Monthly Favourites | July

Monthly Favourites | July

I can never quite believe how quick these posts come around and that fact that we are going to be in August in like 2 days is ridiculous - July seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. This month has been a bit of a stressful one for me; i have a lot going on in my personal life and so many things that I'm unsure of, all the uncertainty and the lack of answers makes me feel so uneasy and like my head is going to explode. Onto the favourites; I've tried a few new products out this month and I've discovered some really amazing products.

Beauty Favourites:

Studio 10 Visible Lift Face Definer*
This is a contour, blush and highlight palette - so its a handy trio in one but the stand out product for me is the contour, I've always been a bit of a novice when it comes to contouring, lord knows i try but i never quite get the results i want. This contour however, is incredible - it's more of a grey tone than the usual orange tone and i think that's why it works so well as it looks so much more natural. I love wearing this and its become one of my favourite parts of my make up routine.

NYX Single Eyeshadow in Sahara
I don't normally bother with single eyeshadows too much because i find it easier to just reach for eyeshadows in palettes but I've found myself reaching for this a lot this month. It's got good colour pay off, applies smoothly and lasts really well. The shade Sahara is a very simple nude shade and I've been loving wearing it all over the lid and pairing it with a felt tip liner and mascara for a simple day to day look and for evenings, nights out and anytime i want to make an extra effort i pair it with another eyeshadow into the crease, it's also been a great shade to highlight the brow bone and the inner corner too so it's been a great all round eyeshadow to use.

OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Hollywood
I feel like this is kind of a cheat as I've only been using since i got it last week but I've found myself reaching for it a lot. The shade hollywood is a really beautiful bold pink shade and although i was looking forward to trying it out, i honestly didn't think I'd wear it as much as i have been. It dries matte but feels really nice to wear, it's applies really bold and it's so long lasting that i barely need to touch it up throughout the day - it quite easy to apply but you do have to be careful because it will stain around the lips if you're not careful.

Essence Gel Eyeliner Pencil*
I've been using this since i got it in from the Essence event  and i love it; i use it mostly to tight line as lately I've not been feeling wearing eyeliner on the waterline. It's a really smooth eyeliner and it just glides along so you don't need to worry about it tugging on the skin. It has good colour payoff and lasts pretty well on the eyes - don't get me wrong there is slight smudging but it's definitely not as bad as others I've tried - it's also a twist up pencil so you don't have to worry about sharpening it which i really love about this eyeliner.

Clinique High Impact Mascara
I got this free in a Glamour Magazine; i didn't really need another mascara but i just found myself unable to put it down and walk away. It's actually a brilliant mascara and I've been using it near enough everyday since i picked it up, it's only a sample size but the results its gives is incredible - it separates the lashes really well, it doesn't clump, it holds a curl and it gives me such long lashes. I'm so impressed with this and after I've used up the million and one mascaras that i have in my collection, i definitely want to pick up a full size.

This is also quite a recent purchase of mine but i love it. It's a kind of dupe for the tangle teaser, I've not tried them but i imagine it would be like this only difference is that the Easytease only set me back £1.99. I find brushing my hair so much easier with this; it does hurt and it detangles my hair so much easier. I can understand why people rave about tangle teasers so much and I'm really happy to have found a cheaper dupe for them.

Wilko 'Build Your Look' Powder Brush
I'm a little bit smitten with this powder brush; It's 100% synthetic hair, it's insanely soft and such a bargain too. It's a massive brush and i love using it, this has much finer bristles which give it that much softer feel. I love applying my powder with this, its so quick and easy and it feels so nice to use on the skin!

Non-Beauty Favourites:

Booked a Holiday
Me and my sister decided to book a holiday and although, it is only next summer that were going I'm looking forward to a nice week away in the sun were i can forget all my troubles and just relax. It's been ages since i last went on a sun and beach kind of holiday so I'm really looking forward to this even though i technically have like a years wait.

Retail Therapy
I'm going to cheat and blame the crappy month I've had for this but i have done a lot of shopping this month - mostly online and i just love it, i love the anticipation of waiting for your order to arrive. I've treated myself to quite a few new items, many of which will be review on the blog at some point and its been really nice to just treat myself for no real reason at all.

One Tree Hill
This month i started rewatching One Tree Hill from the beginning and i honestly forgot just how much i love the show - there so much in there that i forgot happens and i also forgot just amazing the music is too.

Reconnecting with a Friend
For quite a few months of this year myself and a friend haven't been speaking to each other, I'm not going to explain why but we recently overcame our differences and I'm so glad to have her back in my life. Unfortunately, i hold grudges and I'm a really stubborn person so when I'm mad at someone i will not back down - but thankfully we have sorted everything out and I've been loving catching up and going for nights out etc... it just really sucks that she's leaving for Australia next month for six months.

CΛVES at the Cavern
I really enjoyed watching CΛVES anyways as i think they're really talented and their songs are so catchy, but i also love being able to support my friends too - I'd absolutely love it if you could check out the post i did the other day, comment on it or just check out CΛVES links and give them a listen - i promise you won't be disappointed.

Music Favourite:

Magic - Rude
This is one of those songs that keeps popping up on the radio in work and for a while i had no idea what it was or who it was by but i really enjoyed listening to it. The guy singing has a really nice tone to his voice and its such a good song.

Gavin Degraw - I Don't Wanna Be
Thanks to One Tree Hill, I've rekindled my love for this song. It's one of those songs i just never get sick of hearing and i always find myself singing along to it. I adored it when i very first heard it and it makes me sad that Gavin Degraw doesn't get a great deal of recognition over here in the UK as some of of his music especially this song is really good.

What has been some of your favourites this month?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. Where did you purchase the EasyTease brush? It looks like an amazing alternative to a Tangle Teezer.

    Jade Rebecca x

    1. Its really great, i got it from Home Bargains
      Natalie xx

  2. I got the same liquid lipstick, it's a gorgeous shade isn't it :)


  3. I love One Tree Hill :) Great post lovely xxxx


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