Confessions | Life Edition

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1. I despise getting out of bed - I'm sure a lot of people will agree with this but i seriously despise it. I hate the mornings because i know it means i have to leave my bed. I can sometimes stay in bed over an hour after waking up because i just can't bring myself to get out - i just love it.

2. I'm quite clumsy. If someone is going to fall over or spill a drink - it's most likely going to be me.

3. I struggle a lot with self doubt - although i may not seem that way around my friends, i doubt everything about myself - i don't think I'm good enough for anything and it's become something that can stop me from doing things.

4. I have a strange addiction to Pork Scratchings; i don't have them all the time but when i do have some i can't stop eating them, i find them oddly tasty.

5. I absolutely love karaoke; I'm too scared to get up on my own but with friends (usually @zilmeg) i just love it, its so much fun!

6. I'm quite socially awkward - i don't even know how to explain just how bad i am. I'm really quiet and awkward around people i don't know too well and even though i do try, i just can't help being really awkward.

7. I check my alarm way too much. It's actually quite ridiculous, i check it a few times before i go to bed to make sure I've set and then when I'm trying to sleep ill check it a couple of more times - its almost like i don't trust my phone because I'm convinced its going to make me late for work.

8. I can't stand the feeling of velvet - the texture just goes through me and touching it makes me feel sick. Ugh.

9. I'm really impatient; i get so grumpy when things don't happen on time or I'm kept waiting - even waiting for buses and trains makes me really grumpy. I try so hard not to let it bother me but i just can't help it.

10. I'm quite addicted to social media; even though i may not post on them often i spend way to much time check facebook, twitter and instagram. I'm so bad that as soon as i turn my laptop off, I'm straight onto my phone as if anything is going in that 5 mins. I've also fallen asleep on my phone numerous times whilst reading facebook/twitter. Oops.

Natalie xx

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  1. We are so alike, I'm unbelievably clumsy, I walk in to everything & always trip up. I hate getting out of bed & Im beyond awkward in social situations

    1. Thats insane! Im glad im not the only one whose awkward in social situations, i always feel sorry for the people who get stuck with me haha!
      Natalie xx

  2. Love posts like this. The bed thing is so me, my husband gets up as soon as his eyes open, I just cannot. I'm also addicted to social media, I actually can't stay off it haha it's the first thing I check in the morning!

    Jade | UK Beauty Blog

    1. I can't get up as soon as my eyes open, i literally lay in bed for another hour debating whether or not to get out of it haha! and im the same im on my phone last thing before i sleep and first thing when i wake up!
      Natalie xx


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