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 Cien Volume Hairspray Extra Volume Formula
Up until recently this has been my go to hairspray; it holds my hair really well and it doesn't leave your hair sticky or crunchy like some can do. It adds a little bit of volume to the hair and its really affordable too!

Derma V10 Tea Tree 15 Reviving Foot Wipes*
I'm not really sure what to say about these; they're tea tree wipes specifically for your feet. They were nice to use but they were a bit of a pointless product, they didn't have any real purpose and I'd hardly say they were 'reviving'.

Nip + Fab Mango Smoothie Dry Skin Fix Body Butter
I've really enjoyed using this; it's nice and hydrating on the skin and the consistency is really nice - it's not too thin and watery and its not too thick either, its a really nice in between. It absorbs really nicely and it leaves the skin feeling soft. This one is a Mango Smoothie scent and it smells amazing, it's been really nice to use whilst its spring because its such a fresh and fruity scent. I know these have been discontinued but I'm hoping I'm still going to be able to get a hold of another one before they disappear completely.

Creightons Argan Smooth Deep Moisture Shampoo
Considering this cost me something like 99p it's actually a decent shampoo -  because it has argon oil in it, its really good for the hair and it made it feel healthier and it was a really nice shampoo to use. I have the conditioner as well but I've not quite finished that up so no doubt it'll be in next months empties.

Along Came Betty Pure Pores 15 Minute Detox Mask
I really enjoyed using this face mask - you applied it to the face as you normally would a face mask but this had little beads in it and you massaged the mask into the skin until all the beads disappeared and then left it for 15 minutes to work its magic. I found this mask a bit hit and miss - some days i really liked it, other days my skin hated it and it would feel almost like it was stinging which i found really odd as that would only happen every so often. On the days i did get along with it though, it left my skin feel really refreshed and soft, it was a little drying but i just made sure i used a good moisturiser after.

Paul Mitchell Express Dry Dry Wash
I have only ever used really cheap dry shampoos that always leave a lovely white imprint on your hair after spraying which i don't know about you i find highly annoying. This dry shampoo is colourless and it doesn't transfer any colour what so ever onto the hair and it's so nice not having to worry about how much your spraying. It's a great dry shampoo too, it refreshes the hair and adds texture, i definitely think I'm going to start spending a little more on a dry shampoo as they are definitely proving to be better quality.

Benefit Get Even Blot Away Shine and Discoloration Face Powder
After smashing my last Benefit powder on a night out i moved onto this one. It was a really nice powder and because it didn't really have a colour to it, it didn't add any extra coverage it just got rid of any shine and set my base in place. Unfortunately, this powder also fell victim to a night out and it smashed - gutted is not the word.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
I really enjoyed this concealer, i honestly didn't expect it to be as good as it is. It covers my dark circles really well and it also brightens up under the eye too, as it's a part of the 'wake me up' range it's an illuminating type of product so i didn't think it would be any good at covering blemishes but it actually does a pretty good job at covering them too. So it's a really good affordable all round concealer and i definitely intend on repurchasing it at some point.

Garnier Light Eye Roll On
I don't really know why I've included this because to be honest it wasn't that great of a product. The roller ball felt really nice under the eyes, it was cooling and refreshing but other than that it was kind of pointless.

Nourish Treatment Argan & Kale Anti-Ageing Hand Cream*
I wasn't sure how much I'd like this as the scent is quite strong and in my opinion it's not all that pleasant but scent aside it's actually a really good hand cream. It's really hydrating and nourishing and it really moisturised my hands.

Creightons Pure Touch Moisturising Anti-Bacterial Hand Hygiene Gel
This is just your typical hand sanitiser gel - i always like to having one on hand and i keep one near my desk so that when i apply my make up i can make sure my hands are sanitised and also when I'm out and you never know whats been where so its nice to at least try and kill some of the bacteria you might pick up.

Model Co Fibre LashXtend Extreme Black Lengthening Mascara
I was so excited to try this mascara because with is saying 'fibre' in the title i thought it meant it was one of those mascaras that transfers fibres to the lashes making them really lengthy. However, this mascara did nothing like that - in fact it was extremely disappointing, it was just a bog standard mascara and considering it's quite pricey i honestly expected more.

MUA Everylash Volume & Lengthening Mascara
I was so surprised at how good this mascara was, it really lengthened and volumised the lashes. MUA is such an affordable brand and i think this mascara is something like £3 you really can't go wrong. - i will definitely be repurchasing this as some point as it such a great mascara and it as a lovely apple scent to it.

Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara
This was only a sample size of the mascara that i got in a Tarte set from a swap i did a while ago and I'm so gutted that i can't get the full size as it was such a good mascara - it has really nice packaging and its makes the lashes look really long, it separates them really well and i really hope that i can get hold of another one.

Sephora Daily Make Up Brush Cleaner
This was great for spot cleaning brushes and it did a really good job of it. It made me feel less guilty about taking forever to deep clean them because it has anti-bacterial properties in it so it was great for sanitising the brushes. It's also a really handy size because i only got the small one, it's great to take travelling and I'm actually keeping the bottle so that i can have a go at some d-i-y brush cleaners.

Kiko False Lashes Concentrate Volume Top Coat Mascara
I wasn't as crazy about this as i thought i would be - don't get me wrong it's a great product, it's a great way to add extra volume and length to the lashes. It does work but after using this i realised I'm just not a big fan of layering up mascaras.

Q Balance The Fine Fragrance Body Spray*
This is described as being "A floral harmony of Iris and Mimosa. Romantic, soft and sensuous." - it's such a lovely scent and i really like body sprays, they're so handy to carry around with you and i really like using them for work so that i can freshen myself up and i don't have to use my more expensive perfumes either.

Schwazkopf Osis+ Session Finish Extreme Hold Hairspray*
This is only a mini sized hairspray but i really want to get my hands on a full size as this was a really good hairspray. It's really good at holding the hair in place and it doesn't leave the hair sticky or crunchy. It is quite a pricey hairspray but i am actually considering buying it because it really is a great hairspray.

What products have you used up this month?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. You have used up a fair amount of products last month. I keep meaning to pop in to Savers & see if they have any Nip & Fab Body Butters left. I love this Mango one & the Pistachio too.
    Sounds like you've been having a nightmare smashing products! Such a pain when that happens & expensive too

    1. I know, this isnt them all either - i just have a bag full that i pull handfuls out of each month.

      Oh, im gutted about the two powders both are benefit ones that ive smashed aswell :(
      Natalie xx


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