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Concealer is one of those products that no matter how much i like, I'm never satisfied and I'm always on the look out for one that's going to be even better - i don't have the worst dark circles in the world but as someone who is partial to a lot of late nights my undereyes often end up look very dull and well blemishes are my arch nemesis at the moment so i need a concealer that's going help me pretend that they aren't there.

I actually picked this up on a bit of a whim; I'd never tried a concealer from Maybelline before or anything from their Betterskin range, i took a bit of a risk in picking it up as i hadn't read any reviews about it or anything so i had no idea what to expect - i want a concealer that had a heavier coverage than any of my other concealers because if i haven't already mentioned enough my chin is going through some kind of epidemic at the moment and is constantly breaking out - i don't know whats causing it, I've tried stripping back on my skincare routine, switching up products, masks, spot treatments you name it I've tried it. So the next best this is trying a heavier concealer that will help me hide them away.

I've got to say this concealer has actually surprised me alot; it's really good quality and the coverage is exactly what i needed - it's quite heavy and it is quite thick but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin which is a big plus for me but i also love that it's not cakey looking nor does it dry the skin out.

The shade range of this is pretty poor as i believe their is only two shades; i have the lightest one which is Light Beige and that's not the best match for me - thankfully it blends out quite well and with a bit of powder and contour i can blend it in enough to make it look okay but id definitely bare in mind that the very limited shade range will make it difficult to find a perfect match - i don't really know on what planet Maybelline thought 2 shades would be enough? Thankfully this concealer has a lot of redeeming qualities and I'm lucky enough to get away with the lighter shade!

In terms of lasting power this concealer does last me a good while once it's been set with powder; if my chin is playing up more than usual i do touch up throughout the day but generally it does last. I really like that it has a squeezy tube packaging instead of the typical doufat applicator style as i find it much easier to get the product out and i don't know i just general find myself preferring it to the doufat applicator concealers. Despite its shocking shade range; i do actually really like this concealer it's good quality, great coverage and a really great price.

Have you tried the Maybelline Superstay Betterskin Concealer?
Natalie xx


  1. oh, I would have liked to try this but that shade looks way to dark for me! Oh well :(


    1. The shade range for this is ridiculous, i dont understand what maybelline are thinking!
      Natalie xx


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