Style Lux Blackhead Killer Peel Off Mask

Style Lux Blackhead Killer Peel Off Mask

I was very kindly sent this 5 Pack Blackhead Killer Peel Off Mask* (I used one before i took any photos which is why there are only four in the image) from Stylelux

I'm pretty lucky when it comes to blackhead as i don't have too many only a couple that linger around my nose area, however i was eager to try these because after reading up on them on their website - this mask is also supposed to remove pimples, blackheads, impurities and excess oils so i was very interested in giving it a try in the hope that i can maybe remove the blemishes that have taken resident on my chin - they are seriously starting to push their luck now!

I love using a good face mask, it's the perfect pick me up when you've had a bit of a crap day and when they promise amazing results it's even better. This mask is a thick black consistency that spreads around the face quite easily and like with most face mask it leaves you looking ridiculous but that's part of the fun right?!

It recommends leaving this for 10 minutes but i actually leave it a bit longer as i find with the consistency being quite thick 10 minutes isn't enough for it to dry. This mask is a peel off; which i really like - i find it rather satisfying, it's kind of like when you got PVA glue on your hands in an art lesson and then you got to peel it off or maybe that was just me? but yeah, this is very satisfying to peel off the face however i am not going to lie, it bloody hurts!!

After I've peeled it all off, i tend to wipe over my face with some micellar water to remove any excess bits that i may have missed to peel off and then i moisturise. It may hurt to peel off but my skin felt incredible afterwards, like I'm talking babysoft smooth. I haven't noticed it removing things like it says but maybe it's too early to say or ill see more results when I've used the rest of them? Either way, i do actually quite like these masks and i love how soft they leave my skin!

Have you tries the Blackhead Killer Peel Off Mask?

Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. I loved these but they're too expensive for me to be able to afford really!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. Yeah i enjoy using these too, but they are a little expensive :(
      Natalie xx

  2. These sound heavy duty, I love the name - they mean business. I love trying new ways of ridding my face of blackheads, these are so on my list, I need to see how good they work

  3. I love the sound of these x

  4. These sound so good. I have a few around my nose area like you and they annoy me to hell. Really need to invest in these.

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty


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