Essence Launch | Manchester

Yesterday, i attended the Essence Launch in Manchester - i was really excited for this event as I've not been to many official events, its mostly been meet ups! Also, i tried Essence when i went to Rome last year and i fell in love with the brand so I'm very excited that it's made its way over to us here in the UK.

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As we walked into the event we were greeted by Heidi from Flipside PR who was absolutely lovely and she explained how the event was going to work and what was going to happen. I really like how they had laid out the room; the product's were really well presented and even though it looked very professional it had a really nice laid back atmosphere.

You could have your nails done by the Pamper Puff Girls, they also had a make up artist on hand to do your make up or help you out with any queries over the products or if you needed matching to concealer or foundation and we also got to have a wonder round and try out all the products.

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There was a little presentation from the Essence Team informing us about the brand; things like the prices, the concept and also the quality and how important it was to them - Essence is all about being fun and colourful without having a massive price tag (The prices range between 99p and £3.99). One thing that i absolutely loved about the concept was that instead of giving a specific age range for their target audience - they said there brand is for users who are 'young at heart' and i really liked that because it's not singling out an age range.

The Essence range are such excellent quality; they have a massive range of products too and they change 50% of the products each year to keep up with growing trends.

As if the day wasn't amazing enough and the goody bag wasn't already bulging with goodies; we was told that we could fill our goody bags with any products we were interested in trying - i think it's safe to say i and every other beauty blogger there were in Heaven! It was insane and i felt so naughty every time i put something into my goody bag, i still can't believe just how generous they was or that we could do that. I was actually quite restrained and tried not to go to crazy with picking up products but It's safe to say i shouldn't need to buy any new make up anytime soon.

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After a few hours at the event; they walked us over to the Arndale Centre to show us the Essence Stand - it's a massive stand and full to the brim with amazing products, the staff there were absolutely lovely too. I don't venture into Manchester often but it's safe to say i will definitely be making more trips there. So if you are after a really affordable and good quality brand make sure you head into Manchester's Arndale Centre and check it out!

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As you can see from this photo - we were spoilt rotten! This photo is both the goodies from the goody bag as well as the products i picked up to take home and i honestly can't get over just how much we've got! I'm so excited to try all the products out - I'm going to be doing lots of posts with all the products including make up looks, nail tutorials and of course lots of product reviews.

I'd genuinely recommend checking out Essence; it's such amazing quality and really bank balance friendly.
Will you be trying Essence out?
Natalie xx


  1. Oh wow! What a fantastic day and I can't believe how many goodies you got! Looking forward to the reviews :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. Aw thank you! I know, it was an insane day and i still can't quite believe how much i came home with!
      Natalie xx

  2. Sounds like such an amazing event! Can't believe how generous they were! I live in Manchester so I would have loved this :) great post!
    Bea x

    As Seen By Bea

    1. Aw it's a shame you didnt get to go - it was such a lovely event!
      Natalie xx

  3. Essence is one of my fave brands! this looked like such an amazing event:)

    emma xo |

    1. Its an incredible brand isnt it?
      Natalie xx


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