's so soft and smooth and I've definitely noticed that it's less frizzy than it used to be. I just feel like since using these my just feels much healthier.

John Frieda was never a brand I'd tried before this and i can honestly say I'm in love and will definitely be repurchasing these because they have really made such a difference to my hair. I would highly recommend trying these John Frieda products as I'm so impressed with them! If you'd love to see more hair tips, style definitely check out John Frieda's youtube channel as they have some awesome videos up there!

A big thanks you to John Frieda for sending me these products, I'm am genuinely impressed and kicking myself so hard for not having tried the brand before. Despite being sent these product for review; this is 100% my own honest opinion - what can i say i think I've found some holy grail hair products!

Have you tried any John Frieda hair products, whats your favourite?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

294. 525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes - how do you measure, measure a year? | Reflective Post

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I'm actually struggling to write this post and i don't quite know why, I've literally started it and deleted it so many times, i just don't really know how to start but we'll see where this ends up. I originally intended to do a different post and write a letter to myself, which probably sounds a bit weird but i wanted it to be reflective and just have a little more meaning. Then, i realised the date and somehow writing a post to myself almost made me a feel a little selfish as today marks the one year anniversary of my friend's death. Even typing that feels weird; it was so unexpected that sometimes it still doesn't feel real and somehow it's already been a year, how has it gone by so quickly?

A couple of days after i found out and it'd settle in a little bit i wrote this post, it's a little angry sounding but also so full of determination; it scared me just how fast and how unexpected life can be taken from us and how all those things we dwell on wouldn't matter anymore and all the important things were put into perspective and i guess it made me realise that all these expectations people had just weren't as important as mine or my own happiness. I sometimes get really frustrated with the choices i made; I've wasted so much time in college and in uni only to not do anything with them but at the same time i think it's kind of brave; i knew that it was making me miserable and that i didn't want to force myself into a career that would probably be soul destroying, i put my foot down and did something for me. Now I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that i live everyday to it fullest because sometimes it just doesn't work out that way but i am making memories, having adventures and slowly crossing things off my bucket list so I've not broken the vow completely.

I'm going to a charity night next month in his memory; to raise money for C-R-Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young) which should be a lovely night, it's a great way for everyone to get together but it's also a great way to remember him as he always loved a good night out! I'm gonna end this post here because I'm either gonna make myself all teary or bore you to tears, I'm sorry if this isn't a post you want to read, ill be back with a beauty post tomorrow.

Thinking of you James.
Natalie xx

293. Review | Barry M Natural Glow Eyeshadow & Blush Palette

 photo DSCF9062_zpsc0857f60.jpg

 photo DSCF9064_zpse1be41e5.jpg

 photo DSCF9068_zps1808eb62.jpg

 photo DSCF9069_zps90bfd8b2.jpg

 photo DSCF9016_zps9db3b072.jpg

Its rare that a product excites me so much i literally run out and buy it, usually i pine over it for a while but with this i just had to make it mine as soon as i knew it was released in the shop. I don't know what it is about this palette that excited me so much but at £6.49, there was no way i was gonna pass up on giving it a try.

There is three different palettes to choose from overall which all look really nice but i went with the Natural Glow one, as i felt it was the one I'd get more use out of with the shades. The palette has six eye shadows in total (two matte and four shimmer) - i love the range of colours in the palette; they are so versatile and could cater for day and night make-up looks and the eyeshadows themselves are really good quality, they are pigmented (the photo really does not do them justice), easy to blend and are long lasting too - i always wear eye primer so i can't judge on how long they last alone - but overall I'm pretty impressed with the the quality of the eyeshadows.

The blusher on the other hand I'm not crazy about, in the pan it looks like a really nice baby pink shade and like it would just be a really nice natural everyday kind of blush but sadly no, this is quite deceiving i applied this to my cheeks and ended up looking like a glitterball, as it left a really iridescent shimmery glow on my cheeks not what i look for in a blush. Now this would be a brilliant highlighter but it's supposed to be a blush so i don't quite see how they've worked that out?

To be honest though, as much as the blush lets the palette down i bought it for the eyeshadows more than the blush so I'm not too bothered about it.

One thing that i really love about this product is the packaging; i love it. It looks so much nicer than you'd expect it to look like but it's so nice. Size wise it would be pretty good for travelling but it's not the most practical because it doesn't close properly it's just a lift up lid but other than that i love the packaging it's so simple and so sleek. To be honest, the only main gripe i have with this other than the blush is that the shades don't have any names - why Barry M, why!? I just like it when they have names okay, it makes it so much easier trying to explain what eyeshadows I've use when i do face of the day posts.

Seriously though, i think this is a brilliant palette and for £6.49 you really can't go wrong. This is an all round great palette; great for people starting out in make-up and great for people like myself who have enough and just keep buying it. I thin this would also make a great stocking filler for Christmas.

Have you tried any of the Barry M Palettes?
Natalie xx

292. Guest Post | Sugar Up Your Life, Sherbet Style.

Hi, I’m Annette Stevens, Blogger over at Notedinstyle.wordpress.com. Apart from style, I have a really big sweet tooth. A really big sweet tooth- so I thought, why not put that with fashion? As it gets colder, and the skies (and moods) go grey, no one wears any colour, apart from lack, or Grey. So let’s sugar up your life, sherbet style:

 photo download3_zps151322df.jpg

Steps to get a sweet look:

1. You have to love what you wear. Otherwise, what would be the point? Would you wear a LBD if you hated it? Yes, you have to love the print/pattern, to feel truly good about yourself.

2. Follow this post very carefully…

Now we can get started;

Blogs to read:
Believe it or not, some blogs are such sweeties- Youralmostalice, through a cats eye, oh pink candyfloss, Noted in style, Gem Fatale, Zoella are just a few.

A girl’s look isn’t completed without jewellery- so I have yours sorted right here! All of these are available from Temporary Secretary.

 photo earrings_zps5165a2c0.jpg
Image Sources: Gingerbread Earrings, At The Movies Earrings, Cupcake Charm Bracelet

For most of us, nail art in all its elaborate forms is just something we can’t do on a regular basis. So why not go for one shade, in sherbet style? Both of these varnishes are from Topshop-if you really want to experiment, Topshop also do nail art pens, for basic designs.

 photo Untitled-1_zpsd7ccb5b2.jpg
Image Sources: Occupational Therapy, Bashful

Lip products;
What better way to put yourself in a good mood? Topshop do bright Lipsticks, as well as sweet themed lip-smackers. However, my favourite have to be from Primark- from fifty pence to one pound fifty!

 photo lips_zps84779be7.jpg
Image Sources: Mini Milk Lip Smacker, Brighton Rock

So there you have it-how to put the sweet in your style. Thank you Natalie for letting me guest-post.

291. Project Empties | Lip Balm

 photo DSCF9100_zps4660e9a1.jpg

I've always been away that I've had more lipsticks, lip glosses and lip stains than the average person but it has recently come to my attention that i also have a ridiculous amount of lip balms than just one person needs - anybody else have a ridiculous collection like this? I'm so indecisive that i chop and change between which one I'm using and i never end up finishing a full one.

So i have to decided to take on a little project to use them up. I'll be blunt and say i know it'd be impossible to use every single one of them up and it is definitely going to take ages to do but I'd like to at least try and half the amount i have. I'm not going to set any specific rules for it but obviously, i don't want to be buying any more lip balms otherwise it'd defeat the object a little bit wouldn't it?

The Lip Balms i have:

EOS Lipbalm in Summer Fruits
EOS Lipbalm in Strawberry Sorbet
EOS Lipbalm in Passionfruit
Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm in Fruit Crush
Carmex Original Formula
Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose
Maybelline Baby Lips in Yummy Plummy
Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch
Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me
Elemis Fresh Skin Loving Lips Lip Balm
Jelly Belly Very Cherry Lip Balm
Vaseline Rosy Lips
Maybelline Lip Smooth in Strawberry
Eyeko Creamy Cupcake Lip Balm
Hello Kitty Bubblegum Lip Balm
Embrace...Coconut & Cream Lip Balm
Mmwah...Vanilla Ice Cream
Big Smooch...Mango & Passionfruit
Kiss Me Quick...Strawberry & Cream
Einstein Lip Therapy
Double Lollies Pineapple Lip Balm
Rainbow Drops Strawberry Lip Balm
Double Dip Cherry Lip Balm
Balance Me Shine On Tinted Lip Salve
H&M Disney Cherry Lip Balm
H&M Disney Strawberry Lip Balm

I'm pretty certain i have a couple of others as well; like my Raspberry Balmi but i have no idea where I've put it but as you can see from the list i have quite a collection, ill do updates as to how i get on but as i mentioned it's going to take some time so finish any up so i won't do them until i actually make any progress on it, otherwise it'll be a bit of a bland post!

What's your favourite lip balm?
Natalie xx

290. FOTD | Feat. Rimmel London Apocalips in Celestial

 photo DSCF9002_zps45409c66.jpg

 photo DSCF9035_zps617acb31.jpg

 photo DSCF9041_zpsa597a4bc.jpg

 photo DSCF9017_zps52e490f8.jpg

This post was going to be a more 'lifestyle' kind of post because i went for a day out on Tuesday with a really good friend of mine but we was so busy chatting and catching up that i didn't get any photos  other than the ones of my face before i left so it's just gonna be a face of the day post.

To start i used Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer as a make-up base and then applied Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation in Shade 1.0. I groomed my eyebrows and then filled them in using 'ash brown' from my HD 'Foxy' Brows Kit and set those in place with MUA Clear Mascara as a brow gel.

I primed my eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion and then applied Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eyeshadow in Punchy Taupe all over the lid, then blended 'shade 10' from MUA Undressed Palette into the outer corner and blended them together. I lined my eyes with Kiko Ultimate Pen Liner and winged it out, taking Avon's Supershock Gel Eyeliner in Black to tightline my eyes and Rimmel London's Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Nude on the waterline to open up the eyes. I then curled my eyelashes and applied Collection Little Mix Full On Mascara in Jesy's Volumising Black Mascara to give me long and full lashes.

Going back to the base, i applied YSL Touche Eclat to my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose as an highlight and concealer under my eyes with Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory, i added a little bit of the George Bronzer Duo in For Blondes to the face to warm it up and add a little bit of colour and then i set everything in place with Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Cover Up Powder in Gee, I'm Swell Ivory*, I added some colour into the cheeks with Sleeks Blush in Rose Gold and finished the look off Rimmel London Apocalips in Celestial.

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What make-up have you been wearing lately?
Natalie xx

289. Top 5 Products | Mascara

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I've tried so many mascara's over the years and whilst I've enjoyed using a lot of them there are a small handful that i would consider a favourite. I love mascara; my make-up never feels finished without it and who doesn't love having lovely long lashes so i thought I'd share with you some of my favourite ones!

Benefit They're Real Mascara
I've mentioned this a million and one times on this blog and I'm sure your sick of hearing about it. It adds an insane amount of length to my lashes, the wand on this mascara is amazing and manages to coat and separately all lashes - it even has a little ball on the end that helps get into the fiddly corners too. This does clump and it lasts all day too. I love this mascara so much and although it's a little more expensive it's so worth it.

Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara
This mascara impressed me way more than i thought it would, It's such a good mascara and it adds some serious length to the lashes, i almost had to double take when i first tried it out. It stays all day, it doesn't clump, its holds a curl in the lashes and its easy to remove at the end of the day. I'm really impressed with it and I'm gutted that we don't have access to Tarte here in the UK.

Manshiu Longlasting Eyelash Extension Volume Length Curling Mascara
Firstly, just admire the cute packaging of this - one of the main reasons i bought this but the mascara itself did not disappoint. I thought it might have been one of the products where the packaging was gonna be as good as it gets but this it has definitely proved me wrong. It adds volume, adds a curl to the lashes and it really does add length to my lashes - for the price of this mascara, it's unbelievably good.

MUA Everylash Mascara
I wasn't expecting a lot from this mascara but i have to say i was really pleasantly surprised by it; it makes my lashes lovely and long and the wand really helps to coat and separate the lashes, and it works a treat to get into the more awkward areas like the inner corner and bottom lashes too! I found this mascara to be quite long lasting and it doesn't smudge either. It's a great mascara and really affordable too!

Collection Little Mix Full On Mascara in Jesy's Volumising Black
This is a recent addition to my favourites; it's such an impressive mascara and i just love how it makes my lashes look. After using this mascara my lashes look so full, it really does add volume and it lengthens them too. The wand is just the perfect size for me, and it's great at coating the lashes and separating them too. This is another bargain of a mascara and it's impressed me so much!

So those are 5 of my favourite mascaras! What are some of your favourites?
Natalie xx