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Beauty UK is a brand i rarely shop at, i don't really even know why but its one stand i always find myself bypassing but recently i got the opportunity to try out the Beauty UK Blush in Upper East Side after receiving it in a goody bag from an event i attended!

I wasn't sure of the price for this blush but google informs me that they retail for £2.99 so it's very affordable and i believe most product from Beauty UK are a very budget friendly which is always good especially for those of us who may be on a bit of a tighter budget.

It's quite hard to describe this shade because i feel like 'Upper East Side' reminds me a little bit of Sleek's Rose Gold Blush but at the same time i think the rose shade looks darker and the gold is more subtle - in terms of pigmentation this blush doesn't have a great colour pay off, if you are someone who likes a more bold and intense blush you won't be impressed with this product but for me personally i find this blush a great option to wear when i want to go for a more bronze look because the colour is really subtle but still gives a hint of colour and not only that the shimmer in it actually acts a really nice highlight giving a lovely subtle glow to the cheeks. The lasting power on this isn't amazing; id say it lasts for about a few hours so it's not a great option for those who need their make up to last for long days.

If I'm being really nit picky about things; i think the packaging isn't all that great, i imagine it'd be the type that would break quite easily and it's just generally quite plain. You do get a little brush inside which is handy, i personally don't use it as i prefer using my other brushes but it's handy if you take it out with you.

Despite how negative i feel like this post is starting to sound; i do actually like this blush, it's a great option to wear with a bronzer - i don't like to wear really bright or bold blush if I'm going for a more bronzed look as i personally feel it looks to overdone whereas this with this blush it adds such a subtle colour to the cheeks and as i mentioned the shimmer gives a really nice glow and highlight to the cheeks.

Have you tried any Beauty UK Blushes?
Natalie xx

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