You Asked, I Answered #1

You Asked, I Answered #1

In the recent giveaway i hosted to celebrate reaching 500GFC followers (thanks for that btw) as one of the entries i asked that people left a question in the comment; i really liked the idea of starting a q&a kind of series but if i posted a tweet or a post asking for questions i wasn't sure how much of a response id get where with a giveaway i figured it'd be a it more successful/ So today's post is me answering those questions you left!

Georgina and Katie asked: What do you love the most about blogging?
I really enjoy the preparation of posts and the excitement and inspiration that comes with it but i also love the support system around it, i love how nice bloggers are to each other and how they encourage each other - with a topic that could bring bitchiness and nastiness its so lovely how friendly and supportive everyone is.

Sharon asked: Do you imagine you will still be blogging in ten years time?
I really hope so, i really enjoy it and i don't plan on stopping any time soon but 10 years is quite some time away so who knows?

Naomi asked: what have you found the hardest thing about blogging?
Honestly, sometimes when i see bloggers who have been blogging for less time than me doing better than me - and its not that i don't feel they deserve it because they really do but it makes me question myself, i wonder if im doing something wrong and all those kind of things so i find the comparison to others is the hardest but you just have to sit back and look at how well your own blog is doing regardless of whether its doing worse or better than others and be grateful for it anyways.

Shona asked: What is one blog that you find yourself going back to all the time?
I have three that i always go back to and that's Water Painted Dreams, Through Chelsea's Eyes and Bird's Words

Sharie and Danielle asked: What do you enjoy most about blogging? Is there anything you dislike?
I really enjoy the process of blogging, the response posts can get and the support system that surrounds blogging. I dislike trying to redesign my blog; i get bored quite easily and despite having a degree in design i never know how i want it or how to do it and i don't want to pay for someone to do it because as i said i get bored really easily and id feel obligated to keep it on.

Claire, Mel, Prerana and Rachael asked: What made you start a blog?
I was obsessed with watching youtube videos and the idea of getting behind a camera terrified me, so when i discovered some of the vloggers and blogs the go alongside their channels i became obsessed with those and then after a while i got the guts to start my own up.

Beky Lou asked: what do you find the most challenging about blogging?
The photos, i try my hardest to get the best photos i can but the location of my room in the house means lighting is restricted especially with the weather and the early nights were having at the moment. I really want to get some proper lighting but before that i need a new camera as I'm pretty soon mines about to knock on heavens door.

Alice and Alex asked: What is your all time favourite beauty blog?
This is probably no surprise but Zoella, i love her blog and her youtube!

Emily asked: Have you discovered lots of new products through blogging?
Yes, definitely. Ive learnt so much about make up and discovered so many brands and products since i started blogging.

Laura asked: where do you get your inspiration for posts from?
Everywhere and anywhere. I try to get inspiration from other bloggers, i look to my make up collection and see if theres any post ideas lurking in there, tag posts, utilise pinterest and tumblr. Reinvent existing posts - i keep all my ideas in a notebook so when I'm stuck for an idea theres always something i can post about.

Beauty Queen UK asked: If you could describe yourself as a piece of make-up, what would it be?.
This is possibly my favourite question but also a really tough one. I'm gonna say blusher, because it may not be the focal point or the most noticeable part of a make up look but it definitely makes a difference and it brings the whole look together. - is that cheesy to say that about myself?

Sammie asked: I love that you have your own style in terms of posting in the way that you watermark your images, it's so distinctive - do you ever get bored of it and want to change it?
Aw thank you and yes, i always get bored with it. You may notice over time little things will change like the colour of the font i just change it up a bit if I'm getting bored.

Ash asked: If you could collab with a brand and make your own product, who would the brand be & what would you make?
Id collab with either Urban Decay and make my own eyeshadow palette or with Mac and make my own lipstick.

Holly asked: Are you inspired by any other bloggers regarding your own blog?
Yeah definitely, i think its bloggers who keep me inspired to keep blogging.

Emma asked: What do you look for in other blogs?
There are many factors i look for a in a blog like good photos, good writing style etc... but i also look for trust which may sound strange but if i find myself returning to your blog a lot it means that i have an element of trust in you, i trust your reviews and I'm more likely to want to buy the products you mention - does that make sense?

Hannah asked: What's the biggest inspiration for your blog and how do you always have good ideas for your post?
Other blogs are my inspiration as long with magazines, my make up collection, youtube - i find inspiration everywhere and anywhere and that inspiration is what helps with ideas for posts.

Tallulah asked: What would you do if blogging was banned?
Cry alot. Id be so lost without blogging because its become such a massive part of my life now, so i honestly don't know what id do without it, even if I'm not writing a post ill be reading someone else blog.

Katelyn asked: What is your number one product on your wishlist?
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, can not wait to get my mitts on that!

Molly asked: what posts do you enjoy writing the most?
I really enjoy writing reviews; especially when its a positive one because i always over excited. I also really enjoy doing face of the day posts.

Vicki asked: What is your must have winter skincare item?
A good lip balm as i get really dry lips so i like to keep them as hydrated as possible. At the moment I'm using Original Carmex and Rose & Co Apothecary Rose Salve.

Shelley asked: What is your all time favourite drugstore brand?
This is a really difficult one as i love so many for all different reasons. At the moment; it'd be Rimmel or Bourjois.

Lola asked: if you could only have one hair style for the rest of your life, what would it be & why?
Curly hair, i just love it. Its so pretty and easy.

Chelsea asked: what would you do with your spare time if you weren't blogging?
I watch a lot of tv shows so probably carry on with that, or maybe id get more reading done. Who am i kidding, id still be watching youtube videos as i was obsessed with them before i started blogging.

Jo asked: what will you wear Christmas day - glam up or comfy clothing?
Probably a mix between the two; i make an effort but i still keep it comfy.

Georgia asked: What is on your wish list this christmas!?
I really want the Enrapture Jumbo Waver this year!

Emily and Kirsten asked: What are your favourite blogs to read?
Zoella is my all time favourite blog and i also always go back to Water Painted Dreams, Through Chelsea's Eyes and Bird's Words but there are so many blogs i enjoy reading.

Charlotte asked: If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
America, I've never been and i really want to do!

Keira asked: What is one makeup product you could not live with out?
I hate questions like this because i can never decided on just one, i guess id go with mascara.

Vicki asked: what is the best products you've found that work really well and you've bought for a really cheap price?
There are so many brilliant products out there that are super cheap; the MUA palettes are really good, collection have some eyeshadow pencils which are great, i once got a Korean mascara off ebay that was about £1.99 and it was amazing.

Angelica asked: What I would love to ask is what are your pet peeves for blogs? Like what do you dislike?
I get frustrated when people review a product and don't swatch it or show them wearing it and blurry photos really frustrate me, i know its not always easy and my photos suffer a lot too but id never upload a really really blurry photo, whats the point?

Fatbeauty asked: what is your fave Ice cream flavour?
Mint Choc Chip, every time!

Carla asked: cats or dogs?
Dogs, sorry.

Laura asked: What's your favourite item from the giveaway?
The Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, it's a product Ive really loved using these past few months so I'm really happy to be giving it to someone else.

Hannah asked: how long did it take for your blog to become popular?
It takes a lot of time and patience, my blogs almost 2 years old and I've only just hit 500 followers, some people hit double that in half the time it just depends, but just be patient as your blog will grow in its own time and 'popularity' doesn't just come overnight.

Celi asked: What is your must have beauty item?
Concealer, mascara and eyeliner - i can't pick just one but they are the three that i must have.

Thanks for all those questions and i really hoped you liked this post, if you did and would like me to make it a series then feel free to leave me questions in the comments and ill do another one (the questions don't have to be about blogging).

Natalie xx


  1. I'd also love to go to America and blurry photo's annoy me too haha!

    Alice ¦ BeautyByAlicee ¦ YouTube

  2. Ooh love your answer to my question, I probably would have said something similar x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Love that you answered my question. I love mint choc chip too! :D x

    1. Its the best one! :) and your welcome!
      Natalie xx

  4. Love q&a's! Really nice to get to know you more. x


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