Crystal Clear Protect & Repair Facial Sun Protector

Crystal Clear Protect & Repair Facial Sun Protector

I've always been a little lazy when it comes to using SPFs - I've always been one of those naive idiots that assumes because it's rainy or cloudy it won't do me much harm (I'm silly, i know) Lately however, I've found myself much more conscious and making more of an effort especially now that we are heading into summer and we have actually been having nicer weather. One of the products I've been using lately is the Crystal Clear Protect & Repair Facial Sun Protector*.

Crystal Clear Protect & Repair Facial Sun Protector

This is technically an anti-ageing product which at 23 it isn't something i want to think about - however, it's also never too early to think about your skin and preventing wrinkles and just generally looking after your skin. This is described as being 'a unique formula combining sun screen with active anti-ageing ingredients. It absorbs UV and minimises sun induced skin damage whilst moisturising the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.'

This has an SPF 40 and i tend to apply this after moisturiser and before my make up. It had quite a thick consistency and it does feel quite heavy on this skin until it's absorbed which i don't really like - at first, i thought i might have been applying a bit too much but it's still the same with a really small amount. Once it has soaked into the skin it's fine but i find it does take a little while to soak into the skin which can be a little annoying especially if you are in a hurry. That aside though is it pleasant to use and it does leave the skin feeling soft and looking vibrant and after it's absorbed make up applies fine on top of it, i was a little worried that it might not go nice on top.

I think the packaging of this is lovely - the bottle is so much nicer than most sunscreens you get and i love that it has a pump - i find less product gets wasted when they have pumps and they are just much more practical. It is recommended to reapply the sun protector throughout the day however, i don't think this packaging is very practical for that as i personally wouldn't want to carry this around with me - it's not very compact or portable and it would take up a lot of room in you bag.

I would prefer this to have a much lighter consistency but other than that it is a nice facial SPF - i don't think id go out and buy this myself as i had a look and found it retails for £43.00 on the Debenhams website, which personally is just way out of my budget. I do like using this though, it's really reassuring knowing that my skin is protected from the sun!

If you are interest in trying out the Crystal Clear Protect & Repair; they have very kindly given me a 20% off discount code - BBPR14  for you to use.
What's your favourite sunscreen?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

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