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It's a very rare occasion that a colour correcting product impresses me and i wasn't too crazy about this one to begin with. I missed the concept of it and tried is as moisturiser and ended up with a green tinted face - attractive, huh? So i tossed it aside and just left it for a while.

Generally, my skin is pretty good i often get a couple of spots on my chin during a particular time in the month or if I'm feeling particular stressed but they normally go away withing a couple of days but a couple of months ago my face erupted with some very stubborn spots that have taken resident on my chin, for the past few months Ive tried so many things to get rid of them but so far not very much is working. It's highly infuriating that they are not budgung but they're constant redness makes it harder to cover them up and for me pretend that they're not there.

So after having a rummage through my lotions and potions to see what i could try next, i rediscovered the Monu Calming Cream and figured id give it another go but this time instead of applying it all over my face i'd just applying it to where the redness is (reading the back of the cream, i discovered that's how you're supposed to do it, doh!) and i have to say this has become my daily miracle. After I've done my morning routine and moisturised my face, i apply this over the parts of my skin that are red - mostly my chin - dab it lightly and leave it to dry into the skin. I usually do my hair at this point to give it time to absorb, it doesn't take ages but i like to give it as much time before i apply my make-up on top. Once it's set i can instantly see a difference and the redness is pretty much gone, it doesn't remove the spots but it makes it so much easier for me to hide them away and cover them up. Ideally, it's not a permanent solution to the spots but its helps me cope with them until i can find something to banish the buggars for good.

The cream itself is easy to dab into the skin, it's not drying on the spots nor does it aggravate them or  make them worse. I'm so impressed with this cream and I'm so happy i can now cover them up with ease instead of them poking through my foundation and concealer and making them look gross and worse than they are. I only have a sample size in this as it's one my sister gave me out of her Glossybox a while ago but I'd definitely consider buying a full size because it's just made coping with these spots much easier.

Also, if you have any tips/product recommendations/miracles that will help removes these spots id be grateful?

Have you tried any Colour Correcting Creams?
Natalie xx

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