St Moritz Mini Bronzing Collection

St Moritz Mini Bronzing Collection

I've put off writing this review for the longest time - i have never used fake tan before, it's just something that's never appealed to me. I'm quite a pale person and I'm okay with that, it's something that i actually quite like. However, i was given this St Moritz Mini Bronzing Collection* at the very first North West Bloggers Event back in March and the last at the St Moritz stand said I'd be the perfect candidate for this kit as it's designed with us fake tan virgins in mind. I figured it was worth giving it a try and who knows maybe it'd convert me to the world of fake tanning.

St Moritz Mini Bronzing Collection

Now, the reason I've put off trying this so much is because I'm scared - scared, I'll do it all wrong and I'll be stuck looking like a wotsit. However, the time finally came to put on my big girl pants, be brave and give it a try -  for the sake of this review and it being the first time, i only did my legs just so because i think if its something i enjoy I'll have a better idea of how to do it next time and i can avoid having a full on orange body. Also, if it does goes wrong i can hide my legs away quite easily.

The kit comes with a body lotion, tanning lotion and a body scrub - everything you need to create the perfect tan. So to start i exfoliated my body using the body scrub to make sure my skin was soft and smooth, and i also made sure to pay extra attention to the awkward parts like knees and elbows. The body scrub was actually really nice, it had quite a thin consistency which i found quite unusual most body scrubs I've used tend to be quite thick but it was really gentle on the skin and i could feel it working which i really like. It didn't have much of scent but i did actually really enjoy using this body scrub and i would use this again without tanning as my legs felt incredibly smooth after using it.

I then used the body lotion to lock in the moisture and ensure that my skin was nice and smooth ready for the tanning lotion. The body lotion was quite similar to the scrub in that it has a similar thin consistency to the scrub minus the exfoliating beads; it absorbs into the skin really quickly so there is not waiting around for it to sink. With the body scrub these two make a really good team as the body lotion really softens the skin.

St Moritz Mini Bronzing Collection

Once moisturised, i used my tanning mitt to exfoliate the legs again and then it was the moment of truth - tanning mitt in hand it was time to apply the tanning lotion which wasn't too bad, it took me a while to actually start it as i was a little hesitant but once i started it was relatively easy and i like that i could see where i had applied it so that you don't end up with patches darker than other. The lotion spread really easily as it has quite a thin consistency, i didn't actually expect it to spread as easily as it did - people usually say that fake tan has a funny biscuit type of scent, i personally couldn't smell this but I've had a bit of a cold lately so I'm wondering whether its because of that that all of the three products didn't appear to have much of a scent.

I used a Derma V10 Tanning Mitt* to avoid getting the tanning lotion all over my hands and also to help with the application as it made it much easier and much smoother. I really like that the mitt came with latex gloves inside so that the tanning lotion doesn't transfer onto the hands. 20 minutes after i had applied the tan i took the other side of the tanning mitt and buff over the skin to remove any excess lotion and to buff in any bits that may have streaked - i always thought the tanning mitt was only for applying the tan so i like that it's also used to prep the skin before and after.

For the fake tan to develop you have to allow 4-6 hours before showering, i allowed 4 hours before getting a shower as it was my first time and i only wanted a light natural tan. I did originally take before and after photos but it was a complete waste of time including them because my legs looked just as pale as they did in the 'before' photo - i don't know whether its because i didn't apply enough of a tanning lotion or whether its just washed off when i got into the shower - do you know why it might now have worked?

Either way i feel like I've wasted my entire day trying it out. It's been so pointless and it's definitely put me off every wanting to bother with fake tan again - I'd rather save my time and stick to my nice pasty legs.

Do you fake tan? What's your favourite tanning brand?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. I love St Moriz mousse as it does not go too dark on my pale skin however I do need to apply it twice to get a nice colour, maybe its the same for these products?

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

    1. Ahh maybe this needs to be applied twice then?
      Natalie xx


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