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Lush released their Emotional Brilliance range quite some time ago now and whilst a few items did catch my eye, i never bothered to go out and try it. I'm sure you're familiar with the purpose of the range but if not the idea is that the make up is worn based on your emotions - in store they have a wheel that you can get a personal reading from in which you select three colours that you are most drawn to and these uncover a certain word/emotion that reveals a little bit about you or your current state of mind. Each emotion is the shade name of a product so it's all about wearing colours that reflect your mood.

I have the Sophisticated Cream Eyeshadow as mine was given to me in a goody bag i didn't get to choose my shade based on a personal reading it was just given at random so the emotion it's based on is pretty irrelevant as i think it's quite a stretch to call me sophisticated! However, the shade itself is right up my street - Sophisticated is a shimmering taupe shade; it's a really beautiful colour and as you may know I'm a sucker for neutral shades like this.

All their products are packaged in these small glass bottles which i really like; it's not the most practical because it would be more likely to smash if you dropped it but aesthetically it's very pleasing, i also think the simplicity of it all and the added tag around the lid gives it a handmade kind of feel to it. This has a doe foot applicator (i think all their products do?) which makes it super easy when applying the product to the lid.

As it's a cream it literally just glides across the lid and it blends out really easily; the pigmentation is really good as you can see from the swatch above that is literally just one sweep across the hand. This is one of those products that you can make work for you - it's a great everyday colour and it can also be made more intense for an evening look too. My personal favourite way to wear this is to use a big fluffy brush and blend it out so it gives the lid a wash of colour - pair it with mascara and tightline with eyeliner you have an instant edgy eye look, as it's only a wash of colour the shade isn't as intense as it looks in the bottle it's a bit more subtle but i really like how it looks and its such an easy look to create. You could just apply this to the lid and layer it up to get a more intense colour if you'd prefer that but remember to use it sparingly, a little bit does go a long way - i literally only need a small dot on each lid to get the look i like.

The staying power of this product is its only downfall; it does last well don't get me wrong but i find that it starts to wear thin and crease after a while (about 5-6 hours) - i don't know whether that's because i only apply a small wash of it to the lids but compared to other cream shadows I've use the staying power isn't as good but if I'm being honest i wouldn't let it put you off too much.

If i hadn't received this in my goody bag i probably wouldn't have ever tried it because the range is quite pricey but i do actually really like this and I've really been enjoying wearing it especially when I've got to hurry and do my make up quickly (this has happened to me a lot lately) it's the perfect way to get a nice eye look that looks like you've spent some time on it but its taken quite minimal effort.

Have you tried any products from the Lush Emotional Brilliance range?
Natalie xx


  1. I always see these in Lush but I never fully understood what they were for. Might give them a try, they seem interesting!

  2. I've wanted to try something from this range for so long but have been put off by the price aswell, this shade looks gorgeous I'm going to have to treat myself to it at some point x


    1. The price is a bit high i think but they are really good products and ive been enjoying using it :)
      Natalie xx


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