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When i first heard about this Seventeen Doll'd Up 3-Way Eyeliner i was instantly intrigued and was dying to get my hands on it but every time i went to buy it i could never find it - i even tried a variety of different shops and they didn't have it either so i don't know whether it's been discontinued or something. I did however manage to find this in the clearance section in my local boots for 50p.

Although, this is a liquid eyeliner it works a lot differently to your typical felt tip liners - this one has three prongs, the idea being that it makes it much easier to line your eyes. You can use the prongs to create a dotting effect along the lash line - this not only gives a nice natural look to the liner it, the dotting effect gives the illusion of fuller lashes. Also, if you aren't confident using a typical felt tip liner - dotting this against the lash line makes it much easier.

I am someone who loves eyeliner - i wear it almost everyday and whilst I'm very confident using felt tip liner, i really liked the idea of being able to create a more natural lash line. In terms of pigmentation and longevity this is a great eyeliner. However, i find this really difficult to apply and no matter how much i try i can never get a decent looking line with it. It always looks messy and for a product that is meant to make applying liner easier i find it does the complete opposite.

I'm not saying this is a bad product; i just find that i don't get on with it and after being so intrigued and having quite high hopes for it, i feel like it's left me feeling really disappointed.

Have you tried the Seventeen Doll'd Up 3-Way Eyeliner?
Natalie xx


  1. i got this for free with a boots purchase, i really liked it but it dried out so quickly! :(
    Jennifer's journal | Enter my giveaway!! XX

    1. Aw, im just not too crazy about it - i can't get used to the 3 dots :/ it sucks that it dried out so quickly.
      Natalie xx


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