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Pale Girl Reviews is a little blog that I started purely for my love of beauty products, but
lately it has 'blossomed' into a blog where I write about makeup, skin care, hair care AND
movies, books, music and tv. It's a blog with a sprinkle of everything!
Links: Blog | Twitter | Instagram

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Dungarees & Donuts is a blog just about anything I write about what I love but it mostly fits into the theme of beauty and lifestyle with a elements of fashion and a tiny bit of food related posts!
Links: Blog | Twitter | Blog Lovin' | Instagram

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Hi my name is Alexandra and I blog at Alexandra Elizabeth Beauty! I’m 23 years old (24 this month.. the 13th July to be exact ) from Liverpool. I work full time and blog for a hobby and passion that I love, I mainly blog about beauty but sometimes the odd lifestyle post. I am completely obsessed with beauty and love to test and try out new products informing you readers of my findings.
Links: Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Blog Lovin

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One Mulberry Bag is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog created to pass on any tips and tricks i have discovered through the years of make up mishaps and fashion faux pas.
Links: Blog | Twitter | Blog Lovin' | Instagram

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One of my good mates suggested I start a blog months and months ago, I didn't think much of it at the time, however one day I discovered Blogger, and the rest, as they say is history. This has now turned into a real passion and hobby of mine. I absolutely loving chatting with bloggers and writing helpful posts (hopefully). Please come show my blog some love, grab a cuppa and settle in.
Links: Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Blog Lovin'

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Hi my name is Kirsty and I run the blog Prettylittlefashionista. I am an 18 year old who loves to share my love of all things beauty and fashion.I mainly share items for people on a budget as I am on a budget as well. I have recently started moving into more lifestyle posts and have also started a Youtube channel.
Links: Blog | Twitter | Blog Lovin' | Instagram | Youtube

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My name is Kia. I'm a 20 year old, gap toothed blonde based in Bournemouth/London. I love lipstick, wearing collars and drinking too much tea. Make Me Up is a beauty blog where I can share tips, post reviews and express my love for skincare.
Links: Blog | Twitter | Blog Lovin' | Instagram | Google+

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