Monthly Favourites | April

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April has been quite a hectic month for me; in between working and doing overtime, ive been redecorating my room and also i appear to have developed a social life and it was also my birthday this month so it's been a very busy and hectic month for me.

Beauty Favourites:

Nair Brazillian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream*
I really liked using this; the product does have some flaws but on a whole it's a really great and easy way to remove the hair off your legs. After over 4-5 days my legs still felt incredibly smooth and there was barely and hairs grown back either so i love this product. It does have that typical Nair scent which i'm not too fond of but it doesnt linger so i can look past that - i will definitely be repurchasing this once ive ran out because it's just made my life so much easier when it comes to shaving my legs.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara
I actually wasnt to crazy about this mascara when i first used it and reviewed it - i was quite dissappointed and didnt think it was anything special. A couple of weeks ago i pulled it back out of my collection because i didnt want it to go to waste and i don't know if its because a bit of time has passed and thats changed the formula somehow but i've found myself really liking this mascara. It applies much nicer to my lashes, seperating the lashes as it coats them and it's also given a nice amount of length too. Im glad i decided to give it another try because it has definitely changed my mind.

Monu Brightening Boost*
This is a product that i originally was a bit unsure about as it was aimed more at aging skin so i wasn't sure what id get from it, but it has definitely proved me wrong and won me over. Ive been applying this before my foundation and it really does brighten up the skin, it gives me such a natural glow that i often skip out highlighter because this give me enough of a glow. It's also really hydrating and leaves the skin feel nice and smooth - i carry this around in my bag so i can instantly give my skin a boost if it's feeling a little dull.

Paul Mitchell Dry Wash
It seems a bit odd to have a dry shampoo in my favourites as i tend to stick to cheap options that do the same job however since recieving this in a Love Me Beauty box this has definitely made me rethink my choices. This is great for refreshing the hair in between washing but one of my favourite uses for dry shampoo is to add texture into the hair. My absolutely favourite thing about this particular dry shampoo is that regardless of how much you spray, it does not turn your hair white - it's colour free! The amount of times ive gone a little too crazy with dry shampoo and left myself with white patches is unreal but i don't have to worry about that with this - its amazing.

Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light
This is a rediscovery for me this month and ive really been enjoying wearing it; this contour kit makes it so easy to sculpt the cheeks and really define them - im still getting to grips with contouring, its an art ive always struggled to master but this kit does make it much easier to do. The highlighter in the kit also compliments the contour really well and together they look amazing especially on nights out. I do wear this during this day as well i just apply it with a much lighter hand, its a brilliant product, blends out really easily and its so affordable too!

Maybelline Superstay Betterskin Concealer in Light
I picked this up on a whim as i felt like the last concealer i was using was starting to let me down and since my chin keeps erupting i needed something with more coverage. So far this concealer has been an absolute saviour; it's a medium coverage and it covers my blemishes really well. Its quite a thick consistency but it doesn't feel heavy on and it blends out really easily - it also works really well on covering my dark circles so im pretty happy with this concealer at the moment.

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Blogger/Youtuber Favourite: 

My favourite blogger/youtuber favourite this month would have to be the Shaytards; i absolutely love watching their vlogs - the concept of just watching a typical family going on with their daily life sounds really strange and even my sister thought it as a bit weird when i told her about them but i just love watching them. They always make me laugh and their family is so adorable and crazy. They are very well known on youtube so im sure you already know who they are watch them but if not id honestly recommend it because little Rocktard will seriously melt your heart.

Non Beauty Favourites:

Bought my Domain & Changed my Blog Layout
I've been wanting do both of these for so long and always put it off; both out of fear of it going wrong and just generally being clueless. I had an absolute nightmare with my domain at first and it just wouldn't work but then i discovered that id made a really simple error and then it was okay and i can tell you it was so exciting when i finally managed to get it working, i literally spent a good hour refreshing it because i couldnt believe id managed to get it work. As for my layout, it was overdue a good revamp and im really happy with this layout - i feel it looks alot more professional and im really happy with it at the moment.

Many adventures; including lots of random drives, birthday drinks, learning poker and bowling.
As i mentioned above ive been super busy and developed some kind of social life; in between many nights out, ive also been on a lot of random drives and ended up in all sorts of places like Winters Hill, Southport, The Great Orme etc... As well as driving around; ive been taught how to play poker, done many pub quizes and also been bowling a couple of times (i didn't lose, yay!) I've had a lot of fun these past few weeks

Meteor Spotting
We discovered that there was a meteor shower going and on the day it was supposed to peak we went for a drive to see if we could see any - it was very late at night but we managed to see a couple and it was seriously awesome, i genuinely wish i could have been able to capture it somehow but they happened so fast and it was so amazing to see.

Paying off my Overdraft
I finally paid off the last installment of my overdraft and it's such a relief to not have that looming over me anymore - it felt like i would never get rid of it so im insanely happy that its gone!

Progress on my Room
I've made a lot of progress on decorating my room this month; it's been painted and wall papered and even some new furniture has arrived - im still waiting on some others, my bed comes tomorrow (yay!) and i need to buy a new dressing table and put shelves up etc.. but its finally starting to come together!

Music Favourite:

Clare Bowen - Black Roses 
If you've been watching the latest season of Nashville you will probably recognise this song; i'm a little obsessed with it at the moment, it's so beautiful and ive found myself constantly listening to it. It's such a moving and passionate song and id genuinely recommend giving it a listen (link here)

Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man
We've been listening to this a lot in the car when we've been going for drives and it's such a good song, ive always liked Mumford & Sons albums as they are so chilled out and really good to listen to and this song is a really good one to sing along to!

So those are my favourites for this month, what products and things have you been loving?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

FOTD | Spring Make Up

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It's been absolutely ages since i last did a face of the day; i don't know why but whenever i try to photograph my make up lately the photos just look awful, I'm not so photogenic to begin with but I'm finding it really hard to get any decent photos of my face at all - please let me know if you have any tips?

As the sun is starting to come out a little but the make up i went for is quite toned down but with a big pop of colour for the lips. After cleansing and moisturising i applied the Monu Brightening Boost* to my face, I've really been loving using this as it gives a really lovely glow to the skin. I decided to skip out foundation and instead went for a medium coverage concealer; Maybelline Superstay Betterskin Concealer in Light has been a big saviour for me of late as I've had a constant breakout on my chin so this has been amazing at covering them up and it also works well at covering my dark circles too.

I then go in with my Benefit Get Even Face Powder to set the concealer in place and also it makes sure it's all blended out nice and even. Once that's done i move onto the eyebrows; the way i do these hasn't changed at all, i still fill them in with HD Brows Foxy Kit using the shade Ash Brown and then set those in place with Maybelline Brow Drama. For the eyes; i kept them very simple and natural as i knew i was going for a bold lip so i applied Mac Paint Pot in Painterly as a base and then took my Two Faced Naked Eye Palette and took a mix of the shades 'Satin Sheets' and 'Pink Cheeks' all over the lid to give a wash of colour to the lids and then i applied Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara to the lashes.

Once the eyes are finished; i went back to my base and contoured using Sleek Contour Kit in Light - I've not used this in so long but recently I've really fallen back in love with it, it's a great way to sculpt the cheekbones and add definition i also add a touch of the highlight to compliment the contour shade. I also took the same brush i used with my powder and brushed it over where I'd applied the contour to make sure it's all blended together.

To finish the look off i lined my lips with MUA Intense Colour Lip Line in Red Drama and then applied Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 110 over the tip - i don't often go for really bold lips but I've been loving this lipstick a lot lately and i think its such a lovely colour for spring. It's a great way to add colour into your make up!

What make up have you been wearing lately?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

Deadline Tips

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This time last year i was in my final year of University and i was no stranger to deadlines and all the stress that came along with them; as my course was assessment based i didn't have to deal with exam stress too but i know that both deadline and exam season is approaching so i thought I'd share with you some tips that i picked up and found helpful last year when i was doing both my final project and my dissertation.

I'm aware that people work differently so what i may have found helpful may be more of an hindrance to someone else; hopefully these are helpful or that you can cater them in someway so that they work for you! If you have any helpful tips definitely leave a comment below!

Tidy Desk Space
Every day before i started doing any work id quickly tidy up my desk space; so that it was easier to find anything i needed. I found id work better with a tidy desk as id spend less time procrastinating and id also stress less about being unable to find things because everything would be back in its place or easy to get. Id also remove any items that you think might be a distraction to you.

Plan Ahead
This is a tip i found most useful for both my dissertation and my final project - i basically looked at how much time i had until my deadline and worked out everything that i needed to do; from sketchbook work to the computer, from first ideas to re-edits and touch ups all the way to printing off final boards and similarly with the dissertation; i look at what sections i had to do, how many words i wanted for each section up to the time to compile my bibliography and reference list to getting it printed and bound - if you know how much time you have and how much you need to do, you can assign bits to do each day. It sounds a lot but this was so helpful for me because some days i might have only set one task but id complete it quicker than expected so would have started tomorrows and then it left me with a bit more free time and it also means i could keep track of your progress and wasn't really left with any last minute surprises.

Only have what you need & Keep everything else close by
This works best if you plan ahead (above tip) because if you know what you're going to be doing in that particular day or session; you can make sure you have the right notes or things you need and that way you won't be surround with things you won't need (tidy desk tip) however, i would recommend keeping everything else somewhere close by so you don't have to go wondering off to search for anything as that an easy way to get distracted by something.

Regular Breaks
Take regular breaks; for me personally alot of my work was done on my laptop and id be on it for hours, sometimes all day so it was important to take regular breaks otherwise id end up with a killer headache. Also, without regular breaks i noticed that id find my motivation to work would start to drop and id get less done. So every hour or two id get up from my desk and walk around my house or just do something to give me a break - no longer than 15-20mins otherwise you just won't go back to your desk.

Background Noise
This is more of a personal preference but i personally can't work in complete silence, it makes me more aware of the fact that i have work to do and it reminds me of exam conditions too and it does not help with motivation. I find i work better with background noise; i did my dissertation with all the Harry Potter movies on in the background and my final project i had the Friends box set playing, as they are shows/films I'm familiar with i didn't find myself distracted by them because i knew what was going to happen. I found it more comforting to have noise in the background and the conditions were more relaxing.

I drank an insane amount of Caramel Lattes, Tea and Diet coke during deadline season; i constantly made sure i had big bottles of diet coke in my room so i didn't constantly wonder off to make drinks and the hot drinks i made on my breaks. Water would probably be a better recommendation but i was a big diet coke drinker so i opted for that.

I always made sure i had some sweets, crisps or chocolate in my little sweet drawer i have (you can obviously opt for whichever snacks you like) i have a big sweet tooth and i generally enjoy eating, so i wanted to avoid distracting myself but thinking of food or constantly wondering off to go and get something and having them close by meant i avoided that. If you're going to be doing this for a long period of time, id recommend opting for healthy snacks!

Sometimes its really easy to lose motivation; i know i lost mine on many occasions, when you feel this happening try and remember why you're doing it in the first place, why you need it - this is obviously something you want or are working towards otherwise you wouldn't be doing it. If all that fails, just remember that once you've finished it - you're done, no more revision, deadlines or stress and you can spend your days however you want to.

If you're working towards a big deadline or about to enter exam season; i hope some of these tips were helpful anyway and best of luck!
Natalie xx

Review | Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 110

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Taken from my Instagram, hence the filter but i hope it gives you an idea of what it's like on!
Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 110 | RRP £5.49 Link

You know when you're browsing the make up stand and a product just happens to jump off the shelf and into the basket; well this was one of those occasions. I didn't really need another red lipstick but i just couldn't resist the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 110 and it was my birthday when i picked it up so treating myself was totally allowed!

It's is a gorgeous pinky/orange toned red; normally I'd steer clear of orange tones but i was so drawn to this colour that i just couldn't resist it - this shade reminds me a lot of Mac's Ladydanger, i don't actually have it to compare but i think it looks really similar. This lipstick was actually released as part of a A/W collection but i think this particular shade would be wearable during Spring and Summer too especially because of the pinky/orange tones in it. I know i will definitely be wearing it a lot over the S/S season!

Matte lipstick are not usually my favourite kind of finish when it comes to a lipstick but these Kate Moss ones are unlike any other; they are so moisturising to wear and they feel really nice on the lips. I often dislike wearing matte lipsticks because i find them drying and they don't always look very nice on but this is more of a 'velvet matte' formula so it is much nicer and much more moisturising on the lips. It's really long lasting; i wore this on an evening out quite recently and it lasted me pretty much the whole night even whilst drinking - i did reapply it once or twice but I'm still impressed with the staying power nonetheless.

These retail for about £5.49 which is really a really great price; very budget friendly and a great way to spruce up your make up look without breaking the bank! I'm really glad i picked this up even if it was a naughty impulse - i just love the colour and these lipstick are really good quality.

Have you tried Rimmel's Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks, what's your favourite shade?
Natalie xx

Review | Nanshy Angled Detailer Brush

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Nanshy are brand I've wanted to try for a while, I'm always hearing really positive things about their brushes so i loved seeing the Nanshy Angled Detailer Brush in the FABB Liverpool Goody Bag a couple of months ago.

This angled brush has become my go to brush to use for filling in my eyebrows - this could be used for many other things too including eyeliner as the angle would make it perfect for getting a really nice controlled line but i personally like to use this for my brows as the size and angle make it the perfect tool and the angled tip means i can get a precise and neat application.

Nanshy brushes produce soft high quality, affordable and cruelty-free brushes - something that I'm sure will tick many peoples boxes when it comes to brushes! This brush is super soft and it really gentle to use on the skin, it's easy to wash too - no shedding and it's easy to take its shape again after washing.

I really like this brush and i definitely want to looking into try more from Nanshy has i feel like this brush as helped me when it comes to filling in my eyebrows, they are much more neater and i feel i have a bit more control over the application. I've had a look on the Nanshy website but I'm not sure if you can buy these individually but you can get this in the full eye set - if anyone knows any different please let me know!

Have you tried any brushes from Nanshy?
Natalie xx

Three Brands, Three Favourites

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I saw this tag a little while ago on Shona's Blog and i thought it was a really good post idea. It's really interesting to see what brands people consider their favourites as i personally love different brands for different reasons, as i think most brands have their own different strengths. So i thought it'd be interesting to share with you three brands i really like and three favourite products from each brand.

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Bourjois is a brand that I've only really delved into within the last 12 months and it has definitely impressed me. Bourjois are a fantastic brand to look to when it comes to bronzer as they never fail to impress; the 'Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer' is possibly one of my all time favourite bronzers, it's great for contouring or for just bronzing up the face and adding some colour and the colour is perfect for my fair complexion.

Another bronzing alternative from the brand is the 'Bourjois Bronzing Primer', so technically it is a primer for bronzer but i personally like to use this as a cream bronzer. Despite looking insanely dark in the pot it blends into the skin really effortlessly and it looks really nice and natural - and both of these bronzing products smell incredible.

My last favourite from this brand is the 'Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Orange Punch'; it's a nice glossy lip product that feels really moisturising on the lips, it has great colour pay off and this colour is just beautiful, it applies more of a peachy orange and isn't as bold as you think it might be, it is the perfect colour for spring/summer!

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Benefit is a brand that I've loved ever since my interest in make up started to grow; they have a wide range of amazing products and their quirky packaging draws me in every time. One of the very first items i purchased from Benefit was the 'Bella Bamba' blush and it still remains a firm favourite, it's quite a bright pink but it looks so nice on the cheeks and the built in highlight adds dimension to the face.  - it's such a beautiful blush and i love wearing it!

I've dabbled with many highlighters but the one i always make my way back to is 'Benefit High Beam' it took me a while to get to grips with it and finds ways to make it work for me but it's one of my favourite highlighters to use; it's a pink based highlighter which i find works better for me as it's less harsh again my skin tone and the glow looks much more natural!

My third favourite from this brand is probably no surprise 'Benefit They're Real Mascara' i adore this mascara and the results it gives my lashes; it leaves my lashes so long and the little ball shape at the end of the wand is perfect for separating them too. I've gone through a couple of these and its a mascara i will continue to repurchase as i just love it.

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Mac is a brand that I've always had a soft spot for; it's may not be one i buy from often but it is definitely one i go back to time and time again. It was once the must-have brand amongst bloggers but now i feel it has almost been outgrown by some as they've discovered even bigger brands. 'Mac Paint Pot in Painterly' is a product that i never knew i would love as much as i did, it's one id always been keen on trying but it never occurred to me just how much id love it. It's the perfect base product whether its be worn under eyeshadows or even just to be worn alone!

'Mac Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe' is another favourite of mine and it's a eyeshadow that i go back to time and time again; it's such a beautiful and pigmented taupe shade and it a staple shade for anyone's collection. It's a great colour to wear in the crease to compliment a more lighter shade but it's also a really lovely colour to wear alone too!

My final product favourite from Mac is of course their lipsticks. In particular, 'Mac Lipstick in Creme Cup' - it's the perfect everyday pink nude shade, it compliments any eye look and its great to wear for both day or night. If there was one shade i would recommend getting from their lipsticks it would be this one as it's such a staple shade that would suit everyone.

 So those are my three favourites from three different brands! What are some of your favourite brands/products?
Natalie xx

Review | Monu Instant Radiance Brightening Boost

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Monu Brightening Boost* | RRP £22.50 Link

Monu Skincare is a brand that is committed to creating unique and naturally pure beauty products. They are a brand who believe in using natural resources and utilise the special properties of natural ingredients like plants, herbs, minerals and oils. I've tried a few items from Monu before; in particular my favourite one is the Monu Calming Cream (review here) which works an absolute treat for calming the redness in my skin especially when i have blemishes, it makes it easier for me to cover them up! So when i got the opportunity to try out a Monu Product, i pretty much jumped at the chance!

The product i received was the Monu Brightening Boost*  and on first impression i loved the packaging; i don't know what it is about it but i just think it's really nice, it's almost has like a frosted glass effect to it and it just looks a little more luxurious. It's quite a slim bottle so it'd be really handy to take travelling with you or to take on the go. The first thing i saw on this product was that it's for 'Mature and Sun Damaged Skin' which instantly put me off a little as at 23 i don't want to be thinking of my skin as mature but i overlooked that and took into consideration that it is also for sun damaged skin which affects everyone.

On reading about it on the website I've discovered I've actually been using it wrong as you are supposed to use it underneath your moisturiser whereas I've been applying it after that - I'm such an idiot. Thankfully, Ive still noticed quite positive results with this so i don't think it's going to affect how it works too much but ill definitely try it the other way and let you know. The brightening boost promises to revitalise the complexion, smooth surface imperfections and plump the skin to give a more youthful and fresh appearance. It's also claims to combat signs of premature ageing resulting in a hydrated and brighter complexion.

Obviously, i can't comment on how well it helps with ageing skin but for everything else this product is pretty darn good; it's product that is suitable for all skin types and this leaves my skin feeling really fresh and hydrated, after using it my skin looks plump and healthy and it really does brighten up the complexion, it leaves my skin with a really healthy looking glow. Ive found myself skipping out highlighter in my make up routine because with this underneath my foundation i don't need it, this gives me enough of a natural glow.

This has become a bit of a make up bag essential for me and i take it out with me so whenever my skin is looking a little dull or it needs a bit of a boost i apply a bit of this and it instantly brightens up my skin! I was a little put off at first when i read it was for 'mature skin' as i wasn't sure it could offer me anything but it's definitely proved me wrong, I'm so impressed with this product and i love the results it gives me!

Have you tried any products from Monu?
Natalie xx
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*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

Review | Lush Emotional Brilliance Make Up in Sophisticated

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Lush released their Emotional Brilliance range quite some time ago now and whilst a few items did catch my eye, i never bothered to go out and try it. I'm sure you're familiar with the purpose of the range but if not the idea is that the make up is worn based on your emotions - in store they have a wheel that you can get a personal reading from in which you select three colours that you are most drawn to and these uncover a certain word/emotion that reveals a little bit about you or your current state of mind. Each emotion is the shade name of a product so it's all about wearing colours that reflect your mood.

I have the Sophisticated Cream Eyeshadow as mine was given to me in a goody bag i didn't get to choose my shade based on a personal reading it was just given at random so the emotion it's based on is pretty irrelevant as i think it's quite a stretch to call me sophisticated! However, the shade itself is right up my street - Sophisticated is a shimmering taupe shade; it's a really beautiful colour and as you may know I'm a sucker for neutral shades like this.

All their products are packaged in these small glass bottles which i really like; it's not the most practical because it would be more likely to smash if you dropped it but aesthetically it's very pleasing, i also think the simplicity of it all and the added tag around the lid gives it a handmade kind of feel to it. This has a doe foot applicator (i think all their products do?) which makes it super easy when applying the product to the lid.

As it's a cream it literally just glides across the lid and it blends out really easily; the pigmentation is really good as you can see from the swatch above that is literally just one sweep across the hand. This is one of those products that you can make work for you - it's a great everyday colour and it can also be made more intense for an evening look too. My personal favourite way to wear this is to use a big fluffy brush and blend it out so it gives the lid a wash of colour - pair it with mascara and tightline with eyeliner you have an instant edgy eye look, as it's only a wash of colour the shade isn't as intense as it looks in the bottle it's a bit more subtle but i really like how it looks and its such an easy look to create. You could just apply this to the lid and layer it up to get a more intense colour if you'd prefer that but remember to use it sparingly, a little bit does go a long way - i literally only need a small dot on each lid to get the look i like.

The staying power of this product is its only downfall; it does last well don't get me wrong but i find that it starts to wear thin and crease after a while (about 5-6 hours) - i don't know whether that's because i only apply a small wash of it to the lids but compared to other cream shadows I've use the staying power isn't as good but if I'm being honest i wouldn't let it put you off too much.

If i hadn't received this in my goody bag i probably wouldn't have ever tried it because the range is quite pricey but i do actually really like this and I've really been enjoying wearing it especially when I've got to hurry and do my make up quickly (this has happened to me a lot lately) it's the perfect way to get a nice eye look that looks like you've spent some time on it but its taken quite minimal effort.

Have you tried any products from the Lush Emotional Brilliance range?
Natalie xx

Review | Beauty UK Blush in Upper East Side

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 photo DSCF7229_zps305211f9.jpg

Beauty UK is a brand i rarely shop at, i don't really even know why but its one stand i always find myself bypassing but recently i got the opportunity to try out the Beauty UK Blush in Upper East Side after receiving it in a goody bag from an event i attended!

I wasn't sure of the price for this blush but google informs me that they retail for £2.99 so it's very affordable and i believe most product from Beauty UK are a very budget friendly which is always good especially for those of us who may be on a bit of a tighter budget.

It's quite hard to describe this shade because i feel like 'Upper East Side' reminds me a little bit of Sleek's Rose Gold Blush but at the same time i think the rose shade looks darker and the gold is more subtle - in terms of pigmentation this blush doesn't have a great colour pay off, if you are someone who likes a more bold and intense blush you won't be impressed with this product but for me personally i find this blush a great option to wear when i want to go for a more bronze look because the colour is really subtle but still gives a hint of colour and not only that the shimmer in it actually acts a really nice highlight giving a lovely subtle glow to the cheeks. The lasting power on this isn't amazing; id say it lasts for about a few hours so it's not a great option for those who need their make up to last for long days.

If I'm being really nit picky about things; i think the packaging isn't all that great, i imagine it'd be the type that would break quite easily and it's just generally quite plain. You do get a little brush inside which is handy, i personally don't use it as i prefer using my other brushes but it's handy if you take it out with you.

Despite how negative i feel like this post is starting to sound; i do actually like this blush, it's a great option to wear with a bronzer - i don't like to wear really bright or bold blush if I'm going for a more bronzed look as i personally feel it looks to overdone whereas this with this blush it adds such a subtle colour to the cheeks and as i mentioned the shimmer gives a really nice glow and highlight to the cheeks.

Have you tried any Beauty UK Blushes?
Natalie xx

My Current Hair Styling Picks

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I've actually scheduled this post because by the time you are reading this i should hopefully be sat in the pub with some of my lovely friends having some birthday drinks - yes, i turned the grand old age of 23 today - it scares me a great deal how quick birthdays come by; i may have turned 23 but i still feel about 18/19! Anyways...

Haircare is not something i often post about but i am trying to include it a lot more into my blog; as I've been going out a lot more lately (yay, i have a social life) I've been styling my hair a lot and using a lot more styling products so i thought I'd share with you the four hair styling products I've been reaching for the most.

Percy & Reed No Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner
This product is the perfect partner to Dry Shampoo; where that freshens up and adds texture to your hair this adds some softness and shine into the hair. I don't think its an essential must have product to have but i have been enjoying using this as it gives a nice shine to my hair which is turn makes it looks quite healthy.

L'Oreal Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray
This product is a bit hit and miss which probably seems quite odd seeing as I've featured it in this post - in terms of volumising the hair it doesn't really do as much as I'd expect it too, it does give a bit of lift but it's very minimal - it does make me wonder if I'm using it wrong? However this is a really great product to use to add texture into the hair, whenever i have my hair down or even in a half up do i use this and it gives a bit of life to the hair and stops it from look really flat or lank. I really like that you can't feel the product in your hair, being a texture spray i half expected it to leave my hair feeling quite matted but that is not the case at all.

Paul Mitchell ExpessDry Dry Wash
This is possibly my favourite product out of the four - i use dry shampoo's all the time and everyone tends to leave my hair with white patches which is an absolutely pain, however this dry wash doesn't transfer any colour over so i can spray to my hearts content without worrying that it'll turn white. It's great for freshening up the hair and adding a bit of texture too, I'm pretty much in love with this product and I'm genuinely considering buying the full size of it.

OSiS+ Session Finish Extreme Hold Hairspray
I've always been a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to hairspray and don't really splash out on it as i always believed they do the same job however this has changed my opinion completely. This is only a sample sized one but it comes in the cutest little case and its the perfect handbag size, I've taken this out on days out, nights out etc... and its just so handy to have. It holds my hair really well and i love that it doesn't leave my hair feeling gross or sticky, even if i spray too much it still feels like normal hair. This is another one that I'm considering buying the full size of!

What products have you been using to style your hair?
Natalie xx

Wishlist | 2014 High End Beauty Wishlist

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This probably should have been posted at the start of the year but i didn't really have the idea to do it back then - it's my 2014 High End beauty wishlist; i don't know about you but i have a selection of make up product i really want but just never really get round to buying so i thought I'd show you some of those items and then towards the end of the year ill do another post seeing how many of those items i ended up purchasing. As i am still on a 'kind of make up ban' buying these is an exception because these are products that i really want and I'm still going to stop myself from buying other products that aren't necessary.

Nars 'Laguna' Bronzer
This is such a cult beauty item and it's been on my wishlist for a while, even more so since my little bronzer phase took place. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say a negative thing about Laguna the only thing that i think has prevented me from buying it is the price because it is very expensive.

Benefit Gimme Brow
Again, I'm always hearing really good things about it and i use the Maybelline Brow Drama which is a very similar product but you get less of a colour payoff with the Maybelline one so i want to try the Benefit one to see how it differs.

Mac Russian Red Lipstick
I love a red lip and i really like this shade of red by Mac - it's quite a deep red and although i don't really need another red lipstick but I'm finding myself really drawn to this shade. I'm also quite drawn to Lady Danger too so i may get one or the other, or i may go crazy and try and get both!

Nars 'Sin' Blush
This is another product that has been on my wishlist for quite some time but I've never gotten round to buying it. I love the look of this blush as its quite an unusual shade, it looks like its almost purple but i think it'll give a really beautiful colour to the cheeks and i really want to try it.

Mac Eyeshadow in Naked Lunch
I have 3 spaces in my Mac quad palette so i want to get some more of their eyeshadows to fill it up and i also want to try and create the perfect quad for me. Naked Lunch is the perfect base/all over the lid shade and i think this would be great to wear alone with a bold lip or paired with some other shades like Satin Taupe to create a really intense eye. Its one of those shades that just an all round great shade.

Benefit Big Easy Multi Balancing Complexion Perfector
I don't really know why I'm drawn to this product or what is making me want it - possibly because I've read a lot of review on it quite recently so I've added it to my wishlist anyway! I want a really quick and easy base for summer that will give me light coverage without feeling heavy so maybe it could be this?

Anastasia Brow Wiz
Another cult product that I'm slowly falling for the hype of. Ive found myself more interested in filling in and grooming my bows and everyone is always raving about this and how amazing is it so i want to try it too!

Nars Creamy Concealer
I'm finding it really difficult to find a concealer that I'm completely happy with - i do have some that work but I'm still always wanting more from them. I really want to try this Nars concealer mostly because Essiebutton herself said it was really good but Ive also read many others that really rate it so maybe this could be the one.

Mac Eyeshadow in All That Glitters
Another shade i want to add to my quad; this is another well known shade from Mac. It's a shimmery pink shade which again is quite a versatile colour that could be worn alone or paired with others to be more intense and it would also be a good inner corner highlight so i feel this would be a good staple shade to have in my quad.

Nars Tinted Moisturiser
It seems kind of daft having both this and the benefit one in my wishlist but I've also read a few reviews on this too and it sounds really good - one review i read went as far as to says it was the perfect base product for her so that has obviously made me want it. Ive only tried one Nars product so that why i have a quite a few featured on my wishlist.

So that is what is on my 2014 beauty wishlist - it's definitely going to be interesting to see whether by the end of the year i have bought any of them.

What beauty products are on your wishlist?
Natalie xx

My Make Up Bag Essentials

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Most of us girls like to carry a make up bag around with us for touch ups throughout the day and generally so we can be prepared for any situations that may arise; normally I'm one of these girls however the unthinkable happened to me on Tuesday - i didn't bother taking my make up bag with me to work and at the end of my shift i ended up going out for tea very last minute, so not only did i feel horrid being in the clothes id worn all day - might i add i went for a more comfy casual look too - my make up had pretty much slipped off my face, eyeliner had gathered under my eyes and my blemishes were poking through and i looked absolutely terrible. Safe to say i will not be making that mistake again; however it did give me an idea for this post! I don't know about you but in my make up bag as well as putting in the products that I'm wearing that day, i have a selection of products that remain in there regardless; products that are not only essential but that can also spruce up a look at a moments notice.

Oh, if you're interested my make up bag is originally from Next but i picked it up from a charity shop as its the perfect size; it doesn't take up loads of space but its big enough to fit in everything i need - i also really like that its like a PVC/plastic type material as its really easy to clean.

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple
I've mentioned this product so many times so this being an essential won't surprise you; it's one of my all time favourite lip products and i love everything about it from the formula, the shade and the finish. As it's a lip butter its really moisturising on the lips and It's such an easy shade to wear and its the perfect way to dress up any make up look for both day and night. So i like to keep this in my make up bag at all times because its such a versatile lip product and i just love it.

MaxFactor Excess Intensity Eyeliner in Charcoal*
I find eyeliner one of the easiest ways to dress up your make up as it instantly makes it more intense; i mainly only pencil eyeliner in the tightline as it's a great way to make your lashes appear fuller but it also gives your make up a really edgy look to it. Having an black eyeliner in my make up bag means i can instantly transform my make up from the very natural look i wear for work to something more intense, whether it be tightlining or just general applying it close to the lash line and smudging it out to give a more intense smokey eye look. I always feel much more dressed up when I'm wearing eyeliner so this is definitely an essential for me. This eyeliner is really great quality as its really creamy so it just glides along the skin and it's excellent at staying in place, i find it barely smudges on me.

Mac Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe
This is the only eyeshadow i actually take with me in my make up bag; it's such a gorgeous shade and i love using this to give a wash of colour over the lid and paired with the eyeliner it can create a really gorgeous edgy eye look without requiring too much effort or going too overboard. Satin Taupe is also a really great crease colour; i don't always wear eyeshadow during the day but if i do its usually a really light neutral shade (such as UD Sin or Rimmel Punchy Taupe) so Satin taupe would work really well with in the crease with those to transform the make up too. Mac have such good quality eyeshadows; they're long lasting and have really good payoff too.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory
This is my current go to concealer; i use this everyday for both under the eyes and for blemishes so this is definitely something i like to take with me in my make up bag. At the moment my chin has gained some constant residents and they are not very attractive to look at so i like to have my concealer with me for frequent touch ups. I really like this concealer so much so I've almost used it all up; it gives a really good coverage and i love that it works for both under eyes and my blemishes. As it's a part of the wake me up line you'd think the brightening properties wouldn't work well with blemishes and highlight them rather than covering but this doesn't do that, it works well at covering them. This paired with my RT Contour Brush is my little dream team at the moment.

Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown
Ideally, for an evening or when I'm wanting a more 'dressed up' make up look i prefer to fill in my eyebrows with my HD Brow Kit but the Maybelline Brow Drama is a great quick fix to groom the brows and neaten them up. In terms of adding colour and filling them in this isn't a great option as the payoff is quite minimal. However, for grooming and setting brows this is brilliant as it really does last all day. It's really quick and easy to use so its great way to tidy up your brows on the go.

Benefit Get Even Face Powder
I always think powder is quite a boring product; i don't ever go crazy for powders and its probably one of the only products that i use from start to finish. However, i always carry a powder with me so i can remove any shine that appears in the day and to set my make up in place. Also, as i reapply my concealer frequently i like to use my powder to set that in place.

What are your make up bag essentials?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review

Review | Nair Brazillian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream

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I've used Nair for years and I've tried many of their hair removers, it's a product I've always gone back to as it's easy to use and really bank balance friendly. I was excited when i saw this Nair Braziallian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream in my goody bag from the North West Bloggers Event, because it works exactly the same as the usual hair removers do except this claims to have a more natural blend of ingredients to make your skin all glowing and incredibly smooth, and it's also one of those hair removers that you use in the shower rather than having to wait around before rinsing off.

You should technically do patch tests with products like that but I'm too lazy so i just risk it and i applied this to my legs (i think you can use this on multiple areas but i only used it on my legs) and i actually waited for a little bit (about 5-7mins) before getting in the shower because i don't care what it says; a running shower is going to remove the product so i wanted to give it a bit of time to work before getting in the shower. It does give you a little spatula thing to apply the product and to remove it but i also didn't bother with that otherwise you'd have been there all day.

It applies really easy as its a squeezy tube so i literally applied it like i would a moisturiser spreading it all over the leg but in stead of rubbing it into the skin i just spread out a thick even layer of the cream. I think waiting longer beforehand was the right decision because as soon as i stepped into the shower i could see the water starting to remove bits of the cream. I tried to wait for a further 5 minutes before washing it off fully as i wanted to give it as much time as possible to work - i did eyeball the timing a little bit but it was enough time for it to work as when I'd washed it off my legs were hair free and they also felt incredibly smooth.

Like all Nair products this has a bit of a nasty scent but it really works so i can look past that; its so easy to use and the results have been really good - i used this Wednesday afternoon and to this day  they are still quite smooth and there has been very minimal hair that's had grown back which makes me really happy as it really annoys me how quick it can grow back sometimes.

This product definitely has its flaws; the scent, its not quite 'shower' proof and it's also a lot more expensive than the usual hair removers, this retails for about £6.99 - however, regardless of these I'm really happy with the results and i will definitely get this again!

Have you tried Nair Brazillian Spa Clay?
Natalie xx

Review | Lush 'Brightside' Bubble Bar

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I mentioned the Lush 'Brightside' Bubble Bar in my last monthly favourites and it seemed only fitting i gave it a full post of its own. I love the Bubble Bars from Lush and whenever I'm in there i always make sure i pick up one, i usually stick to my favourite one 'The Comforter' but after receiving 'Brightside' in my goody bag from North West Bloggers Event i think i may have a new favourite. Unfortunately, this is limited edition and has only been released as part of the Easter range; i guess on the bright side (no pun intended) it'll make it that more enjoyable to have everytime its released - assuming they'll release the same ones each year!

'Brightside' has ingredients such as Sicilian mandarin, bergamot and tangerine essential oils to help give it a really fruity and zesty scent which smells incredible might i add, it literally filled up the entire room but it wasn't overpowering it was just really pleasant. If you love fruity scents; especially oranges then you will seriously love this, it smells good enough to eat - although, i wouldn't recommend that!

It creates bubbles really easily and it leaves your bath water a really nice orange shade; it's such a nice bubble bar, it's really relaxing and refreshing and i find it leaves my skin feeling super soft. I honestly can't recommend this enough, it's such a nice bubble bar and i wish i had a Lush really close by so i could pick up a few more before they disappear.

I like to split my bubble bars up so i can get as many uses out of them as possible; as this one is quite big (about the same size as the comforter) i can usually get about 4-6 baths out of it so even though it is on the more pricey side of £4.50 you definitely get your monies worth.

Have you tried Lush 'Brightside' Bubble Bar?
Natalie xx
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