Review | Avon Colourtrend Eyeshadow Pencil in Sailor Taupe

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I'm sure most of you are aware of my love for eyeshadow pencils by now - i just love them, that easiness of sweeping it over the lid and being good to go, it's any lazy girls dream. I love applying make up; its one of my favourite parts of the day but sometimes (i.e. for work) i don't always feel like spending a load of time applying make up especially when it's really early and id much rather spend the extra time in bed so products like this are just wonderful because i can get the extra Zs and still look slightly presentable for work.

It's been ages since I've had a good browse in a Avon book; they sell some really lovely and affordable products. Colourtrend is one of the ranges that Avon sell which is aimed more at a younger audience - it's not a brand i shop from often but i have tried a few things from them and when i was recently browsing the Avon book they had a bit of a nautical collection going on - little fact about me: i love nautical themes, i just can't resist them. The collection has so many lovely products that i almost bought them all but i was very restrained and just went for one which was the Avon Colourtrend Eyeshadow Pencil in Sailor Taupe. I don't remember the exact price but i don't think it was more than £3.

Unfortunately, the very cheap price is reflected a lot in the packaging - it is so unappealing to the eye. I know that 'you get what you pay for' but there are many brands that are just as affordable and still manage to product half decent packaging, this just looks so cheap and nasty. Thankfully, the product itself isn't quite as nasty as the packaging.

The shade i opted for was 'Sailor Taupe' which is a very light taupe brown, that has a slight hint of copper in it too. It looks really nice applied all over the lid as it's a great base colour - I'd just wear this alone but you could build it with other shades in the crease and outer corner to create other eye looks. It has quite decent colour pay off too and it's so easy to apply, the formula is really creamy so it just glides over the lid. The one thing that does let this product down is the longevity of it; most cream eyeshadow pencils I've used really stick to the lid and the product lasts all day, this one however creases after a couple of hours so it's not ideal. Ive tried it with a primer underneath as well which does help prolong it a little but it doesn't make a massive difference. For me, i can still use this for the work as a lot of my shifts are quite short but if you work long days, this isn't something id recommend because it would probably start creasing half way through your day and the last thing you want to be doing it having to worry about your eyeshadow throughout the day.

I personally wouldn't go out and buy another one of these as I've got other eyeshadow pencils that are just as cheap and are much better quality. Its okay for a quick make up fix but i like eyeshadow pencil products because not only for the ease of them but they last all day and i don't want to worry about them creasing or fading and that's where this eyeshadow pencil lets itself down.

Have you tried the Colourtrend Eyeshadow Pencils?
Natalie xx

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