Monthly Favourites | June

Monthly Favourites | June

Another month as passed and it's time for another monthly favourites - how are we half way through 2014 already? For me, June has been quite a hit and miss month for me; it's been a really good month in terms of some of the things I've gotten up too but I've had some crappy news thrown into the mix which has got me all worried and really thrown me off - hopefully next month will be much better! Also, I've done the photos a little bit differently this month so please let me know what you think of those or whether you prefer the old way - I'm not sure which ones i think are better yet, so do let me know which you prefer!

Beauty Favourites:

Hurraw! Lime Lip Balm*
This is quite possibly the best lip balm i have ever used - it embodies every quality i want in a lip balm. It's so hydrating, it leaves my lips feeling really soft and it actually lasts on the lips which not a lot of lip balms tend to do. I'm not usually a big fan of lime scents but this smells incredible! It has a unique oval shape to the lip balm which i really like!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation
I have been pining for this foundation for a good while now and i decided to finally treat myself to it when i had some vouchers for Debenhams and I'm so glad i did as i think this might be my favourite foundation and it may be reaching 'Holy Grail' status. When it comes to foundation i like something that is nice and light but that will still give me some coverage - as this foundation is water based; it means that the formulation is really light, it does also mean that the coverage is very light but you can actually build on this foundation and layer it up til you get the results you want. I'm in love with this foundation, i love how it looks on the skin and it gives a really nice flawless look to the skin.

Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Mask
I've really been enjoying using face masks lately and the one I've been reaching for the most has been this Avon Pore Penetrating Mask; it focuses on pulling out the dirt and oil that is clogging up the pores. My skin has improved a lot lately; i don't whether its down to this or the alterations in my skincare routine but either way it's has definitely made a difference.

Nars Blush in Sin
Another item that has been on my wishlist for the longest time and I'm so glad i caved in and treated myself as this is such a beautiful blush. It's such a gorgeous colour and the shade is not like any other i have in my collection. These are such good quality blushes; they have good colour pay and last all day too. I'm a little smitten with this blush and I'm so glad i finally have it in my collection!

ESPA Restorative Candle*
I'm not one to buy expensive candles and without the ESPA giftcard i probably wouldn't have picked this up. The scent fills up the room really nicely without being too overpowering. I'm really enjoying burning this candle; it burns nice and evenly, it smells incredible and its the most relaxing candle i have ever had.

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner
This used to be my go to felt tip liner but i strayed away and tried out a few others and i also went through a phase of not wearing eyeliner. I picked this up again and instantly fell back in love with wearing eyeliner - it's such a good felt tip liner; it's exactly like a felt tip pen and the nib is really useful for helping you to control the application of it - it's a great felt tip liner for beginners. This felt tip liner is really affordable; it's so easy to reply and it lasts all day on me.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Out of all my naked palettes this is probably the one that I've used the least. Every couple of weeks i rotate the make up in my make up bag so that I'm making use of all the products in my collection rather than just the same ones and i recently added this palette into the mix and i have been loving using it. The Naked 2 is more cool toned nudes and like all the naked palettes; the eyeshadows are really good quality, have excellent colour pay off and last all day too. My favourite eyeshadows out of the palette has been 'Bootycall, Tease and Busted'

Other Favourites:

McCoy's Ultimate Two Flavoured Crisps
I have been obsessed with these lately; they have a selection of flavours but my personal favourite has been Chargrilled Steak and Peri Peri - it sounds like a really odd combination but it goes together so well. They are so tasty and I'm actually glad they are no longer on offer so i won't buy them half as much as i have been doing.

Westfield Street Music Festival 
One of the streets in my town where they have most of the pubs/bars etc.. put on a all day music festival where lots of local bands and singers played. I only went in the evening as my friends band was playing but it was so good - the atmosphere was really lively, and everyone was in such good spirits, i think the lovely weather helped with that. All the artists i saw were really talented especially my friends band who i have featured below in my music favourites!

The Book Thief
I finally got round to watching the film of The Book Thief - I've not actually read the book so i didn't really know much about the story or what to expect but i actually really enjoyed the film. It's set during World War 2 and is set in Germany - I'm not going to say to much about the story itself as it's a tough one to explain without giving it all away but it's such a moving film and it even made me shed a few tears.

Essence Launch
I did a post on this quite recently (see here) but it was such an amazing event. It was so nice to learn more about the brand and see all the products and also to see other bloggers and meet some new ones. We were so spoiled and i still honestly can't believe just how much make up i ended up with after it!

Anker External Battery Charger
This is one of the best purchases i have made lately; Iphone batteries are absolutely terrible and there has been so many occasions when I've been out and about and my battery starts to run low and it's so annoying. So having this external battery change is such a life saver because i don't have to worry too much now if my battery starts to run low and it's so compact that it barely takes up any room in my bag.

The Fault in Our Stars
I went watching The Fault in Our Stars at the Cinema and i loved it; i read the book sometime last year and I'm always very critical when it comes to seeing movie adaptations but i think they really did the book justice. It's one of those films that takes you through all different emotions and it makes you both laugh and cry - i didn't cry half as much as I'd expected too but i think it was because i was in a cinema, had i been on my own i would have probably bawled like a baby. I'd recommend going watching it if you haven't already!

Music Favourites:

B.O.B - Magic
I'd only ever heard of the song Magic because of Pitch Perfect and lately, it's been on in the car few times when we've gone for drives and since then i can't stop listening to it. It's such a good and catchy song.

Ella Henderson - Ghost
I didn't like this song at first but it's played on the radio a lot (we have the radio on constantly at work) and after hearing it so much it's really grown on me and i actually really like it now.

I'm probably a little bias towards this band as i am actually friends with the bassist but i saw them play live a few weeks ago at the Westfield Street Music Festival (mentioned above) and they are so talented. I really enjoyed their set; they had a good on stage presence and their songs were so catchy - i really loved their song Swim! They are a local band and they gig in Liverpool so if you live locally definitely go check them out as they are really talented.

What are some of your favourites for the month of July?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. The Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner is one of the best felt eyeliners I have tried and it is so affordable x


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