How I'd Spend My Weekend in London Feat. The O2, London Dungeons, Oxford Street & More...

How I'd Spend My Weekend in London Feat. The O2, London Dungeons, Oxford Street & More...

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I don't know about you but i absolutely love London and it's been quite a while since i was last there and I'm pining for a visit and for all the wonderful places i want to go see. Whenever i go to London i tend to go into tourist mode; yeah, I'm THAT weirdo with the camera hanging from her neck snapping away pictures of anything and everything. I can't help it, i just get really over excited and i need to remember everything, even that weird little cat that's hanging on the street corner (yeah, I'm that tourist) When i do go London i tend to only go overnight, or two nights at the most because its not the cheapest place to stay so i like to cram in as much as possible and take advantage of my time there! So i thought I'd share some of the places and things id love/want to do!

London Dungeons
I'm really fascinated by history; in particular English History (especially, the Tudors) and I'm actually really surprised at myself that I've not been here yet but this would definitely be on my list of places to go because although it's supposed to be kind of creepy, i just think it would be so fascinating. There are little theatrical shows you can see there as well as absorbing lots of history i just think it's a must see!

Madame Tussauds
This is somewhere I've been before and it was amazing but its been a couple of years since i last went so i would love to go again and see some of the newer waxworks (*coughs* 1D), I really enjoyed it last time and its seriously amazing how life like the wax works are and its a great way to get up and close with the celebs that were probably never gonna meet!

London Eye
This is one of the attractions ill probably never get to go on; as every person i know just aren't all that interested in going on it because it's quite expensive but it also takes something ridiculous like 1-2 hours to go all the way around but i just think it's be such an amazing way to take in the views of London and imagine those photos, i also think it'd be a great way to just sit back and watch the city go by.

The O2
I've never been to The O2 before as its not local to me but i would love to go and see a show there as i imagine the atmosphere would be incredible, it's one of those places that playing there is such a big deal so i definitely get tickets to see one of my favourite bands/artists or comedians - Id definitely try and get my hands on some Miranda Hart Tickets or Russell Howard Tickets as i just think they are hilarious and never fails to have me in tears laughing so i know id be guaranteed a good night!

You can't go to London and not go shopping; its the law! Where ever you choose to go; strolling down Oxford Street which is the longest street ever, Regent Street which is now home to a two floor Kiko Store (droolz), Camden Market, Harrods, Hamleys the best toy store ever or all the amazing side streets, high streets and designer streets filled with endless amounts of shops theres something for everyone!

West End Show
I really enjoy going to the Theatre anywhere and any kind of show; i just love the whole experience and atmosphere, in the west end that experience and that atmosphere is amplified to insane levels. I leave with the biggest grin on my face and burning desire to get on the stage - it's magic, so a west end show would definitely feature somewhere on my itinerary - Les Mis, Wicked, The Lion King there are so many options of shows to see.

Harry Potter Tour
The fact I've not been to seen this yet, makes me want to cry so much. It's the ideal place to keep Harry Potter alive for a little bit longer, i don't know about you but I'm still having withdrawals so this would ease that a little bit and it'd make the tourist in me scream with excitement. Id want a wand, a time turner necklace, some of their sweets and i wouldn't be leaving without trying a butterbeer either!

Other Tourist things; Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, West Minister Abbey, Abbey Road etc...
There's so many things to do in London that you will never be bored, so anytime that I'd have left after all my many plans - id squeeze in some of the typical touristy places, even after seeing them multiple times before they never get boring to see. Especially, if you are snap happy like me!

How would you spend your weekend in London?
Who you go and see at the O2?
Natalie xx

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  1. I still really want to do the Harry Potter Tour x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Me too, im determind to go at some point!
      Natalie xx

  2. I love London... such a great post!
    I've been to the Harry Potter Tour twice now and am planning to go again next summer. It is absolutely incredibly and literally just blew my mind. I definitely recommend it :)
    Here is my blog post of the tour...
    Holly xx

    1. Im so jealous you've been twice already! I need to go so badly!
      Natalie xx

  3. I love London, although I have never actually gone to London and done all the touristy things.. I would love to though! x


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