Monthly Favourites | March

Monthly Favourites | March

This month I've spent a lot of my time wondering what the heck I'm doing with my life; i feel like at the age of 22 i should know what i want to do and be heading firmly in that direction but i am in fact feeling the complete opposite all i know is that despite how much i enjoy my job it's not where i want to be for the rest of my life. Life thoughts aside, March has treated me quite well and it scares me a little at how quickly is has gone past - anyways, onto my monthly favourites.

Beauty Favourites:

Benefit Bella Bamba
This was one of the first high end beauty products i ever bought myself and i was obsessed with it, since my collection has started to grow it got neglected and pushed aside until recently when i rediscovered it in my drawer and i forgot just how much i love this blush. In the pan it looks really bright; it does apply quite a bright pink but it's a lot more subtle looking than you'd expect and i personally think this colour compliments me quite well. It is shimmery blush as it has a added highlight in it which works really well with the blush to add definition the cheeks. I absolutely adore this blush, I've really been loving using it and im definitely not going to let it be neglected fo so long again!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
I've not used this bronzer in so long as id been testing out the many others id found myself with when i went through my little phase of loving bronzer and i forgot just how great this bronzer is. It's actually perfect for contouring and i love wearing this on the many nights out i found myself out on in the last month, I'm quite pale and i found this bronzer works great on me even though it looks really dark in the pan, It's blend out really nicely and it doesn't look muddy on the skin or anything. It really is a great product and my favourite option for contouring.

Two Faced Naked Eye Palette
I completely neglected this palette since i got my UD Naked palettes and i rediscovered it when i was browising through my colletion and I've been using it since then. I honestly forgot how much i love this palette - it's has a really lovely selection of neutral shades and it even comes with some little cards that tell you how to create different looks with all the different shades, so its a perfect palette for beginners too and it's really great quality - I'm actually considering doing a separate post on this palette as i don't think I've ever really mentioned it on my blog before so do let me know if that is something you'd like to see.

Max Factor Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner*
This eyeliner is amazing; i wear it mostly for tightlining to make my lashes look much fuller and this just stays in place all evening. I've tightlined with eyeliners in the past and they've ended up around my eye and also underneath it leaving me with the panda look but this one doesn't do that, in fact this eyeliner barely leaves any smudging. It's very pigmented and creamy and applies really easily too, and it's a twist up pencil so you don't need to fuss around with sharpening which is great. This is probably a product i never would have gone out and picked up on my own as i don't often shop at the Max Factor stand but this eyeliner is fast becoming a firm favourite in my collection.

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart
This is another rediscovery this month - the good thing about a make up ban is that it encourages you to go through your existing collection and rediscover products! This was the very first lip butter i bought from Revlon and although i loved the colour and the formula and everything about it, it was never a product I'd reach for often as i just felt a little alien wearing it. However, i picked it out recently and decided to give it another try and found that with a lighter application it creates a much softer tone of pink and one that i have found myself wearing alot, especially on the evenings.

Lush Brightside Bubble Bar
I love the bubble bars from Lush as they smell amazing, leave your skin feeling soft and they always turn your water a different colour - I also love that the bubbles are really easy to get rid of when you've finished, i know that may sound odd but its such a chore having to rinse all the bubbles out after a bubble bath but i find with these that it's always really easy to do. My go to bubble bar has always been the 'Comforter' and although i still love it, i think i might just have a new favourite in 'Brightside'. This smells incredible; it smells quite fruity and almost citrus-y and the scent really fills up the room nicely, its not too overpowering or anything. I think this one might be a limited edition for Mothers Day or Easter as I've never seen it in store before so I'm quite sad that ill only be able to get it every so often but i guess it'll make it much more enjoyable when i do get it.

Non-Beauty Favourites:

North West Bloggers Liverpool Event
 I attended the first ever North West Blogger event at the beginning of the month and it was such a great event; i got to meet up with some really lovely bloggers which was really nice especially because they were all bloggers I've been following for a while. I actually considered not going to this event because i didn't want to be on my own but I'm so glad/proud of myself for going as i had a really lovely time, not to mention we was spoilt rotten with the goody bag and the raffle they had.

Sunny Days
Spring is slowly trying to push its way through and I've really been enjoying seeing the sun shine a lot more - I'm normally a autumn/winter person and i complain at the sight of sun but a couple of weeks ago when it was a really nice day me and my lovely friend Gemma went for a stroll and chill out round a local park and it was just such a lovely day and sitting on the grass whilst the sun was shining was so nice and it's made me really excited for summer and hopefully more days like that!

Lord Alan Sugar
As i was leaving work the other week; i checked my phone too see i had a mention on twitter and it turned out to be none other than Lord Alan Sugar tweeting about my blog and a review i had done on the Stylfile - it really made my day and it made me so proud of my blog, so much so i even spoke about it on facebook which is something id normally avoid doing. I still can't believe he tweeted about it and it was a really proud moment for me and my blog.

FABB Events
The second event i attended this month was FABB Events as they finally made their way to Liverpool; it was lovely event and it was nice to see the bloggers id met at the previous event as well as meet some new ones, especially Vicky from Let's Talk Beauty as I've followed her blog for a while so it was so nice to finally meet her in person! It was a really lovely afternoon and we were really spoiled by some of the brands there and the goody bag they'd put together.

Decorating has Commenced
It feels like I've been talking about decorating my room for so long and I'm so glad that i have finally made a start - i have thee smallest room and a heck of a lot of stuff so it's quite cramped and i was so sick of not being able to move in it and it always being a mess that i decided i wanted to change it all and get some new furniture and i really wanted it to become somewhere i could really relax and chill in so I'm insanely happy that i have finally made a start - fingers crossed it will be a quick process.

Music Favourite:

Christina Perri - Human
This song has been playing a lot on the radio in work and i find myself really liking it the more i listen to it. Definitely go give it a listen if you haven't already, I really like songs like this; that are quite meaningful and can evoke some kind of emotion in you and i think these lyrics are quite relatable too.

What is some of your favourite for the March?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. Lovely favourites :)

  2. Awww! Such a great post lovely and thank you for mentioning me! :D xxx

    1. you're welcome lovely!
      & thank you :)
      Natalie xx

  3. benefit hoola is the best! just wish it wasn't so expensive, would love if you could check out my blog :)

    1. It is the best, ive been loving it lately! :)
      Natalie xx

  4. Thank you for the mention lovely! I hope we get a chance to catch up again soon. Those Benefit Box Blushes are so good, they last for years too

    1. You're welcome and definitely, it's be lovely to catch up again! :)
      Natalie xx

  5. I adore Hoola, one of the best bronzers I have ever used :)

    Sian | Sian Marie Beauty


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