358. Christmas Eve Preparation

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Before i even delve into this post I'm sorry Ive used a stock image (source link it in the caption) ideally, i would have used my own images each to accommodate each thing i do but Ive been working today and not had chance to take photos and i was so busy yesterday doing all last minute bits that it completely slipped my mind so this is going to have to do. I don't know why but every Christmas eve i have a little routine i like to do - i know it may seem daft but i just like to go all out for it and pamper myself a little too but as Ive been working today it was needed even more than usual to come home, relax and pamper myself with my little routine.

First things first, i like to tidy up my room - usually in the weeks leading up to Christmas i have a bit of a sort out and get rid of or donate some bits that I'm no longer using just to make it look more tidy and of course to create some space for some of the new things. Unfortunately, as work as been taking up a lot of my time lately i haven't had chance to have a proper sort out but i do  like to tidy it up a little and get rid of my usual floordrobe that's lying around and make it look a little more appropriate.

A staple item in my Christmas Eve routine is to change my bedding, i don't really know why this is a step i do but i love the feeling of clean sheets so i guess its more to do with that and its one of those special nights, It's all exciting and filled with such anticipation so i like to go all out with some new fresh bedding. I recently bought some bedding that looks a little christmassy that I'm going to use so I'm actually really excited to put this bedding on.

 Washing my hair is a must on Christmas Eve as i want to look my best the next day (possibly a really obvious step but bear with me) I did actually wash my hair yesterday as i wanted to have a lovely relaxing Lush bath because i still have some of the Christmas Lush Stuff and it just feels like the right time to use it and i also really want to have a lush bath because after a day in work it's a lovely way to relax and unwind!  I think I'm going to use my Lush 'Cinders' Bath Bomb, which is just lovely and it smells so good - I'm getting all excited just thinking about it.

After a lovely relaxing bath ill be getting straight into my christmassy pyjamas, I don't always buy new pjs for Christmas (shock horror) but this year i seem to have been bit by the Christmas bug, I'm usually a bit of a scrooge at Christmas but this year I'm actually really excited and i found myself purchasing some very christmassy pyjamas that i can't not wait to wear.

Once I'm all snug in my pyjamas; I'll paint my nails - i always paint them before special occasions and especially for Christmas day. This year I'm keeping it very simple with a red and glitter top which you can see in this post here, if you are interested in seeing what it'll be like!

As soon all those other steps are finished; i like to light some Christmas candles and chill out by either watching some christmassy movies, tv or vlogmas (anyone else freakin' obsessed with watching vlogmas or is it just me?) and of course an important step is to get to bed at a reasonable time ready for Santa to visit, don't want to be staying up all night and getting put on the naughty list now do we?

Do you have any little routines or traditions you do on Christmas Eve?
Natalie xx


  1. Those cookies look sooo lush. When I saw it, I thought 'wow, you're amazing!' lol. Merry Christmas :)

    1. Haha, aww thanks! I wish i'd baked them they look delicious haha
      Natalie xx

  2. Such cute cookies! Love your blog, glad I found it!



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