23-07-14 | CΛVES at the Cavern

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A good friend of mine recently invited me to down the Cavern on Wednesday to check out 'Dave Monks Presents...' as his band CΛVES were headlining. I know music isn't the type of thing that I'd normally post about on here but I've been wanting to incorporate some lifestyle posts into my blog for a while now and i thought this would be a good place to start.

A little disclaimer - the photos were taken on my Iphone and i was a little anxious about taking them because there was quite a few of us and even though a lot of people know about my blog, it makes me feel quite anxious when I'm taking pictures for it - strange, i know. Also, I'm aware that these photos aren't the best quality - they look much better on my phone and I'm really annoyed because had i known they wouldn't be so great i would have made sure to get plenty more but hopefully these are okay.

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I'm sure you are all aware of the The Cavern but if not it's one of the most famous clubs in Liverpool (possibly UK?) due to it's association with The Beatles. Despite living close to Liverpool my entire life, Wednesday was the first time I'd ever been inside and it was pretty much how I'd imagined it to be - dimly lit, great atmosphere and really great music, it was also filled with a lot of different memorabilia and you see tourists swarm in and out to take photos. The only thing i wasn't too crazy about was the heat - as it was underground it was warm anyway but with Wednesday being a warm day it was absolutely roasting in there and because there was quite a few people inside too, it didn't help. 

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Delca Kara
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The Baltic States
Three Bands played overall and i actually really enjoyed all three of them! First up was Delca Kara - an alternative pop band; i really liked these, they had a great stage presence and their songs/sound remind me of a lot like The 1975.

Next up was The Baltic States; think of a cross between Florence and the Machine and London Grammar - their sound was really unusual and not at all what i was expecting but they were really amazing to watch. I love the vocals from the lead singer; i thought she was really talented and her voice was quite mesmerising.

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As i mentioned earlier the headlining act was CΛVES - i have actually mentioned these on my blog before and although, i may be slightly bias as i know the bassist, i genuinely think they're a really talented band. This is only the second time I've seen them play and they didn't disappoint at all. Considering it was roasting and they were moving around the stage a lot they didn't let that stop them from putting on a really great show; they all had a really great energy and presence on stage and they play and sing live really well.

I'm not quite sure how to describe their sounds but they remind me a little bit of The Drums - which i think is one of the reasons i like their music so much because their first album is one of my personal favourites. All band members have different musical background which is what i think contributes to their sound and influences. My personal favourite song by them is 'Swim' - it's really catchy and i often find myself singing along to it as it gets stuck in my head but i also really like 'Low Winter Sun' as it's a bit more slow paced but it still has a good beat to it.

I really hope these guys do well and if they carry on the way they are, I'm sure they really will go far. All my bias-ness (is that a word?) aside they really are an incredibly talented band and i would honestly recommend checking out one of their gigs if you are local to St Helens, Warrington or Liverpool! (Heres hoping i get a free t-shirt for this post -hint, hint!)

CΛVES - Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Soundcloud

I believe these songs will all be played on Radio Merseyside in a few weeks as they were recorded at the Cavern last night so definitely keep a listen out for those!

Have you ever been to the Cavern?
Natalie xx

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