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I know it's naughty but i don't really look after my feet as much as i should - i hate feet, i think they're just disgusting and i don't really want to spend my time touching them so i just avoid them as much as i possibly can so as you can imagine my feet aren't quite - shall we say, summer ready?

I'm a big fan of Tom Pellereau's Stylfile and i absolutely love their S-File and the emergency file since using them Ive not looked at another nail file so i was really excited when i saw the Stylfile S-Ped* in the goody bag at the North West Bloggers Event a few weeks ago. The S-Ped is a curved foot file and exfoliator; it has a detachable case that both the foot file and exfoliator fit onto - i think the casing is mostly only needed for the exfoliator so it's easier to dispose of any dead skin that comes off but i find that using it for the foot file as well gives you a much better grip on it.

Like all Stylfile products these follow that unique s-shape - in the nail files it's brilliant for following the natural curve of your nail, with your feet its perfect for following the natural curve of the foot - it may sound odd, but i find that the shape makes it easier to use on the foot and it also gives you a better grip of the product. Ive tried things like pumice stones in the past to exfoliate my feet with and i always find it really difficult to use and to keep on my feet without dropping it, whereas the s-shape really does make all the difference because its much more comfortable to hold but it works with the shape of your foot rather than against it.

My feet are still very much a work in progress but since using this i can definitely see some improvement - i find myself more willing to take time to look after my feet because the products is so much easier to use. The exfoliator is great for removing any unwanted dead skin and to leave your feet nice and smooth, the exfoliator is actually really gentle as well i almost expect it to grate away at my feet but you can barely feel it in action (maybe that's just a sign of how horrid my feet are?) so it's really pleasant to use. The foot file that comes with it has two abrasive sides to it so you can opt for either depending on your preference but the foot file is great for polishing the skin.

It's a really great, easy and fuss free product to use and i definitely have no excuses now for not taking better care of my feet!

Have you tried the Stylfile S-ped?
Natalie xx

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*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

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