My Make Up Bag Essentials

My Make Up Bag Essentials

Most of us girls like to carry a make up bag around with us for touch ups throughout the day and generally so we can be prepared for any situations that may arise; normally I'm one of these girls however the unthinkable happened to me on Tuesday - i didn't bother taking my make up bag with me to work and at the end of my shift i ended up going out for tea very last minute, so not only did i feel horrid being in the clothes id worn all day;  my make up had pretty much slipped off my face, eyeliner had gathered under my eyes and my blemishes were poking through and i looked absolutely terrible.

Safe to say i will not be making that mistake again; however it did give me an idea for this post! I don't know about you but in my make up bag as well as putting in the products that I'm wearing that day, i have a selection of products that remain in there regardless; products that are not only essential but that can also spruce up a look at a moments notice.

My Make Up Bag Essentials

Oh, if you're interested my make up bag is originally from Next but i picked it up from a charity shop as its the perfect size; it doesn't take up loads of space but its big enough to fit in everything i need - i also really like that its like a PVC/plastic type material as its really easy to clean.

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple
I've mentioned this product so many times so this being an essential won't surprise you; it's one of my all time favourite lip products and i love everything about it from the formula, the shade and the finish. As it's a lip butter its really moisturising on the lips and It's such an easy shade to wear and its the perfect way to dress up any make up look for both day and night. So i like to keep this in my make up bag at all times because its such a versatile lip product and i just love it.

MaxFactor Excess Intensity Eyeliner in Charcoal*
I find eyeliner one of the easiest ways to dress up your make up as it instantly makes it more intense; i mainly only pencil eyeliner in the tightline as it's a great way to make your lashes appear fuller but it also gives your make up a really edgy look to it. Having an black eyeliner in my make up bag means i can instantly transform my make up from the very natural look i wear for work to something more intense, whether it be tightlining or just general applying it close to the lash line and smudging it out to give a more intense smokey eye look. I always feel much more dressed up when I'm wearing eyeliner so this is definitely an essential for me. This eyeliner is really great quality as its really creamy so it just glides along the skin and it's excellent at staying in place, i find it barely smudges on me.

Mac Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe
This is the only eyeshadow i actually take with me in my make up bag; it's such a gorgeous shade and i love using this to give a wash of colour over the lid and paired with the eyeliner it can create a really gorgeous edgy eye look without requiring too much effort or going too overboard. Satin Taupe is also a really great crease colour; i don't always wear eyeshadow during the day but if i do its usually a really light neutral shade (such as UD Sin or Rimmel Punchy Taupe) so Satin taupe would work really well with in the crease with those to transform the make up too. Mac have such good quality eyeshadows; they're long lasting and have really good payoff too.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory
This is my current go to concealer; i use this everyday for both under the eyes and for blemishes so this is definitely something i like to take with me in my make up bag. At the moment my chin has gained some constant residents and they are not very attractive to look at so i like to have my concealer with me for frequent touch ups. I really like this concealer so much so I've almost used it all up; it gives a really good coverage and i love that it works for both under eyes and my blemishes. As it's a part of the wake me up line you'd think the brightening properties wouldn't work well with blemishes and highlight them rather than covering but this doesn't do that, it works well at covering them. This paired with my RT Contour Brush is my little dream team at the moment.

Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown
Ideally, for an evening or when I'm wanting a more 'dressed up' make up look i prefer to fill in my eyebrows with my HD Brow Kit but the Maybelline Brow Drama is a great quick fix to groom the brows and neaten them up. In terms of adding colour and filling them in this isn't a great option as the payoff is quite minimal. However, for grooming and setting brows this is brilliant as it really does last all day. It's really quick and easy to use so its great way to tidy up your brows on the go.

Benefit Get Even Face Powder
I always think powder is quite a boring product; i don't ever go crazy for powders and its probably one of the only products that i use from start to finish. However, i always carry a powder with me so i can remove any shine that appears in the day and to set my make up in place. Also, as i reapply my concealer frequently i like to use my powder to set that in place.

What are your make up bag essentials?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review


  1. Your make up bag is so cute! I love the little pattern.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Lots of lovely products in you makeup bag (which is cute too). I like the Brow Drama too & like how easy it is too use.

    1. Aw thank you! I love how easy Brow Drama is to, its perfect for when your in a rush!
      Natalie xx

  3. Love your make up bag!


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