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I bought this Skintone Correcting primer from Kiko when i was in Rome back in April (insane that its been 7 months) and the concept of it really intrigued me. They came in different selection of 'correction' colours and i went for Violet as that offers to brighten up the complexion, cancel out any dullness and even out the skintone, i love products that are going to brighten up the skin and make it appear more pert and more awake so this primer really caught my eye and made its way back with me.

Weirdly enough, i didn't actually use it for the longest time when i got back i just put it in my collection and left it to gather dust and it was only when i decided to switch up my make-up bag ready for the Autumn season (see a post about that, here) that i decided to get it out and give it ago. Sadly, this isn't as great as i as hoping it would be which is a bit of a pain as it retails for just under £10 but I'm making the effort to use it because i feel guilty wasting products.

This literally comes out a purple colour, which at first worried me a little bit but it doesn't apply onto the skin that colour - i apply this to my face after moisturising focusing more on the parts i want to appear more brighter and more alert and then whatever product is left over on my hand i prime the rest of the face with. The primer is a bit sticky to apply, its not completely unbearable but it doesn't have that velvety soft and smooth feel that a lot of primers do have which i really like in primers as it makes the skin feel even smoother and the lack of that lets this down and although it does make my skin look a little more awake than it normally is this doesn't do anything groundbreaking - it doesn't make a difference to my foundation and how it applies nor does it make any difference to the foundations staying power.

It's not a terrible product and i will get what use out of it i can to prevent wastage but this isn't a product I'll be rushing out to repurchase anytime soon.

What's your favourite face primer? Have you tried Kiko's Skintone Correcting Primer?
Natalie xx

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