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Bit of a different kind of post for you today; not too long ago Annabelle's Wig put a tweet out seeking bloggers who were interested in wigs and hair pieces, I'm quite fascinated with hair pieces and wigs especially since get my hair cut shorter so this definitely interested me. They very kindly sent me a 3/4 Hair Piece* - they wanted bloggers to create three different hair styles using their hair pieces.

I'm actually super impressed with this wig; the colour match is perfect, i was a bit sceptical as to how well they would match it as they only used a photo for reference but they choose so well and it blends into my natural colour perfectly. The wig attaches to the hair really easily; i don't know the technical name for it but it has like a 'comb' style thing at the top and bottom and these slide into your hair holding the wig in place. Looking at them you wouldn't think they would hold all that well, but i found it felt really secure in my hair.

It's such a gorgeous hair piece and i love the loose waved style to it; i genuinely wish this was my own hair because it makes my hair look like it has really good volume at the roots and i love how it looks. Wearing this has really made me miss having my long hair as this hair piece is really long, it comes to about my chest area. - Ive included a picture of my own hair as well as some of me wearing the wig so you can see the difference.

I'm sorry the lighting and photos aren't amazing - i really wanted to do them outside so they'd look better and just more creative but weather and time just haven't been on my side so i hope these are okay!

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Twisted Side Braid
This is one of my personal favourite hairstyles and one id wore a lot myself when i had long hair - it's really quick and easy but it's something a little different from a typical braid. I love the twist at the back because it looks like you've spent a little more time on it than you actually have. To get this hairstyle; starting on one side i take two pieces of hair and twist them (like a rope braid) and add pieces of hair as you move along - its up to you how big the sections are depending on how neat or messy you want it to look - once you've reached the other side of your head and then just braid the hair as normal. I like to add a couple of bobby pins to the twists just to secure them in place and that's it done!

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Braided Half Up Do

This is another really easy hairstyle to do; i love half up do's they are such simple yet classic styles and the braids at the back just add a little something extra to this style. To get this hairstyle; create a braid on either side of your hair - how much you braid and placement is entirely your choice - i then tug on the braid to make it a little bigger, taking one of the braids bring it back and place it against the back of your head and pin it in place and do the same with the other braid. You want them to almost lay side by side but when pinning them in place try to use the other braid to hide the hair ties on the braids and if possible the bobby pins and it's as simple as that.

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Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids are really on trend at the moment which is the main reason i decided to do this style - it's a really cute and easy style. Split your hair down the middle and create two braids, i like to try and start the braids in an upward motion just so it'll be easier when placing it against the head. Then take the braids and do exactly the same as what you did in the last hairstyle except this time the braids are placed on top of the head rather than at the back. Use the braids to hide the hair ties and bobby pins and that it done. It's a super easy hairstyle to do and i really like that mine turned out quite messy due to the thickness of the wig and also the layers but i think it adds a really nice edgy look to it.

Those are my three hairstyles; I've gone for really quick and easy styles that you can do with your hair if you're in a hurry or if like you me you want a style that you can do quickly but still look like you made some effort.

What are your favourite quick and easy hairstyles to wear?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

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