Happy New Year | Goals for 2014

Happy New Year | Goals for 2014

As we prepare to leave the year behind; it usually around this time that everyone starts those 'new year, new start' epiphanies and whilst I'm looking forward to a turning over a new leaf I'm not under any illusion that the change in year means everything else changes too. I'm also not going to set any new years resolutions instead I'm going to set some goals that i hope to achieve.

In 2014 I want too:

Start my Driving Lessons:
I still kick myself for not starting my driving lessons as soon as was of age too, instead i kept putting it off, I'm now 22 and i have a monthly wage so now is a better time than any to start. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to send off for a new provisional first but this is one of my main goals this year to at least start my lessons.

Make Some Blog Changes:
I have a made a list of plans/goals that i want to do with my blog - no major changes of course, only improvements. Things like buying my domain, i want a brand new layout redesign and i want to improve on my photos, writing style and some of the content too.

Redecorate My Room:
As i still live at home with my mum and sister and I'm the youngest i have the smallest room that ever existed. I did decorate it when we first moved in last year but I'm sick of it and i want to completely re-do it all, including getting new furniture. My room is so cluttered with things and I'm tired of it and i just want it to be more grown up and more of a place to relax - i may consider creating a blog post/series out of it and show you how i plan to change it all or maybe ill do a room tour before and after kind of thing - let me know what you think?

Save Up & Invest in a New Camera:
Ive been using my bridge Camera for over 5 years now and i think it's on its way out, so I'm hoping to save up and upgrade to a DSLR. Ive been pining over one for absolutely ages and its something i now really want not only personally but i also feel that my blog will really benefit from it.

Read More:
This was a goal i also set for this year but realistically blogging everyday and trying to increase reading time wasn't going to work so well. So this year, i plan to read more and hopefully spend a little less time on my laptop. It'll be difficult because i practically live on the thing but i really want to read more and for that to happen i need to spend less time on here and find a way to balance between the two. I'm going to set myself a reading challenge over on goodreads (here, if you're interesting in tracking my progress) I'm going to start small and aim for 20 books and if i pass that i will then increase it.

Pay Off my Overdraft:
Deciding to live out during my second year of Uni was one of the worst decisions i ever made as i decided to get an overdraft and I've been in a constant battle to get out of it - so far i managed to decrease it by 50% but I'm hoping to get rid of it completely at the start of this year!

Start a Youtube Channel:
Ive mentioned this so many times on here before and I'm sure you lot are sick of me constantly ooing and arring over whether or not to do it but it's definitely something i hope to finally do in 2014. For me personally i find it scary because its showing more of me and its opening up that option for judgement and that it what scares me about it the most. I also worry people i know in real life won't understand it and ill judge me for it. It's something i really really want to do and i hope to battle with those inner demons that stop me from just doing it.

There's a few other goals like continuing to complete more of my 101 things in 1001 days list as that ends in December 2014 and also my 'kind of' make up ban but I've mentioned these multiple times before on my blog.

With my goals i decided to take a different route with them and avoided the usual banning of items or claiming to go on a diet because as much as i hope to make myself healthy, i just feel that setting them as a resolution automatically dooms it to fail so i just wanted to focus on the things i want to do in 2014.

Have you set any New Year Resolutions/Goals for 2014?
Hope you have a lovely New Years Eve and 2014 treats you all well!
Happy New Year!
Natalie xx


  1. Well done on completing the 365 Challenge! Your posts have been great and you should definitely be proud of yourself. I've sort of started a YouTube channel. By sort of I mean I've done two videos and now I'm really nervous about doing another one.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Holly x

    1. Aw thank you Holly ) Two videos is a good start, i think once you've started it'll only get easier!
      Happy New Year
      Natalie xx

  2. Completing the 365 challenge is such a massive achievement :) I have no idea how you managed to post everyday and actually have quality posts, as well as still live your life! xx

    D Is For...

    1. Aw thank you! I don't really know how i did it myself - it did take up a lot of my time but im so proud that i managed to do it!
      Natalie xx

  3. Congrats on the 365 challenge! I've been really wanting to start a youtube channel too! But i think i'm going to try and get my blog up to scratch first:) xx


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