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So if you read my post on the Essence Launch you'll know that this Essence Review is the first of many to come. Essence is a really good quality and affordable brand with a massive range of products. Today I'm reviewing the Essence Lash Mania Waterproof False Lash Mascara*

I wish that this review was going to be a glowing one but sadly this mascara and i just weren't meant to be and the results weren't what i wanted. Firstly, the formula of this is far too wet for my liking - i find that because of this it really clings to the lashes and it starts to clump giving that spidery look to them. I think I'm going to give this a few weeks and see if it gets any better when it dries up a little. I'm also not a big fan of the brush; looking at it, it looks like it would be really good and separate the lashes really well but the brush picks up far too much product and even wiping away the excess doesn't help because it picks up that much. If it picked up less product i honestly think it would be a lot better and wouldn't apply to the lashes as clumpy.

It's also a waterproof formula which isn't exactly a negative against the mascara, i just don't usually opt for waterproof versions. I've worn for work on really hot days when I've been sweating (lovely visual for you there) and it smudged underneath my eyes, not loads but there was slight smudging - it was really really warm though so it would have taken something really heavy duty to not smudge at all. This has happened on multiple days though so I'm guessing that its just not as waterproof as it claims.

In terms of the packaging; I'm not a massive fan of it - it does embody the 'fun/young at heart' ethos that Essence have but for me personally I'm just not a big fan of the holographic design but that's just my own preference. Overall, this mascara just isn't the right one for me! Thankfully, Essence have a massive range of mascaras and i have plenty more to test out and review so I'm sure the right one if out there for me.

Have you tried the Essence Lash Mania Waterproof False Lash Mascara?
Natalie xx

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*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. awh its a shame that this didnt work out, it doesnt sound great

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

    1. I know it is a shame but i have many others to test so im sure there'll be much better ones.
      Natalie xx


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