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I seem to have a grown a little bit of an obsession with eyeshadow sticks and i recently saw these Gosh Forever Eyeshadow Metallic Eyeshadow Sticks mentioned in someones haul post (sorry, i don't remember which blog i read it on) and before i knew it i was at the Gosh stand in Superdrug with my hand covered in swatches.

Before anything i was quite surprised at the price of these; whilst Gosh may not be High End its prices tend to be a little higher up on the scale (think L'Oreal, Revlon, Maybelline kind of prices)so i was rather impressed to see that these eyeshadow sticks retail for £3.99 - I'd have expected to see them to be a little higher but who am i to complain, thanks to the lovely low prices two of these made their way home with me. Now I'm not sure if £3.99 is the permanent price because according to the Superdrug website they are £5.99 but I'm so impressed with these that they are still worth that price anyway. The packaging of these are also really nice; it has a kind of mirror effect to it and they look like they cost much more than they actually did.

The range of shades available are fairly neutral but there is a green, blue and plummy shade thrown into the mix too, the two shades i opted for won't really be much of surprise as i went for really neutral shades - i got 'Silver Rose' which is a really beautiful silvery taupe that has a subtle purple undertone and 'Brown' which is a cool toned chocolate brown that has a slight gold shimmer to it. These have a really creamy formula and they glide over the eyes really gently, they are really pigmented and take very minimal effort to apply - these really are the perfect lazy way to achieve an eye look that looks like its taken a lot more time.

You can use these as eyeliners too but i prefer to use them as eyeshadow sticks; I've really been loving wearing 'Silver Rose' all over the lid and then blending 'Brown' into the outer corner and a little into the crease, it creates a really nice subtle smokey eye and it takes barely any effort! They do have a metallic finish which is usually something i avoid as it's just not for me but i actually like the finish these have and the staying power of these is pretty amazing - the other day i applied these at around 11am in the morning and they were still going strong past midnight, there was no creasing at all and the colour was still visible too. I was so impressed with the staying power as most cream eyeshadow sticks like this tend to crease after a while but these didn't do that at all.

I'm so tempted to go back to Superdrug and pick up some more shades because i have fallen head over heels for these eyeshadow sticks; they are such good quality and give amazing results and i would genuinely recommend them to anyone who likes to create quick and effortless eye looks!

Have you tried the Gosh Forever Metallic Eye Shadow Stick?
Natalie xx


  1. The Silver Rose colour is BEAUTIFUL, I'll definitely be checking these out next time I go shopping! I'm pretty sure a lot of cream eyeshadows/sticks are waterproof, so these would be great for the summer! Xx

    1. These seem to be waterproof and they last so long they would definitely be ideal for summer!
      Natalie xx

  2. Ooh such lovely colours, I always overlook Gosh, but I think that needs to stop!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I only own a few things from Gosh as im the same i tend to overlook it but its such a great brand!
      Natalie xx


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