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I've actually scheduled this post because by the time you are reading this i should hopefully be sat in the pub with some of my lovely friends having some birthday drinks - yes, i turned the grand old age of 23 today - it scares me a great deal how quick birthdays come by; i may have turned 23 but i still feel about 18/19! Anyways...

Haircare is not something i often post about but i am trying to include it a lot more into my blog; as I've been going out a lot more lately (yay, i have a social life) I've been styling my hair a lot and using a lot more styling products so i thought I'd share with you the four hair styling products I've been reaching for the most.

Percy & Reed No Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner
This product is the perfect partner to Dry Shampoo; where that freshens up and adds texture to your hair this adds some softness and shine into the hair. I don't think its an essential must have product to have but i have been enjoying using this as it gives a nice shine to my hair which is turn makes it looks quite healthy.

L'Oreal Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray
This product is a bit hit and miss which probably seems quite odd seeing as I've featured it in this post - in terms of volumising the hair it doesn't really do as much as I'd expect it too, it does give a bit of lift but it's very minimal - it does make me wonder if I'm using it wrong? However this is a really great product to use to add texture into the hair, whenever i have my hair down or even in a half up do i use this and it gives a bit of life to the hair and stops it from look really flat or lank. I really like that you can't feel the product in your hair, being a texture spray i half expected it to leave my hair feeling quite matted but that is not the case at all.

Paul Mitchell ExpessDry Dry Wash
This is possibly my favourite product out of the four - i use dry shampoo's all the time and everyone tends to leave my hair with white patches which is an absolutely pain, however this dry wash doesn't transfer any colour over so i can spray to my hearts content without worrying that it'll turn white. It's great for freshening up the hair and adding a bit of texture too, I'm pretty much in love with this product and I'm genuinely considering buying the full size of it.

OSiS+ Session Finish Extreme Hold Hairspray
I've always been a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to hairspray and don't really splash out on it as i always believed they do the same job however this has changed my opinion completely. This is only a sample sized one but it comes in the cutest little case and its the perfect handbag size, I've taken this out on days out, nights out etc... and its just so handy to have. It holds my hair really well and i love that it doesn't leave my hair feeling gross or sticky, even if i spray too much it still feels like normal hair. This is another one that I'm considering buying the full size of!

What products have you been using to style your hair?
Natalie xx

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