321. What's In My Bag | Nightout Edition

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I love reading What's In My Bag posts, I've only ever done one and i actually ended up deleting it because it was so photo heavy that it just really annoyed me and do plan on doing a what's in my bag with my usual everyday bag but i thought it would be quite interesting to show you the bag i took out with me on Friday and what essentials i carry around with me on a night out.

The bag in question is actually my sisters; i believe it was from Primark and borrow it everytime i go out as its a really great size - its nice and small but its got enough space to carry all the things i need and because its black it pretty much goes with whatever I'm wearing. I take the usual suspects my house keys, my phone and some money - i did have more, but i spent it on the night, as a rule i never ever take my bank card out with me because that way i can't withdraw anymore money and spend a stupid amount. I took my little Audrey Hepburn mirror, my I.D which is just a provisional license because I'm really crap and still haven't started driving lessons and i always take a pack of tissues out with me because if you are going into a nightclub or bar, the majority of the times there is never any toilet roll left so i always carry these with me just in case.

I also carry some Kleenex Shine control papers because it can get a bit warm and sweaty so sometimes these are handy to have to pat down your face and remove any shine as its not such a great look. The perfume i took with me was Vivienne Westwood's Cheeky Alice, this is one of my favourites and i always save it for special occasions or nights out - i love the scent of this as its quite a mature scent but its really nice and the bottle is a great size to carry around with you. Make-up wise, the products i take depends on what make-up I'm wearing but i usually just take my powder which at the moment is Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Cover Up Powder*, if I'm wearing eyeliner I'll take that with me and the lip product I'm wearing which in this instance was Mac Lipstick in Creme Cup (If you'd like to see the make-up i wore, see here) and last but by no means least, i took a mini Insette Hairspray with me - this isn't the greatest hairspray but its a really handy size to carry around and i thought this would be handy to keep in my bag so i can't keep my fringe in check because it has a little life of its own.

and that's everything i usually take with me on a night out - the only thing missing is my camera because i forgot to charge the batteries but i usually carry that with me too. This probably seems like a lot to take out for some people but i like to be prepared.

What essentials do you like to take with you for special occasions or nights out?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. I love those Kleenex Shine Sheets. So gutted Kleenex discontinued them. I have a stash of them.

    1. I didnt realise they'd been discontinued but i guess that makes sense because i got mine for 29p from Home Bargains

      Natalie xx

  2. I love your (or rather your sisters) bag- perfect size for a night out! xx

    1. Haha aww thank you - i love it too!
      Natalie xx


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