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This was another little treasure that i picked up from the Car Boot Sale for a whopping £1, i didn't exactly need anymore blushes but as it was Smashbox, it just seemed to good to let it go to waste. At first, i was a little baffled as to whether it was two blushes, a blush/bronzer duo or what but after doing a little bit of reading it's two of Smashbox's products combined - their 'Passion' Blush and 'Soft Lights' Shimmer.

Packaging wise i think it's a bit blah, i imagine the full retail price for this would be somewhere around the £15-£20 mark and for that id expect the packaging to be a bit more exciting than what it is but I've been wearing this blush pretty much everyday since i picked it up and it's such a great product. The blush 'Passion' is a matte rosy mauvey kind of shade, it's a really pretty colour that is much darker to a lot of blushes i own but it doesn't apply really dark it just gives a hint of colour to the cheek giving it that fresh faced winter rosy cheek kind of look. The shimmer 'Soft Lights' is really pretty and it compliments the blush really nicely, it's more of a pinky pearlescent shade which i really like in shimmer/highlighters as i feel they work better for me and compliment my complexion much better. I love the way this shimmer gives a natural glow to the skin, it really makes the skin look quite healthy and radiant and it's a real pick me up during these dull winter days, although i imagine this shimmer would be amazing during the spring/summer time!

The pigmentation of the blush isn't outstanding but i don't actually mind that too much because it applies just the right amount for me and i think it works even better with the shimmer because it doesn't take over. I mix these shades together when i apply them and it's a perfect product for everyday wear, as it'd compliment a lot of make up looks so you could pair this with either a bold eye or a bold lip and it won't make you look overdone or clown like.

I did have a browse on the website and i can't find this on there so i don't know if this is available to buy anymore but if any of the products have caught your eye you can buy them individually. I've only tried a handful of product from Smashbox none of which have disappointed and this one is no exception!

Have you tried any product from Smashbox?
Natalie xx


  1. Not bad for a £1 pretty colours too

    Carrieanne xx

  2. I can't believe you got this for £1! Soft Lights looks gorgeous x


  3. Wow what a bargain, I've not been to a car boot sale since I was little! Maybe I should and see if I can find any little hidden treasures like this. Love the light shade best.

    Beauty by Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

    1. I only go every so often because i hate getting up so early! Definitely worth going though as you never know what you might find!
      Natalie xx

  4. Replies
    1. I still can't quite believe i got it so cheap!
      Natalie xx


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